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Sunday Message for March 8, 2015


Today, we pick up where we left off last Sunday opening our minds and our hearts to the greater and even greater possibilities available to us.

Because here's a Spiritual Truth . . . We are all in, and always in, an evolutionary growth cycle, which means that no matter how available we are to experience the fullness of God, there is more. There is always more expansion to do and there are greater and even greater possibilities yet to explore, and that is what we are going to do this month. Since we are finite beings, yet we are expressions of the Infinite, there is always more to express.


As I said last week, growing up, we all learned about our five senses, right? Our taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. Then in 1999 when a movie came out with Bruce Willis, we all learned about our Sixth Sense!! Right?!! Last week and today, we are NOT delving into our Sixth Sense, but rather into our SIX Additional Senses or what we are calling our Mental Faculties that support us in living into our greater and even greater possibilities.

Before we move on to the three for today, let's do a brief review of the three we looked at last week, and I will tell you the story I promised to tell.

These three Mental Faculties are things we have all heard about, but last week, we put them in the context of calling them into the service of our great and ever greater possibilities. What were they?
Imagination, Will and Intuition

Remember, Ernest Holmes words: "The pent up energy of life, and the possibility of further human evolution, work through our imagination and will."a

As I said last week, I see it analogous to a race horse at the starting gate. He is ready to burst out of the gate, but he can't do it until the gate is opened. Then, like a bat out of you-know-where, he takes off. So is the "pent up energy" of Spirit waiting at the gate of our Beingness. Our imagination is what opens it! And it is our will that keeps us on track - even when we might not want to! And we then use our intuition to guide us along the way.

Holmes wrote in The Science of Mind text: "Intuition is God in us, revealing to us the Realities of Being; and just as instinct guides the animal, so would intuition guide us, if we would allow it to do so."b

I promised I would tell you Genevieve Behrend's story of listening to her intuition, which led her to become Thomas Troward's only student.

Her heart's desire was to study under him. She had been in written correspondence and met once with Troward. He said on numerous occasions an emphatic "no" to taking her on as a student, but he said she could write to him. So she immediately did and correspondence ensued, but never a word of personally studying with him.

Then after two months of correspondence, Troward posed a question in his letter. The question was this: "What do you supposed is the meaning of this verse in the 21st Chapter of Revelations, verse 16: 'And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth; and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.'?"c

Now, she had no idea what this verse meant (do you??) but she knew something intuitively. She knew that if she replied with the correct answer, this would be the key to becoming Troward's student.

And so she began bombarding her scholarly friends and acquaintances with the same question. Lawyers, doctors, priests, nuns and clergymen, all over the world, received letters from her with this question in them. Answers began to return to her, but intuition told her none of them was correct.

She memorized the passage, she prayed and meditated on it, yet nothing came. So, she began to search the city for books Troward had recommended that she read in the hope that the answer would be contained there.

The books were out of print, so she went to bookstore after bookstore to find them. Finally, she came upon a little shop that had them, but only one copy and the price was high. As she was haggling with the clerk, the work of an astrologer caught her eye. She jokingly said, "I wonder if he would read my horoscope," to which the clerk in somewhat horror said, "Why, no, Madame, he is one of France's greatest astrologers. He does not read horoscopes."

Despite this, something told her, something inside her said, "go see him anyway," which she did. In other words, she listened to her intuition!

Because she didn't know what to say to him really, she asked him if he would read her horoscope to which he was aghast and said, as the store clerk had told her: "No, madam, I don't read horoscopes."

With that, she could think of no other reason to stay (and her friend she had brought along was half way out the door), but she hesitated in getting up from the chair. Something told her, something inside her, said not to get up so quickly. And in that split second, the Professor's cat, Jack, who never went to strangers, jumped up on her lap.

That caused the Professor to have curiosity about her and he said: "Madam, my cat pleads for you. I, also, now feel an interest in your horoscope, and if you will give me the data, it will give me pleasure to write it out for you."

Mind you, Genevieve did not want her horoscope, yet she was very happy when he agreed. He asked if he could call the next Sunday afternoon to collect her data.

So, we might ask, what the heck does this have to do with anything regarding her goal. It appears to the logical, reasonable mind, nothing!! Yet, her intuition had her agree to his visit the next Sunday.

He arrived at the appointed time and as she was handing him her data, an idea hit her. It had not been in her before this moment, but in this moment it came to her . . . ask this man about the Bible quote.

She instantly asked him and he said without pause, without even thinking: "The city signifies the truth, and the truth is non-invertible; every side from which you approach it is exactly the same."

Genevieve wrote that: "Intuitively and undoubtingly, I recognized this answer as the true one, and my joy knew no bounds, because I felt sure that with this correct answer in my possession, Troward would accept me as his pupil in the fall."

She wrote the answer to Troward immediately and here was his reply: "Your answer is correct. Am beginning a course of lectures on The Great Pyramid in London. If you wish to attend them, will be pleased to have you, and afterward, if you still wish to study with me, I think it can be arranged."d

This, my friends, is the power of our intuition. Use it, in conjunction with your imagination, your will and the three other Mental Faculties we will look at now in service of that expanded version of yourself.


Your power of perception. Your power to decide what something means.

You have probably heard the line from Hamlet: "There is nothing either bad or good but thinking makes it so."e

You may be thinking, "Now that's just not true! There are bad things. Car wrecks are bad. War is bad, murder is bad. Lots of things are bad!"

I'm not going to pretend that there are not things that happen in this world that seem very wrong. And I believe we should work to create a world in which those things do not occur.

And, in addition to that, beyond that, I want you to know that there is a Presence, a Power, a Life that knows no opposites and which is infinitely bigger than any of our perceptions of good and bad.

And the more we can presence that Presence, the more we can begin to understand that there is this Power, this Life, then the more we can take any condition in life and generate a powerful good right out of it.

How you use your Mental Faculty of Perception will either take you up the spiral of your becoming or right down into more and more of the conditions and circumstances that you now have.

Charles Fillmore in Talks on Truth, writes: "He who is still in the perception of the earthly is not always a safe guide, because he sees in a limited way. We want one who sees wholly in Spirit, and such a one we find in Jesus Christ."f

I want to give you an assignment. When something goes amiss in your conditions this week, make a choice to have a new perception of it for three days. In fact, give yourself permission to schedule your upset, worry, even panic over it three days from the date of the occurrence.

And during those three days, have the perception of good in this situation. This will call into play the Mental Faculties we have explored already -- your imagination, your will and your intuition - but try it, you just might like it.


Our fifth additional Sense or Mental Faculty is memory. Now, most of us think we only have a memory for backwards events.

In Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, the Queen says to Alice: "So tell me what you did tomorrow?"

Alice laughs and says: "I can't tell you what I did tomorrow. Tomorrow hasn't happened yet!"

And the queen, rather pityingly, said, "Well it's a poor memory that only works one way."g

Your ability to memorize forward is very, very powerful! Once you imagine being the person living the life you love living and as you see it in your mind, as you feel the feelings . . . "I am the woman who . . .",
"I am the man who . . . . ," you begin to memorize the frequency of that person!

And while you are memorizing that frequency, guess what you are not doing? You can't be on that frequency and vibrate "I don't have it already" or "I'm not good enough to have this" or the myriad of other lies we tell ourselves.

At that frequency, you can't feel bad about yourself or your circumstances. You can't be feeling like you don't deserve this dream when you are memorizing the frequency of being that person!

If you will see yourself as that person, if you will see yourself inside that picture, Life will express in those ways. In the words of Genevieve Behrend, your mind is a center of divine operation wanting to expand by means of you. It wants to expand as you.

It is a poor memory that only works in one direction and you have been given a perfect memory. It really does work both ways.


Our final additional Sense or Mental Faculty is Reason. Now reason is a really powerful faculty, but we have been trained to let our five senses control and contain our reason.

So if something is reasonable, it is because the world of the five senses gave it permission to be reasonable or because everyone else is in agreement. Common sense it's called.

What everyone else thinks; agrees to. If you want to do something, here's the way you have to do it. If you want to have something, here's the way you get it.

But what if that's only one way. We are dealing with infinity. That's one way, but not the only way.

When you begin to open up your reason, you may start to entertain things that others think are unreasonable.

Don't look outside yourself for what is reasonable. Don't look in someone else's eyes for who you should be. Don't look to those who have not attained what you want to attain to support you in the understanding and the thinking that will attain it.

It wasn't particularly "reasonable" for Genevieve to go see the Professor, who didn't do horoscopes to ask him to do hers when she didn't even want that. What she wanted was the answer to Troward's question! And, yet she went!

It doesn't matter if others have different opinions of what you are being or doing. It matters what you think about it. If deep down, this is your vision, then pour life into and unlock the powers in you to serve that vision.

Williams James, an American philosopher and psychologist living in the time of Ernest Holmes, once said: "A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows."h

And so, we bring to a close our time of opening our minds and our hearts to the greater, in fact the infinite, possibilities available to us when we call into service of a higher way of being our Six Additional Senses or Mental Faculties, which are (help me out here):
imagination, will, intuition, perception, memory and reason.

I want to end out time with a poem written by Sandra Daly. It's called: Workings of the Human Mind

How do we travel the road to our Dream
To arrive at the life we want?
By using our mental faculties
And keeping our Dream out front

"What are our mental faculties?" you ask
Allow me to explain them
They are separate and individual
But they must be used in tandem

Imagination is the first of six
And it's useful in creation
As we firmly picture in our thought
What will be our destination

We use our Will to stay on track
As we walk our chosen road
It helps to keep us focused
Clears confusion and lightens our load

Intuition is amazing
When we allow it to light our way
As we learn to trust our feelings
"Dark Night" fades, becomes "New Day"

And then there is our Memory
Which, when used in the proper manner
Helps us step toward what we want
"Future memory" is used like a planner!

Next is our Perception
A powerful thing to use!
As we look at the scenery around us
What we see is what we choose

A faculty known as Reason
Is the connecting force
And when we use it deliberately
We're able to stay on course

As we use these faculties together
With focus and concentration
We travel our road with confidence
And Joy in our own creation!
(Copyright 2009)i

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