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Sunday Message for January 24, 2016


This month we have explored and experimented with the idea of "turning points" that lead to different "tipping points." Turning point ideas founded and grounded on our basic Unity teachings.

We have taken five of those basic teachings and have called them "Turning Point Views." They are:

Turning Point View 1: God is an energy of love and creation that flows through all, surrounds all, is all, which includes me!

Turning Point View 2: The Universe has my back and is constantly conspiring for my good.

Turning Point View 3: I create my world with my thoughts, beliefs and energetic frequencies.

Turning Point View 4: After doing what I am called to do, I can surrender to the universal flow of Life (with a Capital L), because it will take over and handle the details.

Turning Point View 5: I am inherently worthy simply because of who I am.

And we have said that if, on a consistent and ongoing basis, we live from these Turning Point Views, rather than from what a lot of the world's views are, we will TIP over into what seems to be the miraculous - and that is our theme for today: "Achieving the Miraculous." But here's a little secret. It's not really miraculous; rather simply the way Life works!

Charles Fillmore wrote in, Talks on Truth: "God never performs miracles, if by miracle is meant a departure from universal law. Whatever the prophets did was done by the operation of laws inherent in Being and open to the discovery of every man."a

And we have experimented with having faith in the Turning Point Views and creating "miracles," and I hope you have had fun with the experiments.

Two weeks ago, our experiment was to bring into our experience eight different things. Some of us got very frustrated that we couldn't get all eight. Think for a moment, where are you frustrated in your life? Here is something that I know that I know that I know, but sometimes forget to apply. Frustration is a repelling emotion. Let me say that again, frustration is a repelling emotion.

When we are frustrated at not receiving that which we have prayed about or intended, we push it away just much as if it were physically in front of us and we shove it back! And we may know this. But knowing and doing are two different things, which is why it is so important that we absolutely embody the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Stand guard at the portal of your mind."b . . . so that when we are frustrated, we can notice it and do something about it. No one can do that for you. Only you!

In the forward to Pam Grout's book E Cubed, author Gabrielle Bernstein writes: "The only reason you're not aware of the nonstop stream of blessings and miracles is because you're looking in the wrong places [I'll add, we've got our eyes closed]. With just a little willingness and awareness, it's amazing what can happen."c

So, I want to know now who has actively engaged in all of the experiments - last week's and the week before -- and had success with all of them? [or 90% or 80%]


Today we are going to look at M&Ms, not the candy!, but rather "Miracle Mindsets" that are ways of looking at life through the lens of some of our Turning Point Views, so let's jump right in. The first "Miracle Mindset" is:

1. "What else is possible?" vs "This is just the way it is"

It may be the way it currently is, but it isn't the way it has to be. The truth is an infinity of possibilities exist. The only reason our lives look the same today as they did yesterday is because that is where we invest our energy - we invest it on the "what is". We miss the miracles because we focus only on what is known or the current condition.

Charles Fillmore, Talks on Truth: "It is your mission to express all that you can imagine God to be. Let this be your standard of achievement; never lower it, nor allow yourself to be belittled by the cry of sacrilege. You can attain to everything that you can imagine. If you imagine that it is possible to God, it is also possible to you. Whatever possibility your mind conceives, that is for you to attain. This is the law; let none belittle himself or dwarf the Supreme by trying to annul it. "All things that are mine are thine, and thine are mine."d

If you are experiencing a part of your life right now that you would like to experience differently, ask yourself "what else is possible here?" And if you give yourself an argument, here's the question that has saved my bacon more than once: "What would I do NEXT if I didn't think this was impossible?" And then do it!

Performing miracles isn't a matter of doing the impossible, it's a matter of redefining the possible and we can do that because of Turning Point View 2 that says: The Universe has my back and is constantly conspiring for my good.


2. "It's a piece of cake" vs. "It's hard"

In E Cubed, Grout writes: "'Hard' is a four-letter word that is one of the most dangerous words in the English language. It's especially damning when combined with something you want to accomplish, such as lose weight, change your thinking, attract money, get a hot date!"e

Because our beliefs are so powerful, literally sculpting our lives on a moment-by moment basis, to believe (and especially to say out loud) that anything is difficult is extremely counterproductive. If we expect things to be hard, we can certainly create life that way.

But remember our Turning Point View: After doing what I am called to do, I can surrender to the universal flow of Life (with a Capital L), because it will take over and handle the details, so it really is a piece of cake!


3. "I am connected to everything" vs. "I'm all alone"

Here is a definition of a miracle that I really like: "A miracle is a shift in my perception that removes any blocks to my awareness of the presence of God right here right now."

Most of us would say we have a belief or we have a faith that God is present. But do we always feel that? Do we always see that? Do we always know that?

The miracle is the shift in perception that removes the block not in God but in us. So that right where we are, we can feel and be guided by and open to the experience of the Presence, the Power, and the companionship of God. That was our last experiment, remember?!

In A Course in Miracles" it says that if you and I are not experiencing miracles on a daily basis, it is we who are out of alignment with the Universe.f It isn't that we have to call God in to make miracles happen. It is that we have to bring our attention to the presence of the Divine Universe and miracles become natural.

Religion has emphasized, "Look what God can do!" But our Master Teacher Jesus emphasized, "Look what humanity, in God consciousness, can do!"

One is looking for miracles from God, which is to abandon personal responsibility.

The other is knowing that God can do the seeming miraculous through us. It is knowing that we are the miracle . . . and that we can do what Jesus did, if we awaken to our miracle self, as Jesus awakened to his.

Miracles are what happen when we are in harmony with the Divine IN us. When we take Ernest Holmes advise in the Science Of Mind: "There is a place in our mentality - in the heights of our greatest realizations - where we throw ourselves with complete abandonment into the very center of the Universe. There is a point in the supreme moment of realization where we merge with the Universe . . .; where a sense of the Oneness of all Life so enters our being that there is no sense of otherness. It is here that the mentality performs seeming miracles, because there is nothing to hinder the Whole from coming through. We can do this only . . . by dwelling and meditating upon the immensity of Life and the fact that, as vast, as immense, as limitless as It is, the whole of It is brought to the point of our own consciousness."g

Miracles happen, my friends, when we recognize and live the Turning Point View that says God is an energy of love and creation that flows through all, surrounds all, is all, which includes me!

A priest, a rabbi, and a Unity Minister decided to go on a fishing trip together. They went down to their local lake, rented a boat, and went out on to the lake for a day of fishing.

As the afternoon approached, the trio got hungry - and realized that they left their lunches on the shore of the lake. So, the priest got out of the boat, walked across the lake, got his lunch, walked back, and sat down ... beginning to eat his lunch.

"You should have gotten all of our lunches!" scolded the Unity Minister, so she got up, walked across the lake, picked up her lunch as well as the Rabbi's, walked back across the lake, and sat down, handing the rabbi his afternoon meal.

The rabbi at this point is almost out of his mind, his eyes wide with shock. Finally, he manages to sputter... "Wha... what... how did you both do that!?"

The priest grinned at the Unity Minister, nudged her, and whispered "Do you think we should tell him about the rocks?"

To which the Unity Minister, with a raised eyebrow, replied "What rocks?"

As we bring our Turning Point Views into our experience by embracing these M&M's - Miracle Mindsets - and making them a part of who we are, we achieve the miraculous. We see the world in an entirely new light; we see that everything is a miracle; indeed everything is holy.

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