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Sunday Message for March 17, 2019


This month we are exploring Wayne Dyer's powerful book Ten Secrets for Success and Inner Peace. Now, this book,a which was published several years before the movie The Secret came out, and its ten secrets aren't very secret, but they are wonderful keys to full and rich living. And, of course, they are grounded in Universal Spiritual Principles, -- principles that have been taught by the mystics, masters, prophets and sages of the ages, and which were espoused by the mothers and fathers of New Thought such as Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. So, in his book - 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace - Dyer puts his own unique spin on these ancient Truths.

So to REVIEW where we've been:
Secret 1. Be Open at the Top by thinking outside the box.
Secret 2. Don't Die With Your Music Still in You - quit trying to figure out what your music is and listen to your heart to find it. Then put your fear about expressing it on the shelf and -- as the Nike commercial tells us -- JUST DO IT!
Secret 3. You Can't Give Away What You Don't Have - Be aware of what comes out of you when you are "squeezed" Do you like it? If not, engage in Secret 4 . . .
Secret 4. Embrace the Silence to connect with the God self that you are.

Today we look at Secrets 5 and 6, and I've encapsulated those two Secrets in the title "Let Go and Lift Up!" The Letting Go relates to Secret 5 and the Lifting Up relates to Secret 6.


How many of you have ever been in a speedboat? Anyone ever skied behind a speedboat? What is it that inexperienced skiers have such trouble with and experienced skiers use as a tool to enhance their skiing experience? Of course, the wake of the boat, that white foamy froth created from the boat's propeller.

The wake is nothing more than the trail that's left behind. If I were to ask the question: "Who's driving the boat?" would anyone answer "the wake?" Of course not! Obviously that which trails behind the boat cannot drive it.

In Wayne Dyer's 5th Secret, which I've called "Letting Go" and which he entitled "Give Up Your Personal History," he invites us to look at our history like we look at the wake of a boat. Our history is nothing more than the trail that is left behind us. Therefore, it's absolutely impossible for that history -- that trail -- to drive us forward.

That is a really important concept here so I am going to say it again: Our history is nothing more than the trail that is left behind us. Therefore, it's impossible for that history -- that trail -- to drive us forward.

Our history is not in any logical way responsible for what we're experiencing or failing to experience today. Our history is the same as the wake on a boat -- a trail that we've left behind. But this morning's big question is -- HAVE YOU? HAVE YOU LEFT YOUR HISTORY BEHIND?

Wayne Dyer writes: "For well over a quarter of a century now, I've worked with people to help them access higher levels of awareness. It's my experience that most people live their lives in the wake by hanging on to personal histories to justify their self-defeating behaviors and the scarcity in their lives. They hang on to past pains, abuses and shortcomings as calling cards to announce a "poor me" status to everyone they meet, within minutes of their introduction. "I was abandoned as a child," "I'm an alcoholic," "I'm an incest survivor," My parents were divorced and I've never gotten over it." The list could go on for hundreds of pages."b

Here's a news flash. The past is over!!! By using past struggles as the reasons for not getting on with your life today, you're doing the equivalent of attributing to the wake the ability to drive the boat.

In a universe that's an intelligent system with a divine creative force supporting it, there simply can be no accidents. As tough as it is to acknowledge, you and I had to go through exactly what we went through in order to get to where we are today.

Those dark times, accidents, tough episodes, periods of impoverishment, illness, abuses, broken dreams, mistakes -- whatever they were; whether they were imposed by others or self-imposed! -- they were all in order. And they happened -- you can't UNhappen them.

Embrace them from that perspective, with help if you need to, and then understand them, accept them, honor them, bless them and finally retire them and/or transform them in your own way -- in other words LET THEM GO.

One way that we stay stuck with our negative history is by accepting the labels that have been placed on us - by ourselves and by others.

Many of us grew up with a generic label that read "Not Enough" -- "not pretty enough, not smart enough, not athletic enough, not tall enough, not educated enough, not rich enough, not ________________ (fill in the blank) enough."

Some of these labels we inherited from others - some we created by comparing ourselves with others. Some labels come from the belief that no one in our family can do "whatever the accomplishment is" - or "Everyone in our family is ..." thereby defining what we should or should not do with our lives.

Thomas Merton said: "Others can give you a name or a number, but they can never tell you who you really are. That is something you yourself must discover from within."c

It's an empowering moment when we realize that many of the labels that we have worn - that others have used to identify us or that we have put on ourselves - aren't the truth about us! And it is equally empowering to realize that we have complete control over removing those labels.

A Random Harvest By James Elwood Conner, Ed.D
"The students in a rural school in Arkansas consisted mainly of poor, under achieving African-American children. Thanks to a Rockefeller Foundation grant named, "Chapter I," first-graders had an opportunity to participate in a reading program that rewarded their successes.

After children successfully completed a book, they were rewarded by being allowed to take books, tapes and a Walkman home over the weekend - thus providing additional reinforcement. The agreement was that children would return all items they took home on Monday.

When Friday rolled around, Nicole left the school, clutching a book, tapes and Walkman. But on Monday, Nicole failed to bring the books and tapes back to school. Every day, she either said she forgot or didn't offer any excuse at all. The teacher knew this wasn't at all like Nicole. Something was wrong.

Three weeks passed. Still no books or tapes were returned!

One day, Nicole's astonishingly young mother - dressed in a fast-food worker's uniform - came to the school - asking to talk outside with the remedial reading teacher!

Clutching the books, tapes and Walkman, Nichole's mother told the teacher that she wanted to explain why Nicole hadn't returned them as promised - Nicole was not to be blamed; she was.

She said:
When Nicole came home and told me she was learning to read, I didn't believe her. Nobody in my family can read. My daddy and momma can't read. My other brothers and sisters can't read. And I can't read! I was in sixth grade when Nicole was born. I had to quit school. I just gave up any hope of ever learning how to read. When Nicole brought this book home and read to me, I asked her, "How'd you learn to do that?" Nicole said, "It's easy, Momma. I just listen to the tape and follow along in the book with whatever the teacher reads. If I need to, I just keep listening and reading along with the teacher until I can read all by myself. You can do it, too, Momma!" I didn't believe Nicole. But I just knew I had to try...The reason Nicole didn't bring her reading stuff back to school was because I just couldn't let go of it! I had to find out if I could learn to read like my little girl."

After a short pause she said to the teacher, "Can I read to you?"

There on the steps of her child's school, this very young mother, a child who herself had a child, began to read the book to the teacher. All the while, tears streamed down the mother's cheeks. In this intense moment, the teacher also began to cry. Anyone seeing the two would surely have thought something tragic had happened. How could anyone know that their tears were actually being shed over the birth of unrealized - God-given potentiality?

Then sitting a bit taller - the young mother announced proudly that she - who had come to accept - beyond all doubt - that she was just too dumb to learn to read - had actually done the impossible: She now could read!"d

The Spiritual Truth is that we are not our History and we are not our labels. Underneath all of the labels and beyond all of the history, who are you really? In truth, who you are - and who you have always been - is an individualized expression of God.

This is not an opinion...it's the Truth. In other words, knowing you are one with the Infinite means you are enough now -- and because of that you deserve to have success and inner peace.

The pope is going on an overseas trip. A limo driver picks him up, loads all his cases into the trunk and then is about to leave when he notices the pope still standing on the sidewalk with arms crossed.

"Your eminence, you must get in or we'll be late," he says.
The pope replies, "Actually, I'd like to drive, they never let me drive at the Vatican." The driver, wishing he'd called in sick that day, says, "But your eminence, it's my greatest honor to drive you, and besides it's my job. I'll get in big trouble if I don't do it!"

The pope replies, "I really want to drive and there might be something extra in it for you." The driver gives up, climbs into the back seat and lets the pope drive.

The pope immediately floors it getting up to 150 MPH in no time. This soon attracts the attention of a patrol car which gives chase. The pope pulls over and rolls down the window as the police officer walks up and looks in the window. The officers jaw drops and he says, "Excuse me, I've got to call the chief!"

He gets on the radio and says, " Chief, I've pulled this guy over doing 150 in a 60 zone."
"So book him," the chief says.
"I think he's pretty important," the officer replies."
"All the more reason to book him."
"You don't understand, he's really important."
"Is it the Mayor?"
"The Governor?"
"Well who then?"
"I think it must be GOD because he's got the pope driving him around."

The truth about you is that you ARE GOD in expression!! Let your history, your labels, your limiting beliefs about yourself GO by recognizing that they were all needed to get you to this realization, but that they will not drive your boat forward!

And move forward . . . from this day forward . . . letting Higher Truth drive your boat by embracing the Sixth Secret, which I am calling . . .


2. Lifting Up

Albert Einstein: "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them."e

Or another wise soul once wrote: If we keep doing what we've always been doing we'll keep getting what we've always been getting!

Secret 6: You Can't Solve A Problem With The Same Mind That Created It.

Romans 12:2: "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."f

Ernest Holmes: "There's a power for good in the universe greater than we are and we can use it."g

Michael Beckwith: "There's a power for good in the universe greater that we are and it can use us."h

Michele Whittington: "There's a power for good within us greater than we realize and it is expressing as us."i

As we change our minds about circumstances or appearances - we change our attitude toward ourselves - and reconcile with the truth of our connectedness with God, and we begin to allow that power for good to express as us!

We rewrite our agreement with reality - turn the problem over to our higher self - and trust that the problem is not what it appears to be. Trust that God is good -- all the time!

Just as it's difficult for us to find our Spiritual Truth when we drag our old history and labels around with us - so it's difficult to address the issues and challenges in our lives - when we use old - outmoded methods of perceiving and judging the events.

Frank Lloyd Wright once said: "The truth is more important than the facts."j

Facts may be convincing - but they don't always depict the truth. It's our human tendency to rush to conclusions and make decisions based on what appear to be the facts - rather than by lifting up to the Higher Truth.

As a simplistic example: Fact: if it's cloudy outside we say there is no sun. Truth: The sun is there even when we can't see it.

The same principle holds true from a spiritual perspective - The Fact might be that we feel isolated and all alone - stuck in the middle of some challenge we may be having - Things may look gloomy and we can't see the good in the situation.

The Truth is - God is present at the center and circumference of our experience - however - like the sun - God's presence may appear to be covered by the circumstances (facts) - nevertheless - God is 100% there - We're so caught up in the "facts" - that the Truth is obscured. God is always there, closer than our very breath.

Example of Julius Podholz in Your Aladdin's Lamp - "A cab driver from NY relocated to LA and everything, everything was awful! His attitude was summed up in two words: life stinks.

Something prompted William Hornaday to say, "I want you to try an experiment. Julius - whether it works or not, I'll give you $5 this time next Friday. This is an experiment with your attitude of mind. This is an Institute of Religious Science. We believe that every man, including Julius Podholz, has within him something which can be used to change everything he dislikes in his own life. Everything in life responds to our attitudes, our ideas. If you think people are unappreciative, they will be. If you expect a bad day - you'll have one. If your mind is grudgingly fixed on small tips - small tips you'll get. Your present attitude has brought you nickel tips. You admit it. It has also given you a shabby cap, a soiled jacket, hard luck and cabs that break down. If I tell you how to do this - will you reverse your attitude, sweat out the affirmative and report to me on Friday? It won't be easy. You'll have to watch everything thought, every word you say, and you'll substitute love for hate. Willing to try it?"

"What comes first?"

"First, courtesy, which is one aspect of love you may not have tried lately. When a fare hails you, greet him cheerfully. Get out and open the door. And smile. Allow no negative remarks to pass your lips. Until Friday, you're to take the bright side in every moment -- all the time."

Next Friday morning saw Bill writing a sermon in his office when a yellow cap sailed past him. Julius Podholz, grinning from ear to ear, came in to retrieve it.
"Keep your $5 bucks, doc," he shouted. "Brother! It sure works!"

He said miracle started to happen immediately. For while he thought they were coincidences - then pretty soon he realized they couldn't be! His very first fare after leaving Hornaday the previous week -- Sad-faced, gray-haired, tired looking. Julius jumped out of the cab and opened the door. Man seemed pleasantly surprised. Going to the airport so Julius begins talking about how great the freeways are. This reversed what he always said about them. And the more he talked, the better the freeways started to look.

More convenient and faster. And then he began thinking about all the trouble the engineers went to build them. He noticed his fare smiling warmly in the back of the cab.

Turns out he was on the highway commission and in twenty years he'd never heard a kind word about the highways! Invited Julius to lunch to get more info from someone on the highways all the time. To top it off, he gave him a $14 tip.

Next fare at a hotel, 4 cabs in line, but as he pulls up a convention is coming out and Julius gets "a happy drunk" - happy and loaded with money! And it just kept going!"k

Again: Ernest Holmes: "Lead me ever into paths of perfection and cause me to see only the good."l

Play with me this week. Lift up and see only the good in EVERYTHING! In every situation. Refuse to let yourself think a negative thought about anything or anyone, including yourself.
See good in the world situation;
See good in a checkbook whose balance may be dwindling;
See good in an illness;
See good in a body you usually judge as overweight or out of shape;
See good in the coworker who usually drives you nuts.
Smile, speak only words of cheer!

Get the picture?? And I have a deal for you -- if you can honestly tell me that you did this for the next 7 days - stuck with it and only saw the good and you did not have a profound shift in the way life works for you, I'll give you this $20 bill -- inflation!

When we choose to renew our minds - we are consciously aligning our thought with the Universal Truth and thereby creating new experiences.

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