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Sunday Message for July 10, 2016


Last Sunday, I asked you to take a little assessment to see where you are with fully experiencing:
* A Pathway of God's Plenty,
* a Journey of the Joy, living from Spirit's Purpose as you, and
* a Course of Conscious Creation
Do you remember that!?

Just in case you don't remember, and to get us all on the same page for the month, let's do the assessment again, shall we?

Now, remember, this self-assessment is not to instill guilt or bad feelings about ourselves - we really don't do that here! - but rather to take an honest look at where we are.

So, free from any guilt, shame or personal pressure, are you ready for the assessment? Good!

Assessment 1:
Is the pathway of your life one of struggle (that would be a 1), is it clearly an ongoing, regular, consistent experience of God's Plentiful Universe (that would be a 5) or is it somewhere in between?

Assessment 2:
Is your journey through life unsatisfying (that's a 1), or is it filled with joy and meaning as you live from Spirit's Purpose as you (that's a 5)?

Assessment 3:
Do you feel like you are on a course to nowhere, or are working in harmony with Divine Law to consciously create every step of the way? 1 - course to nowhere; 5 - consciously creating.

Our intention for the month is to move at least one notch up the scale so that we can more fully experience:
* A Pathway of God's Plenty,
* a Journey of the Joy, living from Spirit's Purpose as you, and
* a Course of Conscious Creation

As I said last week, our time together this month has been inspired by two books:ab * May McCarthy's The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance and * Wallace Wattles' The Science of Getting Rich

Despite the titles of these books or even their focus, our time here together each week is not just about financial wealth. It includes that, yes, but this month is really about creating:
* a life we love living;
* a life in harmony with our Divine Nature and on purpose; and
* a life lived by design and not by default.

If you want to dig more deeply into what we talk about on your own, both books are available in the bookstore, and we are offering a "bundle" deal if you buy them together!


So, last week we established the need to create a working partnership, a true, ongoing relationship with our CSO, which stands for what? Chief Spiritual Officer And which really means what? Remember our CSO is not separate and apart from us; it lives at our core, but, yes, is greater than we are! And we talked about not just having this relationship with our CSO when things are going wrong, but to cultivate it, to nurture it, to be in it all the time!

In your partnership with your CSO, you have just four things to do. Who remembers what they are?
1. Decide what you want;
2. Consciously stay in alignment with what you want;
3. Be grateful in advance for it; and
4. Act on whatever guidance you get along the way.

Your charge this past week was to begin doing all of that and to let your CSO do its job.

And what is the CSO's job? EVERYTHING ELSE! Everything else looks like:
* Creating or clearing the path;
* Bringing you opportunities, resources, people to support the good that you've defined; and
* [this one is really important] providing you with guidance of your next steps -- one step at a time.

Now that you have established a relationship with your CSO, it is time to start having daily meetings, which support our 4 things, which are - once again?
1. Decide what you want;
2. Consciously stay in alignment with what you want;
3. Be grateful in advance for it; and
4. Act on whatever guidance you get along the way.

Can you tell that I really want you to get this??

May McCarthy suggests that we make a commitment to having this meeting for 30 days and just see what happens. And I am offering you a challenge. A 30-day challenge.

Today we will look at the agenda for this meeting, and I promised that everyone would receive a tool to support them in setting that agenda. And, in fact, it is readily available to you, you just might not know it. All you have to do is reach out and take it. It's in the pew pocket in front of you.

Now isn't that a metaphor for our good in our lives? Pull the purple or pink half sheet out of the pew pocket in front of you. We will expand on what's on it this morning.


Agenda Item 1 - Daily Inspirational Reading

Who has heard of Bob Proctor? Definitely a guy who experiences:
* a Pathway of God's Plenty,
* a Journey of Joy and Purpose and
* a Course of Conscious Creation

He says that we should read, dissect and study this book (Science of Getting Rich) and then read, dissect and study it some more. Specifically, he believes everyone should read four particular chapters (4, 7, 11 and 14) for 90 days in a row and if we skip a day, we should start over!

I'm not going to suggest that, but in line (only slightly different) with the suggestion from McCarthy's book, I recommend a 30-day reading schedule from "The Science of Getting Rich". And your daily meeting with your CSO will begin with that, one chapter a day.

And right in Chapter 1, Wattles does a beautiful job of examining why we actually should desire to be rich. I want us to touch in for a moment. You don't have to answer this question aloud, but did you feel a bit uncomfortable with me using the word "rich," especially in a House of God? If you did, just breathe. It's OK. And Chapter 1 will be particularly beneficial for you! And, as a little preview, he writes: "Every person naturally wants to become all that they are capable of becoming; this desire to realize innate possibilities is inherent in human nature; we cannot help wanting to be all that we can be. Success in life is becoming what you want to be . . . [and] you can render to God and humanity no greater service than to make the most of yourself."c

He then shares how important it is to have access to enough abundance so we can do just that. I love the idea that money is just a symbol for that which allows us to:
* go where we want to go,
* do what we want to do,
* be who we want to be and
* give what we want to give.

So, our daily meeting, which will begin tomorrow if you choose to engage in this powerful 30-day practice, is to read from "The Science of Getting Rich" according to the schedule. It will take about 10 minutes.


Agenda Item 2 - Write Letter of Gratitude

Deborah Norville, TV anchor and journalist once said: "What I've learned is there's a scientifically proven phenomenon that's attached to gratitude, and that if you consciously take note of what is good in your life, quantifiable benefits happen."d That's a pretty cool statement coming from the secular world, isn't it?

Here's another one from our NT world by Eric Butterworth in his book Spiritual Economics: "All the substance of the Universe, all the wealth that has ever manifested itself or ever will manifest itself in this world, is present right now. This is why Jesus said, 'I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly'e. He means a life that is rich and fulfilled - healthy, prosperous, loving. Only our lack of perception, lack of the grateful heart, keeps us from experiencing it. We have the choice to be great or small. When we are grateful, we are great. When we become lax in the expression of gratitude, we become little people with little minds, leading little, inconsequential lives."f

So, we certainly don't want to be leading little, inconsequent lives, do we? The next 10 minutes of your morning meeting with your CSO, is your writing a letter of gratitude - it's a form of dream building with gratitude.

This is the place to write about your dreams that you haven't yet achieved, expressing gratitude for them as if they have already manifested in your life.

As you are writing, you might be inspired to write down dreams you hadn't thought of prior to attending the CSO meeting that day. That's perfectly fine. Consider these divine inspirations.

The biggest obstacle we have to experiencing a life we would love to live is our own limiting belief system and doubts. Someone pretty smart once said, "It is done unto you as you believe."g And those are words of Truth.

But we are often like the father of an ailing son who came to Jesus: "And . . . [he] cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief."h That's what the King James interpretation says. Here's the Lamsa interpretation: ". . . the father of the boy cried out weeping and said, I do believe, help my little faith." It is our unbelief, our lack of faith, that keeps our dreams, our good away.

A daily gratitude practice such as this one, helps us develop our faith and our belief!

As part of your daily meetings, write a new letter every day. It's perfectly fine to repeat gratitude statements for things that are really important, but each daily meeting should launch fresh inspiration and gratitude.


Agenda Item 3 - Read Your Letter of Gratitude aloud

Hearing yourself speak your words out loud anchors them more fully into your consciousness. When we add emotion, we are informing our subconscious that we believe the words are true. Reading it aloud starts the transformation to make you a magnet for your desires. Your vibration and energy elevate to equal that of the things that you desire. And we've talked many, many times that we must vibrate on the level of what we want in order to attract it to us!

McCarthy writes: "Here's what I believe is happening when you speak your words out loud. As you use your thoughts, words and emotions in harmony with each other, you put yourself in a position to attract what you've focused your attention on. You become magnetic to your good and start to see opportunities and possibilities."i


Agenda Item 4 - Visualize (see and feel) yourself living this life

It has been proven that seeing in our mind's eye brings experiences into our world. We know this spiritually; the sports world has also known this for decades.

Michael Phelps who has the most Olympic medals of anyone ever has been visualizing since he was seven years old, watching what he calls "his videotape" of the perfect swim in his mind each night before going to sleep to mentally map out his ideal swim for the next day.

Golfer Jack Nicklaus, boxer Muhammad Ali, and basketball star Michael Jordan have all credited their success to visualization.

According to Mind-Movies co-founder Natalie Ledwell: "When people learn how to use visualization, they gain the ability to mentally condition themselves for unstoppable success in all kinds of life events and goals, just like Michael Phelps."j

So take a portion of your gratitude letter and for 5 minutes, visualize it! Put yourself in it! See it! Feel it! Live it!


Optional Agenda Item 5 - Record any guidance you receive during this meeting

Finally, Agenda Item 5, actually can occur at anytime. Throughout this meeting, you may well receive Divine Guidance on actions to take. Write them down, so you don't lose them . . . and then go out and do them!

And with that, your meeting is adjourned.

So this has all been pretty heady today and I always want you to have an experience of the Divine, so let's have a mini-meeting right now to get us on the right track.

Let's start with this brief passage from The Science of Getting Rich. If you would like to close your eyes, settle in and let these words fill you. "Gratitude alone can keep you looking toward the All and prevent you from falling into the error of thinking of the supply as limited . . . . There is a Law of Gratitude, and it is absolutely necessary that you should observe the law, if you are to get the results you seek. The grateful outreaching of your mind in thankful praise to the Supreme is a liberation or expenditure of force; it cannot fail to reach that to which it [is] addressed and the reaction is an instantaneous movement toward you. 'Draw nigh unto God and God will draw nigh unto you.' That is a statement of psychological truth."k

'Draw nigh unto God and God will draw nigh unto you.' Let's do that right now by identifying a desire and feeling gratitude for it as though you already have it - related to work, financial freedom, health, peace, joy, ease, love, ideas, opportunities, relationships and whatever else is important to you.

Be gratitude for qualities that you want to express toward others - love, blessings, forgiveness, appreciation for everyone as links in your chain of good; see God in them.

Be grateful for this amazing, renewed and deep relationship you have with the Divine and grateful for the new or renewed/ deepened trust in the CSO to do its part!

And now take just 30 seconds to speak aloud - all at once - any part of what you were just experiencing internally. You will hear a chime when 30 seconds are up, so keep speaking until you hear it. [gong]

And finally, we will take 30 seconds to see ourselves living
* this life we love;
* this life in harmony with our Divine Nature and on purpose; and
* this life lived by design and not by default. [gong]

How beautiful, how wonderful, how holy this is. And so it is!

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