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Sunday Message for August 12, 2018


This month we are looking at really, really taking to heart the master teacher Jesus' admonition: "Judge ye not by appearances, but judge ye by righteous judgment."a

And we are putting that in the context of our current economic situation. Because everywhere we turn, we hear that we are on the verge of or are in (depending on what economist is speaking at the moment) a recession. Of course, there is evidence that this is true as well, and as those who practice this faith and philosophy, we don't deny the facts.

Ernest Holmes writes in the Science Of Mind text: "Disease is a fact, but not a truth; it is an experience, but not a spiritual reality. We must transcend the appearance, even though we admit it as a fact."a

So that is what we are about this month. Transcending the appearance and looking to the Spiritual Reality behind everything - that's what Jesus meant when he used the words "judge by righteous judgment." See the Spiritual Reality, the (capital T) Truth of every situation.

We are exploring the 10 Demandments of an Abundance Consciousness, all of which take us to a place of righteous judgment.

I introduced the Demandments last week and said, if you will remember, that these are not demandments made by me nor by Unity Church of Castro Valley nor by Unity - but they are demandments made by the Universe Itself.

And when we meet these demandments and align with an Abundance state of consciousness, we "shall prosper even though all the banks shall close their doors"c to quote Charles Fillmore in his book Prosperity.

We looked at the first five of the ten Demandments last week - how did you do on your tasks? Did you remember your tasks?!

1. Thou shalt make no graven, mental images of lack.
Task 1: When your attention is turned to lack and limitation, you were say to yourself - "taint so!"

2. Thou shalt not speak the word of lack or limitation.
Task 2: Pay attention and weed out words of lack and limitation!

3. Thou shalt trust the promise of abundance (starting at Luke 12:22).
Task 3: Breathe and let go, put your full weight down in this promise and make as your mantra: I trust life. All that I need comes to me.

4. Thou shalt listen for and follow Spirit's lead.
Task 4: Open your heart and mind to Spirit and listen! Then follow.

5. Thou shalt regularly attend to forgiveness.
Task 5: Every evening before you fall asleep, ask yourself, "who have I put out of my heart today?" Forgive and bless.


Now, here we go with the second half of our Ten Demandments.

6. Thou shalt not covet that which is another's.

A famous movie director, who appeared to have it all, but never felt he had enough, once said:
Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little.

And when we covet (or are jealous of) another's good, that is exactly what we do - we die a little. And we turn off the faucet of the flow!

Or said another way by Dr. Joseph Murphy in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: "Envy and jealousy are stumbling blocks to the flow of wealth."d

Why? Because jealousy sends a very, very loud and a crystal clear message to the Universe. What is it? You believe the supply is limited. You believe there is only so much to go around and, darn it!, someone else (that dirty scoundrel!) has gotten your share.

Jack Addington in his book, The Hidden Mystery of the Bible gives us wise counsel when he writes: ". . . to covet another's good only diminishes our own, for it holds up to life an image of lack for ourselves. To rejoice in another's good fortune is the best way of all to build an awareness of the very same thing for ourselves."e

EXERCISE Task 6: Whenever you hear of or see another prospering - even if you think he or she is doing better than you - you are going to say two sentences, either in your head or preferably out loud to them: Wow, that's great! I am so happy for you.


7. Thou shalt keep thy good in circulation.

There is an old saying, "When things get tight, something's got to give." I am going to propose this morning that that something is you!

Ernest Holmes said it beautifully in the Science Of Mind text: "When . . . circulation is retarded, stagnation results. It is only as we allow the Divine current to flow through us, in and out, that we really express life. The law of giving and receiving is definite. Emerson tells us to beware of holding too much good in our hands."f

When we are in need or feeling a financial tightening, we have a tendency to draw in, yes? Of course, it seems to be an automatic response. And while I am not suggesting wild and reckless spending, I am suggesting be mindful of a consciousness of hoarding. That will not serve!

A powerful and explicit illustration of the idea of the need to stay in the circulatory process can be found in two seas located in Palestine. Both seas are fed by the River Jordan.

One is fresh and well stocked with fish. Splashes of green adorn its banks. Trees spread their branches over it, and stretch out their thirsty roots to sip of its healing waters. Homes are built near it, children play around it and the area prospers.

To the south lays the other Sea; it has no fish, no fluttering leaf, no song of birds, no children's laughter. Travelers choose another route rather than pass it, unless they are on urgent business. The air hangs heavy above its waters, and neither man nor beast nor fowl will drink the water.

What is the difference? The same water from the River Jordan flows into both seas.

It is not the soil or the countryside surrounding the area because both are in the same region. So what's the difference?

The first sea, the Sea of Galilee, the sea that is alive and rich, receives but does not keep the water from the Jordan River. For every drop of water that flows into it, another drop flows out.

The other sea is not so generous. It hoards its water and releases not one drop.

The Sea of Galilee gives and lives. This other sea gives nothing -- and it is aptly named the Dead Sea.

If our only intention is to hold on to our good and hoard it -- we will stop its circulation back into our lives as well. In order to keep that energy coming to us, we have to keep the energy circulating.

Like a river, money must keep flowing, otherwise it begins to stagnate, to clog, to suffocate and strangle its very own life force. Circulation keeps it alive and vital.

EXERCISE Task 7: Ask and answer this question: where could you give more freely?


8. Thou shalt not steal (which is the Eighth Commandment - you know the real ones!) - but I'm not finished. Thou shalt not steal from thyself.

What in the world could I mean by that? How do you rob yourself of your good? Having thoughts of unworthiness or undeservedness. Any thoughts that your current state of affairs is because you are bad, unworthy, undeserving, never going to amount to anything!

Yes, the law of cause and effect is always at work and so we have responsibility for our experiences - and the best news is that we have an ability with a change in consciousness to change our experience - but if we have created a less than ideal situation for ourselves it's because of ignorance and nothing more. We really didn't know any better.

In the Science Of Mind, chapter on Law of Attraction: "We should definitely, daily (using our own name) declare the Truth about ourselves, realizing that we are reflecting our statements into Consciousness and that they will be operated upon by It. This is called, in mysticism, High Invocation; invoking the Divine Mind, implanting within It, seeds of thought relative to oneself. And this is why some of the teachers of olden times used to instruct their pupils to cross their hands over their chests and say, "Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful me!" definitely teaching them that as they mentally held themselves, so they would be held."g

EXERCISE Task 8: Remind yourself daily who you are!


9. Thou shalt have an attitude of gratitude.
I bet you were wondering when this one would come up, eh?

Is that because God is expecting us to be grateful? No. God's is the infinite giver of life neither desiring or requiring anything in return. Words of thanksgiving align us with God!

Ernest Holmes said: ". . . a thankful heart is in harmony with life."h

A thankful heart is in harmony with life. A thankful heart puts us into the Divine flow of life. Feelings of gratitude align us with universal riches. And being grateful for the stuff that doesn't look so good, is a powerful way to align.

Let's use the rising gas prices as an example. What is there to be thankful about this? Come on - there really is a lot! Refer to the movie The 11th Hour - lots of doom and gloom about our planet - but the starting solution point - get off our dependency on oil!

The famous scholar Matthew Henry was once accosted by thieves and robbed of his purse. He wrote these words in his diary:

"Let me be thankful first, because I was never robbed before; second, because, although they took my purse, they did not take my life; third, because, although they took my all, it was not much; and fourth, because it was I who was robbed, not I who robbed."i

EXERCISE Task 9: We might call this one a no-brainer. What is this task? Of course, find ways to be grateful every day. How many times a day? Let's say at least dozen!


10. Our final Demandment -- Thou shalt look to no other source but God for thy supply.
This a most important demandment, and it seems I have left fewer than 30 seconds to cover it. Actually that isn't true. It is such an important demandment that we are going to save it - save it until next week so that we can cover it thoroughly! So come back next week for our final installment!

For now, there you have the Ten Prosperity Demandments. They are in your program this morning should you desire to take them home and post them somewhere. As a final activity, let's read them together, but with a little twist - whenever you see the word "Thou" make it an "I".

1. I shalt make no graven mental images of lack.
2. I shalt not speak the word of lack or limitation.
3. I shalt trust the promise of abundance.
4. I shalt listen for and follow Spirit's lead.
5. I shalt forgive.
6. I shalt not covet that which is another's.
7. I shalt keep my wealth in circulation.
8. I shalt not steal - from myself.
9. I shalt have an attitude of gratitude.
10. I shalt look to no other source but God for my supply.
And so it is!

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