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Sunday Message for November 15, 2015


This month we are exploring the consciousness we need to live in the "Land of Milk and Honey," which was the land God promised to Moses and the Israelites who were enslaved in Egypt. God said to Moses from the Burning Bush: ". . . I have come . . . to . . . bring them up out of that land [meaning Egypt] . . . to a land flowing with milk and honey."

Each week this month, we are revealing and exploring the metaphysical code contained in the exodus experience of Moses and the Israelites using Catherine Ponder's classic book The Millionaire Moses as our reference.a

Today's talk is entitled "Your Secret Weapons for Prosperity" and you may find the word Weapons an interesting choice for a sermon topic. But, I wanted to use it because it so aptly describes the metaphor Moses' experience is for us.

There are three of them - three weapons - and they are symbolized in two incidents in Moses' life during the 40 years in the wilderness, which was his third and final period of transformation.

Are you ready to jump right in? Good. Let's go!


Let me set up the circumstances for our first two Secret Weapons for Prosperity that Moses can teach us.

Soon after getting out of Egypt, after facing their fear and crossing the Red Sea, after entering the wilderness, after being supplied with food and water (all topics of our past two Sundays), the Hebrews faced another problem.

And it was a pretty big problem. Anyone ever think they just got through one thing, and another one hits? What was the phrase made popular in the 70's when the movie Jaws came out? "Just when you think it's safe to get back in the water."

Metaphysically, we know that this simply means there is something else we need to get, to understand, to release, to deepen into. Some more internal, spiritual work must be done.

That is what happened to Moses and company. They had just gotten through some major stuff and, wham! They were attacked by a desert tribe known as the Amaleks.

The word "Amalek" means "warlike" or "dwellers in the valley." The Amaleks were plunderers.

For us, they symbolize our problems, our challenges, the experiences in our lives that don't go the way we want them to go. They are those experiences that plunder our emotions, so to speak, bringing about frustration, disappointment, discouragement, even depression. Moses' experience with the Amaleks gives us our first two secret weapons for Prosperity.


This first secret weapon is a deep metaphysical teaching and one that I hope this morning we ALL get! It is really, really important! So are you ready to hear it? Lean forward in your seat, cup your hands over your ears!

The first step toward overcoming them, winning the war against the Amaleks, is to realize that . . .. . . there is nothing negative about or wrong with having to overcome problems or to meet challenges in life.

Let me say that again, because it is huge - for all of us! . . . there is nothing negative about or wrong with having to overcome problems or to meet challenges in life.

We can begin to overcome our Amaleks when we realize that there are two kinds:

First: There are the challenges that, frankly, are brought on by our own negative thoughts, words and actions. We've spent a good deal of time the last two weeks exploring the importance of our words - Remember our I AM rod of power? I Am words pointed upward bring about blessings. I Am words pointed toward the ground bring about plagues.

If you are facing your Amaleks because of what you are thinking and saying and how you are behaving, it is time to stand a little stronger at the portal of your mind and do as Ernest Holmes said in This Thing Called You: "Let nothing come forth from your mouth that you would not like to have returned to you in your experience."b

So if you are experiencing Amaleks because of the way your thinking, speaking, acting is misaligned with your good, you know what to do, and I will offer you words of council from the great guru Nike: Just do it!!!

Second: There are also the Amaleks that result not from negative thinking, words or actions but from the mere necessity for growth.

As you take up prosperous attitudes, you may encounter "growth problems," but they are not problems at all, though their guise is impressive. They are times of soul expansion into the light of increased understanding and use of one's own God-given power.

In the evolutionary process, turbulence is a natural progression. Ways of being must be dismantled before they can be fitted back together in a greater pattern. As we spiral up into a higher order, we have periods of peace followed by the mixer whizzing.

There will always be periods of chaos in life. The rickety walls of old structures are being torn down, and lots of dust flies up into the air. You're expanding out of your comfort zone.

One of the founders of New Thought, Emma Curtis Hopkins, called it "chemicalization."c A chemical reaction takes place in your life, such as when you pour a baking soda solution on a corroded car battery terminal.

The baking soda reacts with the corrosion, foaming as it neutralizes and eliminates the unwanted compound. Some of your beliefs or the ways you have approached life have outlived their usefulness, just as the corrosion has. The old ideas are being wrested away from us as we are forced to transcend them.

Chemicalization is a natural part of the process of expansion and growth in consciousness. It is the change that literally takes place in our thoughts and feelings, which is then reflected in our body and affairs.

So knowing this, you can embrace the obstacle as something that is clearing the part for what you really truly want! This knowledge is your first secret weapon.


When Moses learned that the Amaleks were planning to attack, he sent Joshua and his men out to meet them. Moses stood on a hill and held out his arms. As long as Moses' arms were out, the Hebrews were winning. When Moses' hands were down, the Hebrews began to lose.

I love when metaphysics are played out in our world. Ernest Holmes wrote: "We all look forward to the day when science and religion shall walk hand in hand through the visible to the invisible . . . science must justify faith in the invisible."d

Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy in her Ted talk speaks of power body language.e And what is the power stance? Arms up and out!

Moses took Aaron and Hur to the hilltop with him. When he tired of holding up his arms, Aaron and Hur held them up for him. They helped him keep his arms raised, and Joshua and his men defeated the Amaleks. Aaron symbolizes "strength" (as I said last week), and Hur, symbolizes "affirmation."

You may tire of your challenges, your Amaleks, but remember, just like Moses, you have Hur, or the power of positive words, to help you.

And you have Aaron, the power of strength, to uplift you! You can call upon your Aaron and Hur at any time to help hold you up until your arms overcoming comes.

Like Moses, you never have to hold up your thinking alone. For goodness sakes, that is why WE are here! To be your Hur - to be your Aaron. That is what our Chaplains do for you.

That is what we do every Sunday morning. That is what our classes do. That is what you can do for each other!

So your second secret weapon to defeat your Amaleks is, first, to use your internal strength and power through affirmative words and thoughts and, second, remember you don't have to go it alone! Your spiritual community is here to help you hold your arms up when you get tired!


This third secret weapon comes from another period later in the time of Moses in the wilderness. But before we talk about it, we must back track a bit.

Early in their wilderness wanderings, the Hebrews were without water and Moses did what he did every time there was a need - he went to the Source! He turned to God. He always asked for specific guidance, Jehovah always gave it and Moses followed it.

Two important questions here for you. First, who remembers what Jehovah symbolizes specifically? The God within. Yes, so it's the inner voice. Inner guidance. Intuition. Knowing.

Second, what did God instruct Moses to do? Strike the rock.

This is important to remember -- Moses was instructed to take an outer action. That is what served him and the Israelites at that time.

So now here we are, years later in their wanderings, and they are in need of water again and there isn't any around. Moses again asks for specific guidance. This time Jehovah said: "Take the rod, gather the assembly together, you and Aaron your brother, and speak over the rock before their eyes and it shall give forth water."f

So Moses' inner voice, the God of his being, tells him to speak to the rock, but did he? Let me read the scripture: "And Moses took the rod from before the Lord, as he commanded him. . . . and he lifted up his hand and struck the rock with his rod twice, and the water came out abundantly, and the people drank and all their cattle also."g

Problem solved. The people have water and their cattle have water. But wait, do you see something wrong with this picture? This time Jehovah gave different instructions from before. He specifically said to speak to the rock, but Moses did not listen.

He used the old way; the way he knew to do; the way that had worked before. And yes, the immediate need was met, but for Moses, there was a long-term ramification for this. Here's what the Scripture said: "Because you did not believe me, you shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them."

I know that seems harsh, even punitive. But it really wasn't. It is, however, a terrific example of the Law of Cause and Effect.

And of how, when we do not follow our guidance, our intuition, our inner knowings, when we do it the way we have always done it, we may temporarily get what we want, but in the long term we won't!

If we ask for guidance and then don't follow it, our Land of Milk and Honey will evade us as well!

So, my friends, if you are facing Amaleks right now take a good look at them. See if they are coming from your own thinking and speaking that is misaligned with your good, if so - just stop it!!

But they may simply be the process of chemicalization - the old is breaking away so that the new can be birthed forth. Call it good, very good! That's your first Secret Weapon.

Your second -- remember your metaphysical Aaron - strength - and Hur - affirmations - and your physical Aarons and Hurs - us!!

And your third - Follow your Divine Guidance. Listen to your inner voice. It will take you to your personal Land of Milk and Money.

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