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Sunday Message for April 28, 2019


This month, we have been exploring the concept of cause and effect, which is fundamental to the teachings of Unity and all metaphysical teachings. Each week we have reflected upon a state of consciousness that can be the invisible CAUSE to bring about the visible EFFECT we desire for ourselves and for our world, remembering that life does not happen TO us, it happens THROUGH us.

The three states of consciousness and the desired results we have explored up to this point are:

Blessing to Become
Trusting to Transform and
Surrendering to Soar

Today, we conclude with . . . well, you tell me.a


I'm going to give you a series of statements by Dr. Ernest Holmes and after you hear them ALL, you tell me what today is going to be about.

"Our mental acceptances should be filled with conviction, warmth, color and imagination. The creative power responds to feeling more quickly than to any other mental attitude."b

"Healing takes place to the degree that we send down the right kind of thoughts into subjectivity (the law of attraction). We mean, by thinking consciously and with deep feeling we implant the right idea in Mind, and Mind reproduces this idea as effect . . . ."c

"Always feel that it is done, complete and perfect."d

And finally in a beautifully poetic way:

"Feeling is at the center of the Universe and when, reflected through our consciousness, sheds its glow wherever the thought travels."e

The million dollar question is - what is our focus today? FEELINGS. Wow. You're a sharp bunch! And I'm calling it FEELING INTO FULFILLMENT.

Here's another question. This one is even easier if you can believe that. What is 2 + 2? How often does 2 + 2 = 4? EVERY TIME! NO EXCEPTIONS. Here's a formula that is equally as reliable and consistent. It's the formula for creation: thoughts + feelings = manifestation

In the first version of the movie The Secret, Esther Hicks said it another way: "Whatever it is you're feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming."f

So can we agree that our feelings are a very important component in the creative process? Are we all in agreement with that? Good. In a few minutes, we will explore some suggestions for moving into the feeling space of that which we desire to express.

But first, let's talk about another, very, very important role our feelings play in the creative process.

So, what is that role? Who's familiar with a GPS on a car? What does it stand for? Global Positioning System. What is the job of the GPS? To help you get to where you are going by telling you where you are right now.

Well, we each have an internal system similar to a GPS -- it's called an EGS. Stands for "Emotional Guidance System." Just like a GPS on your car helps you get to where you are going by telling you where you are right now; your EGS helps you ALLOW or RECEIVE that which you desire to create by telling you what you are attracting right now.

Your EGS tells you what energetic vibration or frequency you are emitting at that very moment. And it can tell you whether it is an allowing/receiving frequency for what you are asking for or not. Your emotions are, in fact, your feedback mechanism for being on track or off track of what it is you desire to create.

Remember in the movie The Secret, the young man who is locking up his bike and clearly, clearly is concerned that it will be stolen? I think one of the greatest lines in the movie is when Esther Hicks says during that scene: "You can tell by the way you feel if the things you are moving toward will please you when you get there."g

Imagine for a moment a gauge, which indicates the positions of full allowance of your Divine urge to create over on the far right, all the way to your most resistant disallowance of your Divine urge to create on the far left. This gauge, just like the gas gauge on your car, goes from full (complete allowing) to empty (complete disallowing).

This is a gauge of emotions. Notice as I list the emotions on this gauge, when it tips from allowing to disallowing:

Joy -- Knowledge -- Empowerment -- Freedom -- Love -- Appreciation -- Connection -- Passion -- Enthusiasm -- Eagerness -- Happiness -- Positive Expectation -- Centeredness -- Calm -- Belief -- Optimism -- Hopefulness -- Contentment X-X-X Boredom -- Pessimism -- Frustration -- Irritation -- Impatience-- Overwhelm-ment -- Doubt -- Worry -- Blame -- Anger -- Revenge -- Rage -- Jealousy -- Guilt -- Unworthiness -- Fear -- Despair -- Powerlessness

Where did the scale tip over to the side of disallowing? Yes, between contentment and boredom. Joy to contentment are emotions on the side of allowing; from boredom to powerlessness are emotions on the side of disallowing.

Now these words may mean different things to different people and I have certainly not named every one of our human emotions. But we don't need to because there's a really easy way to tell if you are allowing or disallowing. Who knows what it is? Do you feel good right now or do you feel bad? And we all know, the difference, right?

If you touch in to your feelings at any given moment and notice that you feel "bad," then you can know that that which you are thinking in that moment is not in alignment with what you want and therefore you are NOT in a place of feeling into fulfillment!

If you feel good, then that which you are thinking IS in alignment with what you want and you are feeling into fulfillment. It's that simple.

There is tremendous value when you are able to deliberately cause even the slightest improvement in the way you feel, for even in that small emotional improvement, you may have regained a measure of control.

Here's the rub: Just because you make the decision to find a different feeling, it does not necessarily mean that you can go directly to that feeling right now, for the Law of Attraction has something to say about the feelings you have access to from where you are. For example, you cannot move directly from rage to joy.

Of course, there is no feeling that you cannot eventually have -- just as there is no place that you cannot eventually reach from wherever you are - but you cannot instantly jump to a feeling that has a vibrational frequency very different from the feeling you are usually having.

Sometimes one of your friends, who is currently in a much better feeling place than you are, may encourage you to stop thinking so negatively and choose more positive thoughts. But just because your friend is there in that better feeling place does not mean that your friend can bring you there. As I said, the Law of Attraction will not allow you to find a vibrational frequency that is too far from the frequency that you usually sustain. And even though you do want to feel better, you may not feel that you can find the joyful thought that your friend wants you to find.

But, please understand that you can eventually find that feeling, and once you have deliberately and gradually changed your vibrational frequency, you will be able to sustain that more allowing position once you do achieve it.

The key to moving up the vibrational emotional scale is to be consciously aware of, even sensitive to, the way you feel, for if you are not aware of how you feel, you cannot understand which way you are moving on the gauge.

But if you take the time to consciously determine the emotion that you are currently experiencing, then any improvement in your feeling means that you are making progress toward your goal.

Two powerful processes to change your emotional state. Visualize and gratitude.

Visualization In the movie The Secret, Jack Canfield gave a 3-step formula for Feeling into Fulfillment (1) visualize what you desire to express; (2) come out of that visualization and be grateful for what you already have; and (3) release it to the universe.h Doesn't that sound like a Unity process?

Gratitude: Lee Brower, in The Secret, talks about a gratitude rock. He was at a low point in his life. But he found a rock, stuck it in his pocket, and he told himself, "Every time I touch this rock, I'm going to think of something I'm grateful for." So, every morning when he gets dressed he puts the rock in his pocket and thinks of everything for which he is grateful. Then at night he empties his pockets and there is the rock again, so he thinks of everything he is grateful for.

He had a guy from South Africa with him when fishing for his keys in his pocket, he dropped the rock. The guy asked him what that was, and he explained. So, the guy started calling it a gratitude rock.

Two weeks later he got an email from this guy. His son was dying from a rare disease, and he asked Lee to send him three gratitude rocks. Of course, Lee complied. Then 4- or 5-months later Lee gets an email from the guy.

His son is better, and he is doing terrific and you need to know something. We've sold over a thousand rocks at $10 apiece, and we have raised all this money for charity.i

So I'm going to give you a gratitude rock, and you don't have to pay $10 a piece for them. But I want you to carry it with you and every time you touch it, think of what you are grateful for.

And if visualizing doesn't make you feel better and if it is difficult to feel gratitude for ANYTHING, then do whatever you need to do to feel better. Remember, any movement toward the allowing side on our gauge is a step in the right direction. Play music, sing, dance, see beauty, pray, be in nature, hug your spouse, your pet, a friend -- dwell on it for a few moments and you can't help but feel better.

Or think about this story. Two baby boys were born prematurely. They needed to be put in incubators. One baby was put in one incubator and the other in another. Days passed. One of the tiny babies seemed to be doing quite well; growing stronger and more vital every day. The other one, however, was not. In fact, he was slipping each day; getting weaker and less alive. The medical staff became quite concerned for him but were doing everything medically possible for him and did not know what else to do.

Then, one of the nurses had an inspired idea. Against hospital policy, she took the sick baby out of his incubator and put him in the incubator with his healthier brother. And the healthier of the two, mind you a premature baby, put his arm out and wrapped it around his sick brother. And from that moment on the sick little brother began to head back in the direction of life.

How do you feel right now? Take that feeling!

So, remember if you are feeling good about something, then you are working in harmony with it; you are on your way to feeling into fulfillment.

But if you are feeling bad about it, you are in resistance to that which you desire. And your EGS, Emotional Guidance System, can tell you at any moment where you are -- all you have to do is pay attention to it.

And here's the deal, plain and simple:

It is not possible for you to consistently feel bad about something and have it turn out well.

And here's the good news: it is equally not possible for you to consistently feel good about something and have it turn out badly!

Because remember our formulas - 2+2 always equals 4; and thoughts + feelings always equal manifestation.

Joseph Campbell is often quoted as saying "follow your bliss." Well, what we don't usually hear is the rest of the statement. And it is the rest of the statement that says it all:

"Follow your bliss, and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls."j

Why will doors open? Because when you follow your bliss, you are in the state of feeling good. And that's how we feel into fulfillment! Namaste'.

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