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Sunday Message for March 31, 2019


This morning, we conclude our series inspired by Wayne Dyer's book Ten Secrets for Success and Inner Peace by looking at his 9th and 10th secrets - Your Greatest Treasure and Your Greatest Wisdom.


Did you know that . . .
your greatest treasure is not off in the distance somewhere,
it's not hidden somewhere,
it's not sunken somewhere --
it's not buried somewhere!

No, not at all. It is right inside of you! In fact, that which you have been yearning for, that which you have been longing for, that which you have been praying for -- is already right inside.

The ancient Hindus knew this when they wrote: "The light you are seeking is in your own lantern."a

The Master Teacher Jesus knew this. He taught this. And what is our Greatest Treasurer? You know the answer already but let me relay it this way:

In Ten Secrets, Dyers tells that many years ago an inspiring book was written entitled Three Magic Wordsb. In it, the author discusses the ability that each one of us has to become a miracle worker and to live up to the ideal of the promise made by Jesus: "Even the least among you can do all that I have done, and even greater things."c

The book does not reveal what the three magic words are until the end, when the reader discovers that the words are "You are God."d

Not God in the sense of above all others and better than everyone else, but in the sense of being eternally connected to your source, the ever-present power of love that never abandons you. Being a drop of water in the ocean. The drop is not the entire ocean, but it is the same as the ocean and it is one with the ocean. This is how we are with God.

Gerald May in The Dark Night of the Soul: "God is closer to us, the mystics say, than our breath. Closer than we are to ourselves. St. John of the Cross says, 'We are in God like a stone is in the earth, already in the Center.' There is no way to get any closer to God than we already are. The spiritual life, then, is not about actually coming closer to God but rather to realize the communion and union that already exists, and always has, and always will, forever."e

There is a Native American axiom that says:
"God sleeps in the rocks . . .
awakens in the plants . . .
walks around in the animals . . .
but knows itself in humankind.

I love Emerson's statement: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us."g

Walt Whitman wrote: "In the faces of men and women, I see God."h

So you're getting the picture of your Greatest Treasure!? Your greatest treasure is the essence of the Divine that is within you!

There is a practice being taught: To look out at others and say to yourself: "So this is what God looks like."

Look at your neighbors to the right and left and say "So this is what God looks like."

Now, I'd like you to use your imagination a bit. OK? Palms up, turn your palm to face your face. Look into your palm. Now, imagine that your palm just became a mirror. See yourself and say silently "So this is what God looks like." Now, say it out loud!

2,000 years ago the Master Teacher Jesus told us that we were sons and daughters of the most high Godi - and today there is a mystic in India named Sai Baba. It seems he possesses the ability to manifest things of solid form out of the formless - when he's present - people appear to be healed.

A western reporter asked him if he were God and he answered "Yes. I am." - everyone in attendance was stunned - then he continued "And so are you - the only difference between you and me is that I know it - and you doubt it."

You are a piece of God. You are a divine creation -- a Being of Light - a Divine creation that showed up here at exactly the time you were supposed to - why do you doubt it?
You are the beloved - a miracle - a part of the eternal perfection - why do you doubt it?
You are drop in the Divine Ocean of life - why do you doubt it?

What if, this morning, we let go of all our JUNK that is keeping us from being who we were meant to be! Remember, you we born to make manifest the glory of God which is within us -- it's not just in some of us, but in all of us!!

Ernest Holmes writes in the Science Of Mind: "Jesus understood his own nature. He knew that as the human embodies the Divine, it manifests the Christ Nature. Jesus never thought of himself as different from others. His whole teaching was that what he did, others could do. He located God and the Kingdom of Heaven within himself. It is now nearly two thousand years since this wonderful man labored in the vineyard of human endeavor, pointing a way to Eternal Reality. Centuries have passed; nations have risen, only to decline and fall; science has solved many problems; invention has harnessed subtle forces, and our land is filled with institutions of learning -- but the world is looking for another great teacher, one who will again show it the way. Never before has there been such an inquiry into the hidden meaning of things . . . never such a searching after God and Reality. It seems as though we are all engaged in this search, and that we cannot be satisfied until we have made the great discovery for ourselves; but to how few has come the real Truth -- the realization that God is indwelling in the soul and spirit of all!"j

But to how few has come the real Truth -- The realization that God is indwelling in the soul and spirit of all -- That, my friends is Your Greatest Treasure -- so treasure it!


And, now, we look at the final secret. The final secret -- the 10th Secret -- is very familiar for those who have been around New Thought and/or Unity for more than a few years -- and, yet, Dyer has a great way of adding a slightly different spin to it.

His 10th Secret relates to what we allow to rattle between our ears most of the time. You know, those things called thoughts. Specifically, he says: "True wisdom, great wisdom, is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you."k

Or to put a different spin on it: True wisdom, great wisdom, is embracing all thoughts that strengthen you.

Sounds a lot like: "Change your thinking; change your life," doesn't it?

Charles Fillmore, said: "God's greatest gift to us is the power of thought, through which we can incorporate into our consciousness the mind of God."l

Ernest Holmes, Science Of Mind: "To learn how to think is to learn how to live because our thoughts go into a medium that is infinite in its ability to do and to be. By thinking, we can bring into our experience whatsoever we desire -- if we think correctly, and become a living embodiment of our thoughts."m

Here's why this is so: We are surrounded by a Mind, or Intelligence, or Life Force, or whatever you want to call it, that knows everything, creates everything, encompasses everything. Everything, EVERYTHING -- formed and unformed -- expressed and unexpressed -- done or to be done -- everything exists in this Mind. All beauty, truth, success, peace, plenty, wisdom, love, harmony, etc., etc. exist in the Mind of the Universe. Gregg Braden in his book, The Isaiah Effect calls it "the soup of creation"n and Deepok Chopra calls it "Pure Potentiality."o Whatever we call it, we also exist in it and we can draw from It.

But what we draw from it, we must draw through the channel of our own minds and our own hearts. A conscious connection must be established before we can derive the benefits, which the greater Mind desires to impart to us -- and we make that conscious connection through our thoughts and our feelings.

Gregg Braden's example of making rock candy -- fill a jar full of sugar water, hang a string from the lid and the string attracts the sugar crystals, making rock candy. Our thoughts and feelings are like the string -- attracting the sugar in life -- or attracting something else!

Again: To learn how to think is to learn how to live because our thoughts go into a medium that is infinite in its ability to do and to be.

Someone once said:
5% of the people think;
10% of the people think they think and
the rest of the people would rather die than think!

I don't know about that, but I would venture a guess to say that:
5% of the time we think thoughts that strengthen us,
10% of the time we think about thinking thoughts that strengthen us, but thoughts that weaken us sneak in --
and the rest of the time we are on automatic pilot not even aware of our thoughts.

This final secret challenges us to reverse those numbers. How different do you suppose your life would be if 85% of the time you thought only thoughts that strengthened you?

The twist that Dyer puts on this foundational New Thought tenet is this very idea that thoughts either strengthen or weaken us.
What are the thoughts that strengthen us? Love, goodwill, kindness, compassion, wholeness, enthusiasm, plenty. . . .
And thoughts that weaken? Doubt, anger, frustration, revenge, guilt, shame, fear, judgment . . .

We don't just mean these thoughts weaken or strengthen in a metaphysical sense -- we mean in physical sense as well. Our thoughts have an extraordinarily strong influence on the body. Mind and body cannot be separated.
Just think --
What happens physically when you are embarrassed? You blush, you get hot.
What happens when you are nervous? You perspire, fidget.
What about fear? Your hands shake and your voice quivers.

These are physical responses to mental attitudes. And more and more research on serious diseases, such as cancer, is showing that they have much to do with how we perceive our world.

In his book Power v. Force, David Hawkin discusses this same idea in different terms. He suggests that power thoughts strengthen; force thoughts weaken.p

For example, in an athletic event, if your thoughts are on overpowering your opponent, being better than another and playing and winning at any cost -- those are force thoughts and the entire muscular structure of the body is actually weakened -- thoughts of force weaken you.

On the other hand, if in the midst of an athletic event you can keep your thoughts on performing at your highest capacity, on using your inner strength to muster the energy to be as efficient as it's possible for you to be, and to have great respect for your God-given abilities, those are power thoughts and you will actually be empowering yourself by them.

Authentic wisdom, great wisdom is the ability to monitor yourself at all times to determine your relative state of weakness or strength, and to shift out of those thoughts that weaken you.

In this way, you keep yourself in a higher state of consciousness, and you prevent your thoughts from weakening every single organ of your body. When you use your mind to empower you, you're appealing to that which uplifts and raises your spirits.

Dyer writes: "All of this is nothing more than a conscious decision on your part to be in charge of your thinking. Be aware at any given moment in your life that you always have a choice about the thoughts you allow in your mind. No one else can put a thought there. Regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in, it is your choice."q

Choose to replace disempowering, weakening thoughts with thoughts of a higher spiritual frequency. Don't convince yourself that it can't be done or it's easier said than done. Your mind is yours to control. You are the creator and selector of your thoughts. You can change them at will. It is your God-given inheritance, your corner of freedom that no one can take away. No one can have control of your thoughts without your consent. So choose to avoid thoughts that weaken you and you will know true wisdom. It is your choice.

Dyer writes: [Our greatest] "wisdom is the ability to monitor our thoughts at all times - to sift out those thoughts that weaken and undermine our strength - and to live our lives in love - moment by moment - knowing that everything - both in our experience and beyond our comprehension - is a Divine miracle."r

So there you have them -- the final two of ten secrets. And as I restate all ten of them I invite you to embrace them in consciousness so that they become a part of your life - your life that is filled with glorious success (however you define it!) and inner peace.

  • Secret One - Have a mind that is open at the top.
  • Secret Two - Don't die with your music still in you.
  • Secret Three - You can't give away that which you don't have.
  • Secret Four - Embrace who you really are through the silence.
  • Secret Five - It's time to give up your personal history.
  • Secret Six - You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it.
  • Secret Seven - Take full ownership of your experiences through forgiveness and beyond.
  • Secret Eight - "Act as if" -- Treat yourself as if you already are that which you wish to be.
  • Secret Nine - Your greatest treasure is your Divinity and it is right inside.
  • Secret Ten - Your greatest wisdom is avoiding thoughts that weaken you and embracing thoughts that strengthen you.

And so it is!

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