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Sunday Message for January 17, 2016


This month we are exploring the idea of "turning points" that lead to different "tipping points" combined with applying our fundamental Unity principles. The key word here is APPLYING!

A "tipping point" is the moment at which there is enough critical mass for a major change to occur.

A "turning point" is the moment of decision, the moment we individually or collectively decide to make a shift, to head in a different direction, to view things another way, and that decision results in a radically different outcome. Or said another way, it results in a different "tipping point."

This month has been inspireda by Pam Grout's latest book, E Cubed which speaks to the power of our basic, fundamental New Thought beliefs. Today, we pick up where we left off last week as we "Continue the Work" of experiencing turning points which create tipping points in the direction of 'being who we came here to be' and 'doing what we came here to do'.

Before we "Continue the Work," I want to share with you a great turning point story. It's one of my favorites and I tell it often, however, I want to apologize in advance to anyone over 90 who might take offense!

There was a 92 year-old man who went to the Doctor to get a physical. The man didn't look good; he was thin and pale and fragile. His vital signs weren't good, so the doctor gave the gent some words of solid medical advice.

A few months later, the doctor ran into the man walking down the street. He was a changed man. He had gained weight, his color had come back in his cheeks, he looked strong and healthy. And to top it off, he had a gorgeous, young lady on his arm.

The doctor stopped to marvel at his improvement and said, "I can't believe it. You look terrific. What happened to you?"

The man replied, "What do you mean, what happened to me? I'm just doing what you said to do, 'Get a hot momma and be cheerful.'"

The doctor said, "You ol' fool -- I didn't say 'Get a hot momma and be cheerful.' I said 'you've got a heart murmur. Be careful!'"

Our friend was headed toward a point that may have tipped him over to the other side - literally, to the other side - but he had a turning point when he misheard the doctor's instructions. Doesn't that speak volumes to the power of our beliefs and the realities we create with them?!


Today we are actually going to experiment with that exact thing, but first, we have to see where we've been and what happened this week.

We are basing this month - this year - on five Turning Point Views. And they are fundamental Unity principles that the majority of the world doesn't necessarily always embrace. But we do! What are they? Who knows one of them?

Turning Point View 1: God is an energy of love and creation that flows through all, surrounds all, is all, which includes me!
Turning Point View 2: The Universe has my back and is constantly conspiring for my good.
Turning Point View 3: I create my world with my thoughts, beliefs and energetic frequencies.
Turning Point View 4: Once I surrender to the universal flow of Life (with a Capital L), it will take over and handle the details.
Turning Point View 5: I am inherently worthy simply because of who I am.


Now to our experiments. I love this idea from author Amit Kalantri who said: "Theories might inspire you, but experiments will advance you."b

Last week you did two experiments to advance you in embodying, living, believing these Turning Point Views.

The first one was to awaken each day and, before putting your feet on the floor, say "Something amazingly awesome happens to me today." And the second part of the experiment was, no matter what happened, to say, "That's amazing! Thank you, Universe." So, what happened with that?


The second experiment, to prove how powerful your thoughts are, was to look for and check off eight things:
A belly laugh - Who had this?
A toy from your childhood - Who saw this?
Your favorite high school song - Who heard this?
The number 222 - Who saw this?
A beach ball - Who saw this?
A senior citizen in a fashionable hat - ??
A smile from a baby - ??
A billboard with a message just for you - ??


Now, let's move to our third experiment, which will work on supporting Turning Point View #5 -- we are worthy!

We all have a lot of absolutes. I'm not talking Absolute with a capital "A" - like Fillmore defines the word in The Revealing Word: "Divine Mind; unlimited Principle; the almighty One; the all-pervading Spirit; the Infinite; the Eternal; the Supreme Being. The one ultimate creative Mind; the Source of all things. That which is unconditioned, unlimited, unrestricted, and free from all limitations. The self-existent God."c

No, I don't mean that kind of Absolute. Also, not the kind you drink! But rather absolute with a lower case "a" - things we believe in without questioning. And for this experiment, we are going to narrow it down to beliefs about ourselves. Because it is one thing for us to say in a power position that we are worthy and valuable and amazing and beautiful, etc., but sometimes we need to prove it to ourselves. This experiment will do that.

For example, you may think it is an absolute that you are not photogenic or that you are too old to find love or a good job. You may think you absolutely don't make enough money or could never leave your loveless relationship.

But, here's the interesting thing -- in the quantum world, in the field of Infinite Possibilities, no reality is truer than any other. There's no such thing as an absolute - again lower case "a".

But we all have our stories, and because we tell them and we tell them and we tell them some more - they become our reality. They become our absolutes.

Albert Villoldo, Cuban-born psychologist and shaman, said: "When we drop our dreary story . . . we are provided for in every way."d

These stories are no more true (except to the degree that we've repeated them and made them our personal calling card) than are their opposites. There is a whole palette of other possibilities. Some of our stories serve us, and that's wonderful. But many do not!

Before getting into Experiment 3, I want to share a story that Pam Grout shares in E Cubed. It's about a women choosing not to believe the absolute that she was being told, but listening to her inner voice which was telling her there was a different possibility:

At 25, Michelle Longo O'Donnell was an RN, working at one of the first pediatric intensive care units in the nation. She was married to a Vietnam Marine vet, had a two-year-old-daughter, and was pregnant with her second child. Because she'd had her withered lift kidney removed when she was younger, doctors thought her right kidney was overloaded and decided to induce birth by giving her a drug to begin labor.

A mistake in the calculation of her due date caused her daughter Lara to be born at seven months, weighing a mere two and a half pounds. The doctors whisked away the tiny purple baby who made no movement, no sound. And, just to put this in perspective, this happened in the 70's and the prenatal medical community did not have the advancements it has now.

Little Lara was unable to take in air or keep her lungs inflated. During the first night, she had five cardiac arrests. Even with 100 percent oxygen being pumped into her tiny lungs, she was not getting enough to supply her kidneys and brain.

The senior resident came into the mother's room the next morning and asked for her permission to stop treatment, because, he said, Lara simply could not survive.

As a nurse, Michelle knew that what the resident said was most likely true and even if Lara did survive, severe mental retardation was the outcome of oxygen deprivation. But, something inside her kept telling her that everything would be OK, so she refused to give permission to stop treatment.

The mother struggled with two voices inside her head. One buying into the absolute belief of the medical community, yet another deep underlying conviction in the quantum probability that everything was going to be all right.

Her husband abandoned her after two days and for two long years after Lara was finally released from the ICU, Michelle O'Donnell pieced together a life, never once "owning" the probability of Lara's mental retardation nor letting go of the probability that healing was still possible.

She dealt with what she had to deal with in the world, but kept a hold of her mental constructs. She did this for two years - with absolutely no evidence in the outer world to suggest that the first probability (mental retardation) had not happened nor that the second probability (that healing was possible) was occurring.

When Lara was nearly 2 years old, Michelle had her propped on her hip and was getting ready to put a cracker into her mouth, like she'd done many times before. Lara - who had not shown awareness of any kind, had basically lived like the vegetable the doctors told Michele she would be - smiled at her mother, reached up to grab the cracker, and put it in her mouth.

After that, she made rapid improvement and grew up to become a lawyer and eventually work for the attorney general of Texas.

Her mother said: "You have to keep your mind off of letting any reality become your identity."e

So, in the experiment, you're going to take a reality that you have believed is absolute fact about you and for 3 days - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - actively look for its exact opposite. It doesn't matter what belief you choose:
* I've never been that great at relationships
* I sometimes suffer from depression
* I have trouble sleeping
* I hate to exercise
* I've never been organized
* I'm lousy at math
* I've got bad follow through
* I'm not good enough
* I'll never make anything of myself

It doesn't really matter what you pick, just something you've repeatedly said and believed about yourself. Grout tells us to: "Pick an identity that we've worn like a pair of our favorite jeans."f And in this experiment, you are going to rewrite your story by looking for evidence of the opposite reality.

Here's the theory behind this experiment: Nothing is absolute; only thinking makes it so.

Sounds like something Shakespeare would have written!

A Lab Sheet for this experiment and the second one for this week, which I will now describe, is in your program.


Our final experiment, Experiment 4, sets out to prove Turning Point View #1: There really is an invisible energy force or Field of Infinite Possibilities of love and creation that flows through all, surrounds all, is all and is always wanting to experience Itself through us.

The Scripture tells us at Revelations 3:20: "I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person and they with me."g

For our 4th experiment, we are going to listen for the knocking, knowing it is there and for three days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) deeply trust that we will catch a glimpse of the wonder and glory of the Field of Infinite Possibilities in a tangible, can't-be-missed way.

In order to get this glimpse, it only takes a slight shift in our energetic vibration. Look at the difference a slight shift can make in these two sentences:
Let's eat, Grandma!
Let's eat Grandma!

There's but one little comma difference, but that little difference makes all the difference in the world.
You are going to make a slight shift in your energetic vibration so you are just a bit closer to Reality with a capital "R". How? Simply by setting your conscious intention do to so.

In the SOM it says: ". . . we reach out to Infinity and since we cannot encompass Infinity, we shall always be expanding and always enlarging our capacity to know and to experience."h

This experiment is about consciously expanding and enlarging our capacity to know and to experience the awe and wonder of the Universe!

There you have it, your experiments for this week:

1. Look for and record evidence that is the opposite of something you have believed about yourself.

2. Look for indisputable evidence of the awesome nature of the Universe and the presence of Divine Creative Love.

In this way, we will absolutely create turning points in our lives, which cannot help but lead to tipping points, tipping us into a life of greater love, joy, connection, health, wealth and harmony! I'd say that's worth continuing the work, wouldn't you?

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