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Sunday Message for August 28, 2016


This month we have been looking at our beautiful Unity teachings that offer us a "positive path for spiritual living" and that path is a clear and direct road map for a way of living in peace, fulfillment, happiness and consciously connected to the Life Force that is our Life.

Following our significant work of last week, today we will continue to break free of the bonds of yesterday to live fully today and in all of our tomorrows. Our time today has been inspired by a phrase first spoken by Thomas Troward and recorded in the book The Edinburgh Lectures. The phrase is "Principle is not Bound by Precedent."a

Today, I want to offer you a four-step process which will firmly fix in our consciousness that Principle is never bound by precedent and that we can create new ways of living in peace, fulfillment and happiness here and now.

But before we get to that process, I want to put the finishing touches on last week's work. So, last week you wrote down what you wanted to release so that you were no longer bound by it, you brought it up to an altar, lit a tea candle, placed the paper face down on the altar, and placed the lit tea candle on top of the paper.

Well, I gathered up all the papers, and while I did not read them, I did a prayer for release over them just to give them a little extra boost in case there was something stubborn in anyone's consciousness that didn't want to release.

And, then I wondered what to do with all of them, and it occurred to me that a powerful way to release is to burn things. We symbolized that last week by placing the flame on top of the paper, but to really burn all of the papers would be even more powerful. It also occurred to me that the Fire Marshall probably wouldn't be too keen on us burning that amount of paper here

So, I then had an idea. What if I could condense all of these papers down to one and then burn just that. That could work, right?

So, Jarrett? Would you do the honors?

In a moment, Jarrett is going to proclaim "abracadabra" and condense this entire pile down to a single sheet of paper.

But before I do that, I'm wondering if you know what the word abracadabra actually means. It derives from a Hebrew phrase meaning: "I will create as spoken". And you thought it was just a magician's mumbo-jumbo word!

So, are you now ready to "create as spoken"? On the count of three, everyone say with me abracadabra. 1 - 2 - 3 - abracadabra!

Now that we have taken care of that, we will build on that work with our topic for today - Principle is not bound by precedent!


So in The Revealing Word, Fillmore writes, Principle is: "Fundamental Truth. . . . as pertaining to God, the Divine. It is the underlying plan by which Spirit (God) moves in expressing itself; . . . the great underlying cause of all manifestation; the source from which form proceeds."b

So "Principle is not bound by precedent" means that Spirit is not limited to what has occurred before. God is creating anew all the time!

Likewise, we are NOT limited to what has gone before as we explored in depth last Sunday. However, to make that a reality in our lives, we must create new avenues in our minds for a fresh approach and a new outlook to the Spirit.

And I want to offer you four steps that will help us create those new avenues in our minds and live the truth that Principle is not bound by precedent.


We must begin with the firm conviction that we are dealing with a Power which is not bound. It is not limited. It is not only some power; it is All Power.

Christian Larson writes in The Pathway of Roses: "The universe is orderly from center to circumference, and everything is established upon the firm foundation of eternal right and universal good. There is a power that lives and moves throughout this vast immensity, and all those things that have a permanent place in the cosmos, or that are instrumental in any way in promoting the purpose of life, have their source in this one power. All the laws and forces in existence spring originally from this power; it is therefore the center and source of all that lives and moves; and this power is the [power of] . . . God."c

Wayne Dyer relates how he went from being an agnostic who seriously questioned the very existence of God to an absolute believer in a Divine Intelligence behind all things. This example cleared it all up for him.

Dyer writes in There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem: "This is an intelligent system that we are all a part of. There is a force, a power, a consciousness that created and supports this system. That force is omnipresent and therefore it is in you. Your body is a part of this system, and is also a system of perfectly coordinated parts itself. While it may appear random and unintelligent, it is the height of arrogance and naïveté to assume it is accidental. It is just as unlikely for the wind to accidentally blow together several million pieces of debris and create a 747 jumbo jet, as it is for a force to accidentally arrange this intelligent system that we are all a part of which has billions of moving parts. That simple little story opened me to knowing that there is an intelligence called by many names, but essentially comprised of cooperation, harmony, peace, flow or love that is the source of all."d

There is a power, there is All the Power, behind all that is! So this is our first step in having the Truth statement "Principle is not bound by precedent" become a living reality in our lives.


This Power is not reserved for a chosen few and it is not outside of ourselves.

Fillmore in The Revealing Word writes: "Principle is the I AM of every man."e

So, step one: Realize What We are Dealing With
And step two: Realize that we have access to this Power because it lives as us!


Not only realize that we have access to it, but identify with it!

In 1893, Swami Vivekananda, a Hindu master, arrived in Chicago to speak at the first World Parliament of Religions. He was the first Hindu ever to address the American public, and what he said was shocking to many.

Well, Vivekananda told the story of a lion who had been raised by a flock of sheep and naturally thought that he was one of them. Another lion tried to convince him that he was not a sheep at all, but to no avail until he took the "sheep-lion" to a pool and showed him his true reflection.

Vivekananda then told the audience, "And you, my friends, are all lions. You are pure, infinite and perfect souls. He, for whom you have been weeping and praying in churches and temples, is your own Self."f

Remember the affirmation we used a couple of weeks ago? The Power within me is the Power of God, and this Power is my Divine Authority to create.

Let's say that together, to really anchor Step 3 in us: The Power within me is the Power of God, and this Power is my Divine Authority to create.


After we access and identify with it, we must consciously use it! It doesn't do any good to have the combination to a combination lock if we never use the combination to get in to it!

The temporary Sunday school teacher was struggling to open a combination lock on the supply cabinet. She had been told the combination, but couldn't quite remember it.

She went to the pastor's study and asked for help. The pastor came into the room and began to turn the dial.

After the first two numbers he paused and stared blankly for a moment. Finally he looked serenely heavenward and his lips moved silently.

Then he looked back at the lock, and quickly turned to the final numbers, and opened the lock.

The teacher was amazed. "I always stand in awe at the power of prayer, pastor," she said.

"As do I" he answered. "But, this time, the numbers are on a piece of tape on the ceiling."

Here again is a step-by-step process for us to live from a place of knowing and experiencing that Principle is not bound by precedent.

1. Realize what you are dealing with - the All Power.
2. Realize that you have access to this Power - it's not reserved for a chosen few.
3. Not only realize you have access to it, but identify with it!
4. After you access and identify with it, consciously increase your expectation and deepen your realization of it by using it!

Let it be your way...

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