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Sunday Message for August 11, 2019


I am very excited this month to be delving into the prosperity secrets of Moses, one of the wealthiest men of the Bible using Catherine Ponder's classic book The Millionaire Moses as our reference.a We are looking at the truly fascinating metaphysical code of this Biblical story and unveiling the mysteries Moses knew for ongoing, unlimited prosperity - metaphysical codes and mysteries as applicable for us here in 2019 as they were 3,500 years ago.

Not only are they applicable now, they are vital right now! Because we are at a time in the evolution of humankind where we need to "fish or cut bait" about our prosperity consciousness! Yes?

As I said last week, it is time we finally mastered this one, so we can get on to more important things. Like expressing the brilliance of God that we are. Like sharing our gifts. Like having a hand in making this a world that works for everyone. Those things are a heck of a lot easier to do when we're not struggling to ensure we keep a roof over our heads. Right? Good, I'm glad you agree.

So, we are spending 5 weeks looking at some ancient codes and practices to master this prosperity thing! Today we are going to look at the prosperity lessons contained in two "miracles" that occurred in the third 40-year period in Moses' life. Before we do, here's a quick test from last week: What does 40 symbolize? Right, "all the time it takes for transformation." Last week, we learned that Moses had three such periods of transformation. They were:

40 years in Egypt, where three important things happened. First, he became accustomed to opulence; second, he learned the great secrets of manifesting; and third, he learned what happens when you force your good, which got him tossed from Egypt thus ending this period;

40 years in the Midian Desert, where he connected with - for the first time - the God of his being and listened to his inner voice; and

40 years in the Wilderness where he demonstrated and taught all he had learned despite challenges, obstacles, and setbacks.

If you weren't here last week and want more, go to our website and download the word document, or just listen to the audio.

Today, we will focus on some of the prosperity lessons learned in the Wilderness period.


Right at the outset of their move from bondage and slavery to freedom and abundance, the Israelites needed two seemingly impossible things to occur - they needed two miracles. These two miracles will be our context for today.

First, when Pharaoh changed his mind about letting them go and sent his army after them, they met a huge obstacle in their attempt to get away - what was it? Of course, a vast body of water called the Red Sea. Yipes!

The Israelites' options were to walk into the sea and surely drown or stay and surely be killed by the Egyptians. That was the first miracle they needed.

Second, assuming that the first miracle actually occurred and they escaped the Egyptians, now what? They would need to have enough food and water to sustain them on their journey for who knew how long.

Now listen to this . . . According to the U.S. Army's Quartermaster General (who apparently doesn't have enough to do), Moses would have needed 1,500 tons of food each day to feed the Israelites. Just think about this . . . to bring that much food in each day, it would have taken two freight trains, each at least a mile long. Of course, there were no freight trains at that time!

Now, what about the water? If they only had enough to drink and wash a few dishes, it would have taken 11 million gallons each day and a freight train, which didn't exist, with tank cars 1,800 miles long to bring it.

Clearly, in the physical realm, it was impossible to escape from the Egyptians, and it was equally impossible to have enough sustenance to sustain them if they did.

Yet, they did escape from the Egyptians, and they did have plenty of food and water for a journey that turned out to be much, much longer than anyone thought!

Let's look at what these two miracles have to teach us about building our prosperity consciousness. I want to take them in reverse order:
First, Gathering Manna
Second, Crossing the Red Sea


Catherine Ponder defines the word "manna" as: any needed sustenance that seems miraculously supplied

And she writes: "Any time you have a challenge in your life, especially in a financial form, you need to know how to meet that need by gathering manna. When you learn how to, your need is often supplied in as miraculous a way as were the needs of the Hebrews during this Wilderness experience."b

She suggests a number of ways we can put ourselves in the position to gather our manna. We will look at three.

1. First, Gather Your Manna by Speaking Forth Definite, Rich Words of Supply, Even (Especially) in the Face of Apparent Lack

Ponder writes: "One of the quickest ways to gather your manna is by calling on Divine Substance through repeated prosperity decrees spoken aloud. This stirs up the wealth of the Universe and causes it to be manifested for you in the appropriate form."c To define Divine Substance: Substance is God - Universal Energy, Source, whatever you want to call it - before taking form, as form and in ever-changing forms!!

There is nothing new about this practice. For centuries people have mystically gathered manna by dwelling upon thoughts of "substance."

Moses spent the first 40 years of his life learning this secret teaching in Egypt. Then, he spent another 40 years meditating upon it in the Midian Desert. Then, during his last 40 years, he proved it for himself and his followers. So, don't worry if you don't have IMMEDIATE results from your words - it took Moses 80 years!

But as you work these principles, it can happen much quicker than that. If it doesn't it may be because this is what we are doing . . . We speak our Definite, Rich Words of Supply through affirmations and/or affirmative prayer for a few minutes a day and then we spend the rest of the day negating them! I love this passage from Ernest Holmes' book Love and Law, it said: "We cannot make affirmations for fifteen minutes and spend the other twenty-three hours and forty-five minutes denying the thing we have affirmed and affirming the thing we have denied and obtain the results we seek. We send out the word and it sets in motion the power, but if we begin to think the opposite thing, it neutralizes the word and destroys any possibility of its effect."d

If we really stick with it, miracles do occur!

2. Gather Your Manna by Using Something Close at Hand to Meet Your Needs.

I've said it this way: Do all you can with what you have where you are. I know some of you have made it your motto! Do all you can with what you have where you are.

This morning I want to rearrange it a bit and add an addendum to it: Do all you can where you are with what you have - and you always have more than you know!

So often we don't gather our good because we don't realize the resources (internal and external) that we already, already have! But it is when we start using what we already have (and we always have more than we know), then our needs get met! Catherine Ponder suggests we begin by saying: "Divine Substance, show me how to gather my manna. Lead me to the abundance at hand. Show me how to use it, and how to multiply it."e

3. Gather Your Manna by Doing Something Fearless

Our third idea for gathering manna is by doing something fearless, which takes us directly to crossing the Red Sea, which is also our second miracle point this morning. So this practice is doing double duty!

2. Crossing Your Red Sea

I've heard it said that: When you are only willing to do what is easy, life will be hard; but when you are willing to do what is hard, life will get easy. And what are the hardest things we have to do? Those things we fear!

When Jehovah (the God within - Moses' inner guidance system with which he connected in his second 40 year period) . . . when Jehovah told Moses he was to go to Pharaoh and demand freedom for the Hebrews, Moses was what? Afraid!

He had an excuse, a pretty darn good excuse, "I have an impediment; I'm not a good speaker." Our excuses are our fears disguised as reasons.

But God is always, always, always with us to help us move through those fears! This is symbolized by God sending Moses' brother, Aaron, to help. "Aaron" stands for strength. It took great strength for Moses to appear repeatedly before Pharaoh asking for freedom, especially when his requests were not being granted.

But by having to do what he feared a number of times by speaking words of freedom over and over (our first way to gather your manna), Moses gained the inner strength he would need later - not only to get the Hebrews out of bondage, but to keep them out!

When you do something you are afraid of, you gain inner strength! When you are afraid, yet do something anyway, you break through an invisible wall that has kept you small and weak - and perhaps broke!

Here's something really, really important for you to know. Nothing happened - the Red Sea did not part - the miracle did not happen - until the Hebrews did something fearless. What was it?

They had to walk into the sea. Nothing happened as they stood merely looking at it from a distance waiting for it to part, and thinking that when it did, then they would go through it to dry land. No, at Moses' command, they went forward right into an UNPARTED sea - and it is ONLY then that it parted. They did the fearless thing and then the sea parted. Do you get that!!

When challenges confront you, don't run from them; don't try to avoid them, don't get all excited about them - or as I like to say in a very unministerial-like way - don't get your knickers in a knot! Simply face them and move forward. The prosperity lesson here is that challenge will divide and will open up for you. You will pass through it, divinely protected, to your new good.

Perhaps you are trying to cross a Red Sea of financial difficulties right now. Perhaps you are in need of gathering manna. If so, do this fearless act. Are you ready? Are you ready?? Good, then get a mental image/idea of the challenge. Now face it square in the face and say: You do not scare me!

Say that with me: You do not scare me!

Then stretch forth your great rod of power by saying (eyes closed, hands on heart): Divine Substance can never be withheld from me. . . Divine Substance is the one and only reality. . . . Divine Substance is doing its bountiful work here and now. . . I use what I have . . . to multiply my good. . . Knowing this, I have fearless faith that every need is now met. . . Knowing this, I have fearless faith that every need is now met. . . Knowing this, I have fearless faith that every need is now met.

With eyes still closed and hands still over your hearts, breathe in the energy of faith right now. Breathe in the energy of Divine Substance, God in the great unformed, right here right now. Feel it. Bring it completely into the very beingness of your heart. And in this moment, once again, get a picture of whatever financial situation you may be facing right now that has frightened you and say powerfully but softly: You don't scare me!

And repeat after me again powerfully but softly: Divine Substance can never be withheld from me. . . Divine Substance is the one and only reality. . . . Divine Substance is doing its bountiful work here and now. . . I use what I have . . . to multiply my good. . . Knowing this, I have fearless faith that every need is now met. . . Knowing this, I have fearless faith that every need is now met. . . Knowing this, I have fearless faith that every need is now met.

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