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Sunday Message for November 1, 2015


This month we are going to explore what it takes to live in the "Land of Milk and Honey." Isn't that a great phrase? To live in the land of milk and honey. It just sounds wonderful doesn't it?

Where did the term "Land of Milk and Honey" come from exactly? Does anyone know? You would if you read the description for this month's theme. It is the land that was promised to the Israelites when they were enslaved in Egypt. In the book of Exodus it says: "And the Lord said [to Moses at the burning bush] I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt, and I have heard their cry because of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows; and I have come down to deliver them out of the hands of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land and to a good and large land, to a land flowing with milk and honey."a

This month, using Moses and the experiences of the Israelites as set forth by Catherine Ponder in her powerful, classic book The Millionaire Moses, as our examples, we will explore the consciousness required to live in our own personal land of milk and honey.b

Because it is first about consciousness, right?!! The Land of Milk and Honey really isn't a place to get to, but a state of mind or consciousness to come from. And, when we come from that consciousness, the Land appears in our lives.

This is an important conversation to have now because we are at a time in the evolution of humankind that we need to "fish or cut bait" about our prosperity consciousness! Yes? Isn't it time to finally master this one, so we can get on to more important things? Like expressing our brilliance? Sharing our gifts? Making this a world that works for everyone? Those things are a heck of a lot easier to do when you're not struggling to ensure your rent or mortgage is paid every month!

The teachings from the life of one of the wealthiest men in the Scripture can help us get there. Did you know that about Moses, that he was one of the wealthiest men in the Scripture? Well, now you do!

Today, we will begin our series at the beginning - always a good place to start - as we lay the groundwork by looking at three 40-year periods of Moses' life, each one deepening his prosperity consciousness. I know we usually just think of one - the 40 years in the wilderness - but actually there were three. This morning, we will begin to see how these three periods of growth can apply to our lives.


First let's take a moment to establish something really important. Who remembers what 40 stands for metaphysically? I know I speak about it often, but I want to make sure you understand this, because it is very powerful. Forty stands for "all the time it takes for transformation."
* Noah and company spent 40 days on the ark;
* Buddha spent 40 days under the Bodhi tree;
* Jesus spent 40 days being tempted;
* Goliath spent 40 days taunting the Israelites before David game forth; and
* Moses and the Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness -
* Oh, yes, and we are doing our 40 Days of Transformation through Thanksgiving right now!

Metaphysically, 40 represents all the time it takes for transformation! So, it's not literally 40 days or 40 years - but whatever time it takes for the transformation of consciousness to occur!

Moses had three such periods of transformation. We will call them:
* The Egyptian Period - where he learned about inner and outer wealth and opulence;
* The Midian Desert Period - where he discovered who he was; and
* Finally, the Well-Known Wilderness Period - where he got to prove and teach what he'd learned in the first two periods.

Let's look at each and look at what they have to offer us!


Moses' first period was spent as the adopted son of the wealthiest man alive - King Pharaoh. In this period, he was exposed to immense material wealth. He lived in opulence! He grew up appreciating and expecting the finer things of life. He didn't think there was anything wrong with having them. He never was told:
* Moses, money is the root of all evil;
* Moses, you don't deserve it;
* Money doesn't grow on trees;
* You'll never make anything of yourself.

All those things many of us heard. He didn't hear any of that. To him, living in opulence was a given, it was normal. Our abundance lesson here is that if we are not comfortable with material wealth - then we need to get comfortable!

But more than having the outer experience of wealth during this first period, Moses was given instruction on the inner laws of prosperity and how to use them - everything we'll be talking about this month.

Let me touch ever so briefly on the foundational secret he was taught - that we all must get! Are you ready? Lean forward and cup your ears. Here it is: "Substance" is the key to all abundance.

Let me say that again, because this is a critically important point - a secret then that is not a secret now: "Substance" is the key to all abundance.

What does this mean? Well first we must ask what is "Substance?" I love Wallace Wattles' book, The Science of Getting Rich, where he discusses substance in some detail. He writes: "Everything we see on earth is made from one original substance, out of which all things proceed. New things are constantly being made and older ones are dissolving, but all are made out of one thing. There is no limit to this formless substance. The spaces in, through and between the forms of the visible universe are permeated and filled with this original substance, the raw material of all things. Ten thousand times as much as has been made might still be made, and we still would not have exhausted the supply of universal raw material. The formless substance is alive and is always impelled toward more life."c

So, what is "Substance?" Substance is God - Universal Energy, Source, whatever you want to call it - before taking form, as form and in ever-changing forms!! And how much Substance is there? The answer to this question is key. An infinite amount!! No matter how much of it you use up, the amount you started with will be left over!

Knowing this, really knowing this, not just in your head but in your heart, is a key to wealth and abundance in all of its beautiful forms, and Moses learned this in his first period.

So in this first period, Moses teaches us:
(1) to gain an appreciation of and a comfort with OUTER material wealth and
(2) to embody the INNER secrets to wealth starting with the foundational idea that "Substance is the key to all abundance."

This is an important balance. The greatness of Moses lay in his ability to have a relationship with both sides of prosperity: The physical and the metaphysical.

Think for a moment, where are you in this? Do you have a good balance here? If not, what can you do to get into balance?

So this was a critically important time for Moses - critical ideas for us - but it was only the beginning of complete transformation.

Then this period ended. Moses saw the abuse the Egyptians where heaping on the Israelites and he couldn't stand it, so he killed an Egyptian guard and fled Egypt.


When he fled Egypt for his life, he entered into the second 40-year period - or second period of transformation. This is called the Midian Desert Period.

He brought the prosperity consciousness he had developed in Egypt with him. How do we know this? He married into a very, very wealthy family.

It was in this period that he encountered the Burning Bush from which came the voice of Jehovah - the metaphysical interpretation of Jehovah is "God within." When Jehovah spoke to Moses through the burning bush experience, he told Moses that the universal God power, the power that would guide him, direct him and show him the way, was named, "I AM THAT I AM." The indwelling God power was named "I AM." Those are two of the most powerful words one can speak, "I AM."

The Burning Bush experience is Moses hearing his inner voice, his I AM presence, and having a personal, intimate, heart connected relationship with the God of his being.

He had always had a relationship with God, but it was with an external God. At this point in his life, it became personal! And remember he came back from that experience changed. His face was illumined. He was a different person.

We must all connect with the God within. The place of love and peace, harmony and good! The place of divine wisdom and guidance. Just learning how to create our good isn't enough! There's more to living in the land of milk and honey than that!

When Moses doubted his ability to stand up against the Pharaoh and get his people out of Egypt, Jehovah gave him a rod to help him. When Moses lifted the rod, it brought blessings. When he lowered it, the rod brought curses.

Your "I AM" is your rod of power. "I AM" is the name of the God power within you. And you can use it to bring about a blessing or a curse in your life. Every time you say, "I am sick," "I am afraid," "I am weak," or "I am discouraged," "I am not worthy," "I am depressed," etc. you are speaking God's name falsely and you will get a false result. Because the "I AM" nature of God within you cannot be sick or discouraged because it is filled with life, power and unlimited good.

"I AM" spoken upward toward increased good causes it to out-picture in your life. What follows your words "I AM"? This week, pay attention! Every time you say, "I AM" know that you have gripped a handle of power. You make your destiny by the things that you attach to the words "I AM." We will put that into practice in a few minutes, but first . . .


Now we get to the famous period. Moses' final period of transformation. And at first blush, it doesn't seem to be a very prosperous period. For heaven's sake, 2 million people wandering aimlessly in the wilderness doesn't sound too prosperous to me. But, it was during this period that Moses combined all he had learned in the first two periods and then deepened tremendously.

The mission of Moses during this period was to DEMONSTRATE and to TEACH the Hebrews that God was the source of their supply - that Substance was the key to all abundance. Remember, he learned this in the first period of transformation. Now was his time to prove and teach it.

He was to teach them how to trust God one day at a time for their supply. Just enough manna came for the one day. If they took more than they needed for one day - the balance would spoil. If they didn't take enough, it would stretch. The only day that was different was the day before the Sabbath. Then they took twice as much, which lasted, so they did not have to gather on the Sabbath. And, by the way, water came forth from the rocks!

This is a huge, huge teaching and if this is the only point you get out of today, but really get it, it's enough! Trust God ONE DAY AT A TIME FOR YOUR SUPPLY and it shall be provided!

But this was also a period of ups and downs for Moses and for the Israelites. Sometimes they were happy to have been delivered from bondage; other times they criticized Moses for having brought them into the desolate wilderness.

And great learnings of staying power came forth from this period. So great that they will be the focus of the rest of the month!

For now, let's look at these three 40-year periods of Moses' life as a metaphor for our journey of connecting with our internal Land of Milk and Honey so that we create an outer Land as well:

* The first Period - We learn that we must gain an appreciation of and a comfort with OUTER material wealth and get - really, really get -- the INNER secrets to wealth starting with the idea that "Substance is the key to all abundance." This gives us a balanced relationship with both sides of prosperity: The physical and the metaphysical.

* The second period - We learn of the great "I Am" and how it is our rod of power!

* The third period - We learn to trust God ONE DAY AT A TIME FOR OUR SUPPLY and then get to watch it be provided!

To bring our time to a close, I want to go back for a moment to the second period - the Midian Desert Period and ask you, how are you using the Power of the Great "I AM?" Are you raising your rod high to proclaim your Truth, your connection to God's Goodness and to bring forth blessings in your life or are you lowering it by speaking God's name falsely and getting false results?

I want to end this morning in a prayer of affirmative statements - I AM statements. If you would like, close your eyes, and repeat aloud after me:
I am health, strength, and peace
I am happiness and prosperity
I am strong, well, and vital
I am beautiful, serene, and poised
I am happy and free
I am open and receptive to my highest good in mind, body and financial affairs here and now
Where I am, good things happen because I am one with God
I am grateful that I live in the Land in the Land of Milk and Honey now and always.

aExodus 3:7-8
bCatherine Ponder The Millionaire Moses
cWallace Wattles The Science of Getting Rich

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