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Sunday Message for January 10, 2016


Tipping Point or Turning Point? That is a question we are asking ourselves this month and it is a question inspired by Pam Grout's follow up to her bestselling book E Squared called E Cubed in which she writes this work is about "taking the wrecking ball to mental constructs that have imprisoned us for far too long. Taking the focus off the limited self we see in the mirror and putting it on the glorious field of potentiality that allows us to connect to all that is . . . It is about letting go - giving up old mental constructs and surrendering to the all-loving, all-powerful energy force that's bigger, bolder, brighter, . . . than anything you've yet seen. This Sacred Buzz is life itself. Life, which - no matter how many walls we erect, no matter how seriously we screw up - is always there waiting with arms open wide."a

And, of course, the other book on which this month is grounded and founded is Talks on Truth, by our founder Charles Fillmore in which he writes: "When we think God thoughts we will form only the beauties of nature and mankind, and there will no longer be anything in our world that will cause a fear or a moment of pain."b

Do you see a common thread in Pam Grout's and Charles Fillmore's statements? Good! These two concepts form our work together this month during which we are creating turning points in our lives through our thinking that then lead to different tipping points, not only for ourselves, but for the world at large.

For clarity, a "tipping point" is the moment at which there is enough critical mass for a major change to occur, and a "turning point" is the moment of decision, the moment we individually or collectively decide to make a shift, to head in a different direction, to view things another way, and that decision results in a radically different outcome.

And "turning points" result in different "tipping points."

Perhaps your being here this morning is a turning point. If so, I applaud you!


Before we get into "Doing the Work" today, I want to briefly review our five Old Views vs. Turning Point Views we discussed last week. Remember, I said that they not only laid the groundwork for this month, but actually for our entire year - so they are worth reviewing briefly!

Old View 1: God is a judgmental man outside of me determining whether or not I am worthy. This God is to be feared, and I have to be very, very good to gain favor with this God. I have to beg, plead and bargain with his God. God's punishments are meted out here and in the afterlife.

Turning Point View 1: God is an energy of love and creation that flows through all, sustains all, surrounds all, in fact, is all, which, of course, includes you!

Old View 2: The world is a scary place. Our job is to put on armor and work like heck to stay one step ahead of everything that is out to get us.

Turning Point View 2: The Universe actually has our backs and is constantly conspiring for our good by sending us blessings, gifts, and guidance.

Old View 3: Life happens to me. I'm an innocent bystander, a pitiful victim of circumstances, of weather, of disease, of my own dysfunction.

Turning Point View 3: Life emanates from me. I create my world with my thoughts, beliefs and energetic frequencies.

Old View 4: No pain, no gain - a phrase used by Benjamin Franklin (who knew?!) and made popular by Jane Fonda in her workout days!

Turning Point View 4: There is no reason to struggle. Once we let go - surrender to the universal flow of life - Life (with a Capital L) will take over and handle the details.

Old View 5: I am not worthy of a good life. I am inherently flawed, inherently bad.

Turning Point View 5: My worthiness is not at stake. It never has been and it never will be. There is nothing required of me to be worthy. I am worthy simply because of who I am.


Turning Point View 1: God is an energy of love and creation that flows through all, surrounds all, is all, which includes me!

Turning Point View 2: The Universe actually has my back and is constantly conspiring for my good.

Turning Point View 3: I create my world with my thoughts, beliefs and energetic frequencies.

Turning Point View 4: Once I surrender to the universal flow of Life (with a Capital L), it will take over and handle the details.

Turning Point View 5: I am inherently worthy simply because of who I am.


So, with those Turning Point Views as our foundation, today, we are going to experiment with the statement: "God can only work for us by working through us."

Ernest Holmes says in Science Of Mind: "I would rather see a student of this Science prove its Principle than to have him repeat all the words of wisdom that have ever been uttered."c

Grout in E Cubed writes: "I believe that spirituality and abstruse concepts such as thought creates matter should be proven, not taken on faith. For years, these principles have made for stimulating dinner conversation, interesting sermon fodder. But because we've only been theorizing about them, not putting them into practice, our world has not been rocked in the radical way it needs to be. . . . The fact that your thoughts are energy waves being broadcast out into this giant field of infinite potentiality is something you should be aware of and deploying on a moment-by-moment basis."d

Are you ready to rock your world and the world around you!? Good, because we are going to do a couple of experiments next week.

Before we talk about the experiments, I want to suggest that there is nothing like compadres on the path of enlightenment to encourage, celebrate and challenge your personal perceptions.

In fact, neuroscientists have discovered that humans reverberate to the actions and emotions of the people around them.

Wouldn't it be great to reverberate with people who are spiritually aligned with you and who can support you (and you can support them) on your journey of unfoldment? Of experimenting not just with what we are doing this month, but of manifesting your dreams and hopes and desires this year?

Just join our classes after the service, or stay for coffee and goodies and conversation, or talk to our Prayer Chaplains. We are all here for you.


Did you know that rhinos have very bad eyesight? Even at 15 feet away, they can't tell a human from a tree. So even though being charged by a rhino is high on the list of "things to fear in Africa," it's actually the least of your worries.

Rhinos, when startled, do begin running as fast as they can. And there's no disputing that four tons of snorting rhino barreling your way, most of it a very large and very sharp horn, can appear rather troubling. But because rhinos are nearsighted, they're not really charging at you. They're simply running as fast as they possibly can in whatever direction they were pointed at the time they got spooked. All you really need to do to be safe is dive out of the way. That rhino will continue in the same trajectory until he finally wears himself out. Or until realizes he's no longer in danger.

So, what does this have to do with our first experiment? Well, our thoughts are like spooked, near-sighted rhinos. Once they get some momentum going, it's pretty hard to change their trajectory.

Which is why our first experiment involves starting a new practice first thing in the morning. As you rise out of bed, proclaim these words: "Something amazingly awesome happens to me today."

How are you going to remember to do that? You are going to take home one of those statements in your program, fold it like a name tent and put it on whichever nightstand is on the side on which you get up every morning!

Could we make it any easier for you?! But you are the one who has to do it - you have to do the work, because God can only work for you by working through you!

This simple practice will take five seconds or so but it will prove to you that by changing the momentum of your first few minutes of your day, you can rewrite the script of your life.

Grout writes: "By cutting off the feeding tube to the blah-blah soundtrack of negativity, you can begin to see real shifts in your day-to-day reality."e

Or said another way: "By cutting off the feeding tube to the blah-blah soundtrack of negativity, you can create a turning point that creates a new tipping point in your thinking and you will see real shifts in your day-to-day reality."

Talk about creating new neuropathways - new groves in the brain by thinking new thoughts; eventually, your thoughts will automatically tip over into the new grooves.

It is suggested in E Cubed that you do this for three days, but I say why just three days? I think it could be a lifetime practice!

And part Two of Experiment 1 - during these same three days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday -- and then I say keep going!), make a commitment to be grateful, in fact be in amazed gratitude for everything that happens. Everything!
* You get a raise, say "That's amazing! Thank you, Universe."
* You get fired, say "That's amazing! Thank you, Universe!"
* You get stopped by the police, "That's amazing! Thank you Universe."
* You lose 5 pounds, "That's amazing! Thank you, Universe."
* You gain 10 points, "That's amazing! Thank you Universe."

Get the picture? These two activities will change the trajectory of your run-away rhino thinking first thing in the morning and will set you up for our second experiment to prove this science, to prove that you are a creative being (which is Turning Point View 3).


The second experiment will start on Thursday. It is a three-day experiment.

Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch in his book The God Theory wrote: "Ultimately it is consciousness that is the origin of matter, energy and the laws of nature. The purpose of our universe is for God to experience his potential."f

So in honor of giving God a real bang-up experience, filled with celebration and joy and magnificent fun, this experience is intended to prove that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are reproduced in the events around you, events that we used to call coincidence or synchronicity.

For three days, starting Thursday you are going to actively look for the following eight things. Just keep your eyes open and make the intention to draw them into your conscious awareness. The idea is that once you've placed your order from the Universe, they'll show up as ordered.

And just like you never doubt that Amazon will deliver to your doorstep whatever your most recent purchase is, simply trust that the following eight things are rushing your way:
A belly laugh
A toy from your childhood
Your favorite high school song
The number 222
A beach ball
A senior citizen in a fashionable hat
A smile from a baby
A billboard with a message just for you

Keep track of both Experiments on the Lab Sheets in your program. Bring them back with you next Sunday.

This is our work - this is the work we must do. And no one can do it for us!

Early in the semester, a female student stops by during her professor's office hours. He invites her in. She glances up and down the hall, steps in, closes the door and says, "I would do anything to receive an A in this class."

She steps closer to his desk, flips back her hair, licks her lips, gazes meaningfully into his eyes and whispers, "I mean anything."

He returns her gaze. "Anything?" he says. "Anything," she replies.

The professor's voice drops to a whisper, he leans in and says, "Would you study?"

If you want to create turning points in your life, so that your life tips over into a life filled with God's love, peace, harmony and plenty, are you willing to do the work? Yes? Yes?! Yes?!!!

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