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Sunday Message for March 29, 2015


Today, we bring our monthly theme to a close by sharing our Love, our Light and the idea of greater and even greater Possibilities with one another. And, we will get an experience of our Oneness as we feel into and anchor what really is possible for and through each and every one of us. And, since today is Palm Sunday, we will have our Easter Basket Raffle.

We have a lot to do this morning, so let's get started.


We have used the wonderful book by Genevieve Behrend, Your Invisible Power, as our source book, and although this is our last day to use it, I want to end at the beginning by exploring some of her words: "These pages have been written for the purpose of furnishing you a key to the attainment of your desires . . ."a

Before I go any further, I want to speak to this a moment. How many of us learned growing up in church that we really shouldn't have earthly desires?
We were taught things like:
"It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven."
"Store your treasures in heaven." (which we will discuss later today in class.)
The message was that those who live a meager life on earth will be rewarded in heaven.

So having wants, needs, desires has gotten a bad rap! But in New Thought we believe that our wants, needs, desires (which, by the way, comes from a Greek root word meaning "from the stars") actually are the Divine in us, seeking greater and greater expression.

Holmes tells us in the Science of Mind textbook: "[Our] . . . desire arises from the necessity of the Universe to become self-expressed."b

Charles Fillmore tells us in Talks on Truth: "The moving factor of the I AM is desire. It desires a certain experience; on the wings of that desire it carries itself to a place where it can be fulfilled."c

Some of our human desires are misdirected and become destructive; others are constructive. Here we are talking about those constructive ones! So this is not a bad thing, and, yet, there is more to it. Let's read on. "These pages have been written for the purpose of furnishing you a key to the attainment of your desires and to explain that fear should be entirely banished from your consciousness in order for you to obtain possession of the things you want. [We will look at this fear thing in a few minutes.] This presupposes, of course, that your desire for possession is based upon your aspiration for greater happiness. . . . In your effort to possess, you will discover that the thing you most need is to consistently "Be" your best self. . . . A feeling that greater possessions, no matter of what kind they may be, will of themselves bring contentment or happiness is a misunderstanding. No person, place or thing can give you happiness. They may give you cause for happiness and a feeling of contentment. But the Joy of Living comes from within."d

There's a bit more to the quote, but I want to explore for a moment the phrases: "The thing you need most is to consistently 'Be' your best self"; and "The Joy of Living comes from within." Capital J and capital L.

That is the deepest Divine urge - to Be our best selves and to experience the Joy of Living, in other words to feel fully and completely alive in God! We came here on this earth plane so that we might experience the Joy of Living - so that we might BE fully and completely alive in God! And that is what will bring us deep and abiding happiness. That and that alone.

Finally, "Therefore, it is here recommended that you should make the effort to obtain the things which you feel will bring you joy, provided that your desires are in accord with the Joy of Living. . . . If through the suggestions here given, anyone is brought to realize that his mind is a center through and in which 'all power there is' is in operation, simply waiting to be given direction . . . then the mission to which this book is dedicated has been fulfilled."e

Remember our affirmation of two weeks ago: "My mind is a center of Divine Operation. The Divine operation is always for expansion and fuller expression . . ."

I want to give you an example of a specific Divine Urge for greater aliveness, to be the best self and how the center of divine operation brought it about, with some serious confirmation from Source!

It's a story - a true story of a little girl who was sitting in her church at 6 years old, hearing the song, "Jesus Loves Me" and having a deep feeling of connection. I want you to remember that song. It plays an important role later in this story.

Even at 6 years of age, she questioned what she had been learning about Jesus, because what she felt in her heart didn't quite match up with it, and yet what she felt in her heart about him felt very, very real.

That started her little mind and heart having a desire to know more and to learn more and even at that tender age, the seed to become a minister was planted in her. By the way, this story is NOT about me!

And so the little girl grew up and explored different spiritual paths, which ultimately led to Unity. She was very involved in Unity and began the ministerial journey with them, yet while she had the Divine Urge, the DESIRE, to be a minister, she also had resistance.

She asked herself, "Why I am doing this? Where will it take me? What is the purpose? What do I want to do with the degree?"

I want to leave the story for a moment - I will be back to it - and ask you a question. Have you ever been on a path, following the Divine Urge, the Desire, for a greater possibility for you and then questions like those came up? Where do you think they are coming from?

Oh, most certainly from our fear. And yet, Behrend says that "fear should be entirely banished from our consciousness." Sometimes easier said than done, right?

I learned three really important things about fear from a friend who did a fire walk with Edwene Gaines many years ago.

Edwene told them that as they stood at the threshold of the runway of hot burning coals, even if they were absolutely sure they were being Divinely Urged to walk, they would probably still feel some fear. And, that was the absolute truth!! Saying they felt some fear is a huge understatement. They were absolutely terrified, yet they knew it was theirs to do. So they were given three pieces of wisdom that I want to offer us this morning to banish fear from our consciousness.


First, Pay Attention. Pay attention to what? Pay attention to your intention and to this moment. To what is to be done in this very moment to move you toward your intention.

Do you remember the Toyota commercial out a few years ago with the goofy guy who is so in love with Toyotas, and he walks into the showroom with blinders on because he only wants to look at the Camary's, but he can't. Even with the blinders, he gets distracted by all the other cool Toyota's available and starts running from vehicle to vehicle.

When we are making a conscious choice to expand into our greater possibilities and are about to engage in something that is scary, we need to have effective blinders on (unlike his), so we stay focused, attentive to the thing in front of us to do. Otherwise our fear will take over and we won't move forward.

After you PAY ATTENTION, . . .


You Expect the Best.

We sometimes have a "worst case scenario" consciousness. When we are in fear, that can really come up, can't it? But what if rather than the worst thing happening, because you took this brave step, you burst forth into a whole new level of consciousness and beingness?

What if, by taking this unfamiliar, scary fork in the road instead of the familiar safe one, you would have the experience of a lifetime and you would be forever changed? What if that happened?!

Think about the woman who touched Jesus' garment and was healed. There were thousands of people in the crowd and I am sure many of them touched Jesus' garment, but only the woman who expected a healing received it. It was already established in her consciousness, and she knew that her needs would be met if she could make the contact. She expected to be healed if she could touch the hem of his robe and she was.

So we stand at the edge of our becoming and we expect the best.

The last thing they were to do if they were guided to walk, was to say . . .


Go For It -- Take the First Step. As I said earlier, standing there at the edge of the burning, white hot, heat-emanating runway of coals was one of the scariest things my friend has EVER, EVER done in her life and just because she had received the internal guidance to walk, just because she absolutely knew it was hers to do, the fear didn't go away and it felt like an impenetrable wall. That's what our fear can feel like, can't it?

But it really isn't a wall. It's more like a membrane, like a bubble, like a veil, and all you have to do to penetrate it is go for it and take the first step. And that is what she did and found out that that was true. It isn't a wall, it's just a veil!

So, Genieve says we must banish fear from our consciousness when we are wanting to move forward into that greater level of beingness, aliveness, when we are wanting to expand into our greater and even greater possibilities, and I suggest to you this morning that we do that by remembering to:
Pay attention to your intention and then to this very moment;
Expect the best and
Go for it - take the first step.


So back to our story. All that resistance came up for our heroine in our story showing itself as questions such as, "Why I am doing this? Where will it take me? What is the purpose? What do I want to do with the degree?"

And she, like many of us can do, let the resistance win for a time.

But time moved on, she started attending a Religious Science church and the Divine Urge, the Desire to be a minister came forth up from her again. She investigated various ways to do that and opted for the New Thought Seminary, which is in Mesa. Their program is a 2 year program and so she began taking classes.

After taking classes for a year, the Director, met with her and said, "you know, because of your experience and the work you've already done, you can actually get your ministerial credential in a year and that year is about up and you can get your degree and be ordained very soon, very soon."

Once again the questions came up: "Why I am doing this? Where will it take me? What is the purpose? What do I want to do with the degree?" I don't need to get the degree and be ordained. Never mind. I won't go to the ceremony."

And then the Divine intervened in a most glorious way. The Sunday before at church, she had heard an amazing singer Charles Holt. She bought his CD, and popped it in her car to listen to on the way home, yet there was an error message in her car CD player.

After just a brief moment, the CD started up. But it didn't start on the first or the second or the third or the fourth or the fifth song. Rather it started on the sixth song, which just so happens to be "Jesus Loves Me."

And that was her confirmation and she answered the Divine Urge and expanded into her greater possibility by being ordained as a New Thought minister!

This is one woman's story of expanding into her greater possibilities, of Being her best self. We all have ours. And we are all at various stages of calling it forth, and it is powerful when we can support each other.

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