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Sunday Message for October 30, 2016


This month, we are building on last month's theme of "Let Us Help You Do Life" with the theme of:
     "Engaging, Embracing and Empowering Life."

1. Fully ENGAGING life, meaning this human experience, means being present, being conscious, being involved, active in our own lives, not sleep walking through life on automatic pilot;

2. Deeply EMBRACING Life, meaning the Greater Life; the Life of God, means realizing there is a power for good in this universe and we can use it, making conscious connection with that power; and

3. EMPOWERING our life/Life means standing strong in who and whose we are!

Knowing that all of this leads to an EXTRAORDINARY experience of life/Life. Who you are and the power you are are extraordinary! Who you are and the power you are are both phenomenal!

So far this month, we have spent two weeks aligning with who we are (really are) and with building some passion and enthusiasm for that and then we spent a week releasing what might be standing in the way of our expressing who we really are by making peace with our past. Today we are going to build on our explorations of the month so far, as we look at what is ours to do to "Engage life and to Embrace Life"!


Who remembers their first exposure to the spiritual teachings of what powerful creators we are?? A lecture, book? What was it? Didn't you get so excited about it?

Question, did you then think that your excitement, your passion alone would take you where you wanted to go? The answer to that is perhaps "yes." And did it? Not so much.

Remember, we can absolutely 100%, without a doubt rely on the: "Principle of Life Itself, for all that we have or ever shall need. It is not some power, or a great power, it is ALL POWER."

And, then, as Ernest said, we must: "Feel it, know it, and then act as though it were true."a

Act as though it were true! Mike Dooley in his great book, Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life's Magic, wrote: ". . . [We] must avail ourselves of [the Universe's] magic. We must go out into the world so that our manifestation can reach us, so that . . . little serendipities, coincidence and happy accidents can fall onto our path that wouldn't have otherwise if we had sat home, waiting for a breakthrough."b

We can get very excited about how life works and the idea of the power that we are and have and then we can get very discouraged when things don't seem to work the way we intended.

Could it be that we have been a bit like the man who prayed and prayed to win the lottery, but never bought a ticket? You know that joke, right?!

Here's a piece that is sometimes missing from spiritual teachings. What is OURS to do?

Taking action - I like to call it inspired action, divinely guided action -- is critically important on this journey of ENGAGING life and EMBRACING Life.

But there's more than just taking action, even inspired, divinely guided action - it's differentiating between what we will do and what we'll delegate to the Universe.

I want to suggest a very specific plan of action to help make the differentiation.

On the piece of paper in your program, you have a large triangle divided into two parts. This triangle will ultimately contain all the action steps necessary for a single dream of yours to come true, so it's important that it be large enough for you to write many words and phrases inside of it.

In the bottom left of the triangle, write your name and in the bottom right, write "God," "The Universe," "Source," "Harry" whatever you want to represent Life. Or how about writing "Life"! That would work.

You can create a triangle for any and all of your dreams, such as for a new car, an improved relationship, a new career, direction, health or anything else you can dream of. However, each dream needs its own triangle, so make sure you label each by writing your dream at the top of the triangle.

On your side of the triangle, think of and/or write down anything and everything you could do to further your advancement toward the realization of your dream. Include all you can do physically, logically, emotionally and spiritually to achieve the goal at the top of the triangle.

Try to get at least 20 things in there. Some may be ridiculous, some you may NEVER do, but get the juices flowing. With this activity, you are stirring the pot, so to speak.

Here are some ideas if you want to change or improve your career, work or livelihood:
* If you're in sales, make more cold calls or "warm introductions"
* Start or continue refining your education
* Obtain licenses, certifications, websites and/or business cards
* Create a business plan
* Actively seek or strategize to find new partners, investors, customers and so on
* Ask mentors for help
* Read how to books and success stories of those who have gone before you
* Help others who want what you want (a great way to get a new perspective on your own situation, by the way!)

So on your side of your triangle you would write down ways in which you could be doing better at where you are. Ways you could hone your skills and become a master of what's before you right now in your day-to-day life. Make sense? And remember, a separate triangle for every area of your life!

The other side of the triangle is where you're going to put in what the Universe can do for you. Think of the possible miracles, serendipities and happy accidents that you might experience, all of which would also help you advance toward the realization of your dreams. Some examples are:
* Help you unexpectedly meet new people who have been looking for what you offer
* Give you a bright idea that will not only change your life but also the world
* Provide inspiration and motivation when you most need it
* Resolve inner conflicts
* Arrange circumstances to ease your journey
* Open your eyes to new possibilities
* Help you negotiate and transcend obstacles or tricky people
* Remove detractions that aren't serving you
* Hone your skills and improve talents
* Install confidence
* Accumulate physical resources and summon new opportunities
* Reveal your negative thinking and limiting beliefsc

Are you getting the picture?

Now here's a really important point . . . realize that even if you did absolutely everything on your side of the list, it will NEVER be enough to bring forth the life of your dreams. And, if the Universe was all geared up to rock and roll on your behalf and ready, willing and able to do everything on its side of the triangle, which it always is, yet you weren't doing your part, progress would be impossible. Here's the deal: if you don't do all you can with what you have from where you are (your side of the triangle), the Universe cannot do all it can for you. But when you do, it can!

This is how we ENGAGE life and really, fully EMBRACE Life. The more we do with our life, the more Life can do for us. Each of our baby steps increases exponentially Life's ability to reach us.

Note from the Universe: "Little tiny dreams require little tiny thoughts and little tiny steps. Great big dreams require great big thoughts and little tiny steps. Do I paint a clear picture? The Universe"d

In The Science of Mind, Holmes writes: ". . . . we must realize that there is One Infinite Mind, which is consciously directing our destiny. Declare every day that: . . .'There is One Supreme Intelligence which governs, guides and guards, tells me what to do, when to act and how to act.' Having done this in perfect faith, act with perfect assurance."e

Wait, you might say: isn't all this talk about taking action, about "doing all you can with what you have from where you are", really just messing with the "Cursed How's," as Mike Dooley calls them? I thought the "how" was God's job?!

On first blush it seems so, but it isn't!

What differentiates a "how" from "doing all you can with what you have from where you are" is not what you do, but how you view what you're doing.

If you view the things on your side of the triangle as how you're going to make your big dream come true, then, they are cursed hows and eventually you'll feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Anyone ever felt that?

However, if you view them as your way of EMBRACING Life and harnessing the power that is around, through and as you, then instead of seeing yourself as the one responsible for hitting the home run in your life, your action steps become pitches to the Universe, so that the Universe can hit the home run for you.

You don't have to hit the home run. You don't have to make anything happen. No one step is the answer! But you take all the steps you know to take so that you are available when the Universe takes its steps!


Now let's explore what it means to ENGAGE in the context of this month's theme.

In Star Trek's "Next Generation," what did Captain Jean Luc-Picard say to Data every time the Starship Enterprise was bound for a new adventure? "Engage." And Data would hit the throttle (or whatever lever was on the Starship Enterprise), and off they would go into space, the final frontier, where no man has gone before!

We may not be going off into space, the final frontier where no ONE has gone before, but we, like Data, must ENGAGE if we want to create an extraordinary Life.

In our New Thought philosophy, faith, way of life, we do not believe we came here to live puny little lives. We believe we are here to be and to express at the fullest level possible. We are here to dream big! And to bring those dreams into reality in our lives.

Ernest Holmes writes in The Science of Mind textbook: "Free yourself forever from the thought that God may be pleased by a life of sacrifice, . . .or that righteousness is more perfectly expressed through poverty than abundance. [Some of us got that this was what life is about from our religious upbringing, didn't we?] Know that the greater abundance of every good thing which you are bringing out in your life, the more perfectly you are expressing the Divine Urge within in you. ANYTHING YOU CAN DREAM OF is not too great for you to undertake if it hurts no one and brings greater good into your life.[and if it brings a greater good into your life, it will be a greater good into the larger life, because there is no private good, remember?!]"f

So say with me please: I am here to bring my dreams, my big dreams, into reality in my life. As I do I am a blessing to the world.


After creating your triangles, we have to then take the steps that are on our side! That's when we say "Engage" and we "make it so!"

Because as we do our part, we give the Universe the opportunity for It to do Its part. And if you don't do you part, that Universe can't do Its!

Your action, your engagement, gives the Universe the opportunity to bring to you people who have been looking for what you offer, to arrange circumstances to ease your journey, to open your eyes to new possibilities, to put the physical resources and new opportunities in your path. If you aren't on the path, the Universe can't do it!

But sometimes we think we have to have all our ducks in row before we take the steps, don't we? We want to make sure we are fully ready! Fully, completely prepared before we even take the first step.

Let me let you in on a little secret. There's never been a mama duck overheard telling her babies, "OK we have a stream to cross. Now everyone line up!" Because ducks simply don't behave that way.

If mama ducks waited for her ducklings to all line up in a row before crossing the stream, they would never get across.

It's the same with the Universe. Our "ducks" do not, cannot, and will never line up - until we go! Which means that now that we have written ideas down on our pyramid, we need to "Engage" and make it so!

Goethe: "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."g

I love this Note from the Universe: "If you just start dancing [that's another way of saying ENGAGE], I can assure you, by the power vested in me (more than you could ever imagine), the music will be added, as will the dancing partners, the giant disco ball, and whatever else you like."h

Engaging also means moving forward even in the face of a seeming challenge or obstacle. This Note from the Universe has more to say, the rest of it is:

"But I must warn you, 'start' is not to be confused with 'start and then stop to see if anything happens.' Nope, that's 'I'm scared, tired, and not sure what I really want.' I mean 'start' as in 'never stop, never look back, because even if I make a 'mistake,' at least I still get to dance.' Do your thing; I'll do mine. Cha, cha, cha, The Universe"i

If you stop yourself with hesitation and doubts or begin saying things like, "It's not working," "I feel so confused," or "I must be doing something wrong," then the entire Universe grinds to a halt. Your hesitation becomes Its hesitation. So, don't stop.

Change your mind if that's appropriate. Change directions if you want. Adjust your sails if you need to, but don't stop.

When we ENGAGE, we are talking about faith and we are talking about persistence - both high and holy spiritual activities!

Persistence enables life to unfold through an evolutionary process in which doors you'll knock on later in the journey can only come into existence IF there is a journey! If you have ENGAGED! If you have done your part!

So, my friends, is it time for you:
* To more fully ENGAGE life by doing what is yours to do?
* To more deeply EMBRACE Life by trusting the Universe to do its part?
* To EMPOWER your life by standing strong in the knowing of who and whose you are?!

I say "yes!" and I hope you join me.

Let me leave you with these final words on this month's theme: You could not be more powerful. You could not be more loved. You could not be more guided. The Universe, your greatest self, is conspiring on your behalf. It wants for you what you want for yourself.

When you stay grounded in the truth of life's magnificence and your glorious self, an upward spiral of success and happiness will begin to lift off, gathering momentum to the point of you truly being unstoppable on your journey of self-discovery, revelation and love. And with this still before you, no matter how rocking your life has been so far, I have no doubt that the best is yet to come. So let's engage and make it so!

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