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Sunday Message for July 29, 2018


Today we wrap up our ocean theme - our "sail-abrating" theme, by looking at the metaphor of using a compass to find due north, just like good sailors do to navigate the sea.

And from a spiritual/metaphysical perspective, we could say that due north represents what? God, of course!

So, today we will explore how to turn our internal compass due north to keep our gaze on God.

And I want to set the tone for today's message with a reading from Dr. Ernest Holmes in a book entitled The Art of Life, formerly entitled This Thing Called Life.

Holmes writes: "We can imagine a fish being told that he is surrounded by water but not quite realizing what this means. We can imagine such a fish swimming north, south, east and west in search of water. If we think of this fish as a person, we can even imagine him looking up the books of fish lore, studying fish psychology and philosophy, always endeavoring to discover just where these Waters of Life are and how to approach them. Perhaps some wise old fish might say, "It has come down to us through tradition that in ancient times our ancestors knew about a wonderful ocean of life. They prophesied a day when all shall live in the Waters of Life happily forever."

And can't we imagine all the other fish getting together, rolling their eyes, wiggling their tails, looking wise and mysterious and beginning to chant, "O water, water, water, we beseech you to reveal yourself to us; we beseech you to flow around and through us, even as you did in the days of our revered ancestors."

As a matter of fact, we are in the Water of Infinite Life just as the fish is in the ocean. The Spirit of Life is all around us. It flows through us. It permeates everything. It is the essence of all form and flows through every condition. And yet we are still looking for it. What we look for, we unwittingly look at, but fail to recognize."a

So, today I want us to spend some time using our compass to recognize that which we are already, perhaps unwittingly, looking at.

Ours is a special compass because it has five points represented by each letter in the word- N-O-R-T-H

When we can remember to keep our gaze upon these five points of the compass, then we will recognize that which we already see, and will not only navigate the ocean of life - but really "sail-abrate" on the ocean of life.

Practicing Unity Principles does not mean that we will never have challenges in our lives - but it does mean that we have spiritual tools available to us to face them - to sail through them to use our monthly metaphor!

So, to make this very, very practical for your today, take a moment - right now - to think upon something in your life that may look challenging - if you don't have something, I'm sure your neighbor could loan you one of theirs. OK, if you really don't have something, think of a family member, a friend.

Now keep this issue in mind as we go through our 5-point compass because I'm going to ask you questions about it as we go along. OK?


N - God is Near

In an article that appeared in an issue of Science of Mind Magazine, Ernest Holmes wrote: "Learn to trust the Presence as you trust the simple fact that you are living. Do not be afraid to throw yourself in complete abandonment and with perfect acceptance into Its soft embrace, for It is closer to you than your very breath and nearer to you than your hands and feet. It is right where you are."b

Meister Eckhart, German mystic in the late 1200s: "God is nearer to me than I am to my own self, my life depends upon God's being near me. He is also present in a stone, or a log of wood, only they do not know it."c

Very similar to the Native American axiom that says:
"God sleeps in the rocks...
awakens in the plants...
walks around in the animals...
but knows itself in humankind."d

We don't believe that God is near -- as in close by but separate -- but that God is near - as in here, inside! And there is no time more important to remember this than when a tragedy strikes.

This realization may not remove our grief, but will "rob our grief of hopelessness"e to use words of Ernest Holmes in the Science Of Mind textbook. And remember the words of the earlier Ernest Holmes quote: "Do not be afraid to throw yourself in complete abandonment and with perfect acceptance into Its soft embrace, for It is closer to you than your very breath and nearer to you than your hands and feet. It is right where you are."f

Apply your situation to this first compass point for just a moment.


O - God is the Origin of All

Science Of Mind: "There is a Universal Mind, Spirit, Intelligence that is the origin of everything. It is First Cause. It is God. This Universal Life and Energy finds an outlet in and through all that is energized and through everything that lives. There is One Life back of everything that lives. There is One Energy back of all that is energized. This Energy is in everything."g

This doesn't say that the Universal Mind, Spirit, Intelligence originates some things, and not other things, but ALL things. It doesn't say that this Energy is in select items but not in others. No, it says it is in everything!

Thus, everything, everyone is of God; therefore everything, everyone is born in ORIGINAL Goodness! Us included. Forget the born-in-original-sin idea; move to the born-in-original-innocence idea.

What a shift would take place if we could look at every situation in our lives and say "this originated in God."

Emma Curtis Hopkins:
"This too is good!
This too is God.
This too is for me and
I demand to see the blessing in it!"h

So look at your situation right now. See it as having originated in God, therefore that it originated in Goodness. And say to it with me: This too is good...


R - God is Ready to Respond

The Law is poised and ready to respond to our consciousness. And in fact, does, whether we know it, like it, want it or not.

What are you giving it to respond to?

Science Of Mind: "Our mental acceptances should be filled with conviction, warmth, color and imagination. The creative power responds to feeling more quickly than to any other mental attitude."i

I think one of the greatest lines in the first version of the movie The Secret is when Esther Hicks says: "You can tell by the way you feel if the things you are moving toward will please you when you get there."j

How are you feeling about your situation right now? Will you be pleased when you get to where you are going? If not, right now change the way you feel! Perhaps the work we have done so far has begun to create a shift in your feelings about your situation. That's great, because now you are beginning to plant different (more life-affirming) seeds into that READY to RESPOND law.

Remember the emotional gauge that is in The Secret (allowing to disallowing emotions - the shift from life affirming to non-affirming occurs at the XXX):

Joy -- Knowledge -- Empowerment -- Freedom -- Love -- Appreciation -- Connection -- Passion -- Enthusiasm -- Eagerness -- Happiness -- Positive Expectation -- Centeredness -- Calm -- Belief -- Optimism -- Hopefulness -- Contentment X-X-X Boredom -- Pessimism -- Frustration -- Irritation -- Impatience-- Overwhelment -- Doubt -- Worry -- Blame -- Anger -- Revenge -- Rage -- Jealousy -- Guilt -- Unworthiness -- Fear -- Despair -- Powerlessness.k


T - God is Truth

Science Of Mind: "The spiritual man needs no healing, health is an omnipresent reality, and when the obstructions that hinder healing are removed, it will be found that health was there all the time. So in your work, do not feel that you must heal anyone. Your only responsibility is to uncover the Truth."l

Jesus said: "You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free."m

It says "know" the Truth -- not acknowledge that there is Truth; not say yes intellectually to the idea; but know it in your heart.

Ernest Holmes said: "Truth known is instantly demonstrated."n

Why? Because if you can take Truth from the mind to the heart, it automatically changes and alters limited thinking. Truth changes consciousness!

Embodiment of Truth is the most powerful thing on earth. Hear this: Every circumstance or condition in your life that has been created by a false belief can be healed and transformed by an awareness of Truth! A greater idea will always heal a lesser one.

Our old limiting beliefs don't necessarily need to be dug out of our consciousness. But if you are the kind who must know what they are -- simply look at your life -- it's a perfect mirror image of your deeply held beliefs.

Instead lift your mind to a higher plane and build a new awareness about yourself. Focus your energy and attention on the Truth, and its power in your life will become greater than that of any old false belief. Why? Because a greater idea will always heal a lesser one!

Ernest Holmes's mantra in the textbook - in one form or another was: Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Being.

Bring a Truth statement to your challenge right now. To give some examples.
>In God all things are possible.
>The power of love is the strongest power on earth.
>Dynamic, vibrant and radiant health is the natural state.
>The Universe is overflowing with abundance
>Harmony and beauty are at the center of all things.

Now look away from your challenge and look only at the Truth statement.


H - God is the Heart of all Life

In The Spiritual Universe and You, Ernest Holmes wrote: "Love alone shall discover the heart of God at the heart of man; love alone shall reveal the Self to the self, and find enthroned in the high citadel of the secret place of God in our own heart that beneficence which embraces the whole world. When love's activity is no longer confined to the littleness that restricts, but extends to everything and everyone, then shall we hear its song sung throughout the circuits of our lives."o

A nurse on the pediatric ward, before listening to the little ones' chests would plug the stethoscope into their ears and let them listen to their own hearts. Their eyes would always light up with awe. But she never got a response to equal four year old David's. She placed the disk over his heart.

"Listen," she said, "what do you suppose that is?" He drew his eyebrows together in a puzzled line and looked up as if lost in the mystery of the strange tap_tap_tapping deep in his chest. Then his face broke out in a wondrous grin. "Is that GOD knocking?" he asked.

For just a second, visualize a person who always irritates you in some way. Now build a bridge in your mind between their heart and yours. Now strew roses all over the bridge. Just let yourself feel that connection.

So, how can you bring heart/love to your challenge right now?

Take your challenge, take your entire life and turn your compass NORTH to remember that God is...

N - Near
O - Origin of All
R - Ready to Respond
T - Truth
H - Heart of All

Do you see your situation any differently than you did?

You may do all of these things and feel differently about your challenge, but still not know how to resolve a situation -- but the good news is you don't need to.

By staying true NORTH you have put your life in God's hands and those are good hands and that's all you need to know! And so it is.

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