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Sunday Message for July 28, 2019


Today we conclude our series on Soul-ar Power (the power of Spirit that resides within each and every one of us!), and, as you know already, it is devoted to the Power of Education.

John Wooden, UCLA basketball coach who took his team to 10 NCAA championships, once said: "If I am through learning, I am through."a

I have always felt this way. That is one of the reasons I originally got into the field of computers. The field was changing so fast that you had to go at a dead run just to keep up. I was always learning new things. And to me this was exciting.

Then I got into studying Metaphysics. Which was a whole new challenge. Whereas computers were very left brained, logical stuff; metaphysics was right brain, intuitive thinking. And there are always new things to learn when you are studying God and the Christ within.

Jack Canfield in his great book, The Success Principles, lists "a willingness to learn more" as Success Principle No. 36 -- he calls it "Learn More to Earn More."b

Last week, our Power Attitude No. 6 was: People who are connected to their SOUL-AR POWER know that they never know enough. Not in a negative or derogatory way, but in a way that keeps them open to learning, growing, expanding.

It's been said that: Inspiration without education leads to frustration. But, inspiration plus education leads to illumination.

Charles Fillmore wrote "Unity is a link in the great educational movement inaugurated by Jesus Christ; our objective is to discern the Truth in Christianity and prove it."c

This is so true! You can listen to all of my talks, read all of the Unity books, take all the classes and be able to quote Myrtle Fillmore. But if you have not proven these principles in your own life, then it's all for naught. You are not here to be entertained, you are here to learn and grow.

So there you have it - confirmation that learning is important and a way to tap our Soular Power!

At Unity of Castro Valley -- we don't tell you WHAT to think, but we offer you opportunities to learn the Truth and to become a living embodiment of that Truth.

And frankly, while the Sunday experience is wonderful and powerful and learning and transforming definitely occur, it is in the classes . . .
where learning is deepened,
where life changing transformations take place,
where healing occurs;
where life purpose is found.

I can personally attest to experiencing all of those things. Even when I go back to the basics, I learn something new, every time. And my experience of teaching classes has been wonderful because I not only get to study and put together the class, I also get to learn from everyone in the class.

The discussions we have in our classes give us an opportunity to hear all different points of view. Because we need to individualize the lessons; and that will be unique to each of our experiences.

I want to take a moment right here to acknowledge all of you who have taken classes here at our center. Please stand so that we can acknowledge you!

Huston Smith, Why Religion Matters: The Fate of the Human Spirit in an Age of Disbelief: "The Gospel of John opens with reference to "the Word" and the Letter to the Hebrews describes faith as the "substance of things hoped for." In the 3rd century, Plotinus declared that metaphysical ideas were "divine" and filled with "Intelligence." The monks of the desert in the 4th century devoted their life to contemplating the divine ideas they received from God in prayer. In the 5th century, St. Augustine taught that these divine ideas emanated from the Mind of God."d

Charles Fillmore, in an old pamphlet called The Pure Reason and Honest Logic of Practical Christianity: "THERE is nothing new under the sun." Modern metaphysics is merely a revival of the philosophies taught by the wise of an almost forgotten past. The principles that underlie existence are being again brought to the attention of men. The race is again entering the cycle of knowledge, and we catch once more the light of pure reason and honest logic."e

To learn how to think is to learn how to live!

I am going to start a series of classes that will be taught right after the Sunday talk. The first class will be on August 11. We are going to delve into some of the stories in the Bible and explore what they mean in our lives now.

We will be looking at Genesis 4:1-17 if you want to study it ahead of time. There are three class and we will cover the story of Cain and Abel.

After that we will have five classes on the story of Noah and the Ark that will start on September 15.

Spiritual education is not a process of remembering dates and names and times and stuffing them down into or brains to be regurgitated later. The Metaphysical meaning of spiritual education is:
To draw forth from within, through meditation and prayer, the deep truths of God.f

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