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Sunday Message for September 1, 2019


During August we have been delving into the prosperity secrets of Moses, one of the wealthiest men of the Bible, using Catherine Ponder's classic book The Millionaire Moses as our reference. It has been a wonderful experience for me, so I thank you for letting me do this! And, from your feedback, it's been pretty good for you too. Yeah!

Let's jump right in. Our topic for today is "Speaking the Word of Completion" and we are going to explore a couple of deep and rich ideas that will help bring about our good - particularly when it seems to be delayed.

Catherine Ponder begins the final chapter of the book with these words: "If you have worked inwardly and outwardly to realize certain blessings in your life - and they have not yet appeared -- it may be because you are now ready to use the prosperity law of completion."a

I want you to stop and think for a moment. Is there something in your life that you really desire to be, to do, or to have? You have been Divinely guided to it; you know it's right; you know it would benefit you and the world; you've done your spiritual and as well as your work in the world to bring it about - but it just hasn't happened. It just hasn't come to fruition.

Perhaps, if you were honest about it, you would admit that you are even getting a bit scared, frustrated, or resentful about it. Think for a moment. Is there such a situation in your life? Because I want you to have this situation in mind as we talk today. Do most of you have something? Good, then let's see what Moses has to teach us about speaking our Words of Completion to bring about our good.

1. The First Words of Completion

The first words of completion are literally words of completion! Catherine Ponder suggests that we look at the situation and say something like (a mixture of Ponder's and my words): God's work is finished in this situation and my good manifests now. I see only completion. I am so happy and grateful as I relax in the knowing that my good is at hand and manifests now quickly and in peace.

Once we speak these words of completion, we then must "loose it and let it go" to use Ponder's words. Many times, after we have done our spiritual and outer work to the fullest of our ability and then just relaxed and let go that our good comes about.

In fact, Ponder writes: "When you have done all you know how to do in inner and outer ways to solve any problem, or to create new good, and still results have not come - that is the time to release and cease further effort. These are the times to speak nothing, think nothing, do nothing. You have already spoken the word of prosperity, success, completion. Now let it alone."b

Moses knew this. He had hoped to get the Hebrews out of the barren wilderness. He had hoped to get them into the Promised Land. Yet he knew he had done all he could do. And he realized this powerfully important lesson for us all:
When you have done all you COULD,
 then you have done all you SHOULD!

But we often keep at it. Don't we? By "keep at it," I mean we worry, we fret and we stew - wondering when our good will come, fearing it won't. And the longer it takes to get here, the more uptight and fearful we get.

Of, course, you know what happens when we do that, don't you? We might as well put up a wall that has "Do Not Enter" written on every side. Or as Ponder puts it: "We have generated a strained vibration which has built an inharmonious wall around us. This invisible shell of tension is being radiated out from us to others. It is repelling the very good we have worked so hard trying to attain."c

Just as soon as this invisible wall of tension can be dissolved, the things we desire are able to get through to us. We need to speak the word of completion and then relax, let go, and then just wait.

So, think about your situation right now and say to it aloud: God's work is finished in this situation . . . . and my good manifests now. . . . I see only completion. . . I have done all I could . . . so I have done all I should. . . . Therefore, I am so happy and grateful as I relax in the knowing . . . that my good is at hand . . . and manifests now . . . quickly and in peace.

2. Second Words of Completion

Sometimes in order to bring about the new good, in order to move into our larger experiences, we have to let go of the old --- even the old good when it has served its purpose.

We sometimes stop our own progress because we will not release a good cycle this is completed. But we should remember that our good is not static. Our good is progressive. It evolves and changes. We must allow it to evolve. We must change with it. We must be willing to release accustomed forms of good for higher forms!

Moses had to let go of a lot of material good in the court of Pharaoh to live his Divine Purpose to release mankind from bondage.

Loosing your good, freeing it readily, when you have outgrown it, requires courage. It's like the trapeze artist who must release his hold on one trapeze in order to grab the other one. And for a few moments, he's hanging in mid air! Yes, this takes courage. But in order to attain your higher good, you may need to release the old good.

I found a poem I would like to share with you:

Through the Precipice

I stand at the precipice
Between love and fear
Knowing not where
My journey goes from here.

The opportunities are endless
Possibilities abound
In a state of calm surrender
I'm stepping on holy ground.

To stand in the darkness
Only facing the past
Seeking comfort in the familiar
Never removing the mask.

Turning my back on the Light
This is surely the road of fear
Denying my gifts, wouldn't be right
I would find no comfort here.

Moving away from the darkness
Choosing the path of light
The radiance of love's fullness
Appears blinding to my human sight.

Yet it calls my spirit forward
Into the great unknown
A deep breath brings me inward
Just look at how I've grown.

As I return myself to Center

I remember I am never alone

In faith to Spirit, I surrender

Through the precipice I have flown!

Take a moment in personal reflection. As you are looking to manifest your new, expanded good, is there something that you need to release? Is there something good you are holding onto that, if you continue to do so, you simply will not be able to move into that expanded state? Are you willing to let go of the trapeze and fly through the precipice?

That then brings us to our final word of completion.

3. Final Words of Completion

You may think: But I have done all of this. I have spoken my words of completion. I am willing to release the good for the better. I have been expecting a new door to open but it has not. I have waited, but my good still has not appeared. Why?

In Chapter 33 of Deuteronomy, Moses gives us the answer. He gave a blessing to the children of Israel. He knew that new good cannot come forth unless the old has your final blessing. He knew that he had to give his final blessing to the Israelites before they could enter the Promised Land.

Your good cannot find its way to you if there is unfinished business. So long as you resent a troublesome person or circumstance, you will have to meet that problem repeatedly in your life in some guise. When you give a blessing to that person or circumstance, then comes your release.

But what must happen between your resentment and the blessing? There seems to be a gap! Something needs to happen. What is it? Yes, forgiveness. The willingness to make the CHOICE to allow what was to simply be what it was and to release the demand that it be anything else.

And if you want to do an extreme blessing, then use the Hawaiian practice called ho 'oponopono.
I love you; I'm sorry; forgive me; thank you.

So, what's up for you right now? What needs a blessing so that your expanded good can be called forth? Can you look at it and say with me:
I love you; I'm sorry; forgive me; thank you.

That's a big one, isn't it?! Good work.

So there are your Words of Completion. If there is something in your life you wish to call forth and it seems to be stubborn, remember this formula:

  • Literally, speak the words of completion.
  • Be willing to let go of the good, so you can experience the greater.
  • Forgive others and yourself for having resented or found fault with anything or anybody and give the experience your final blessing, using the ho 'oponopono practice if you really want to go deep.

As you do these things, you will walk into your Promised Land; the land of milk and honey. My prayer, my hope, my affirmation for you is that you take what we have done here this last month and really, really apply it in your life. This is good, good stuff. Read the book. Read it again and practice it. And when you forget to practice it, read it again!

For now, let's speak our final words of affirmation - with your particular situation in mind . . .

Father, Mother, God; I place myself and this situation lovingly in the hands of Divine Spirit. God's work is finished and my good manifests now. This is a time of Divine Completion. Miracles now follow miracles and wonders never cease. I release that which is good so that I might experience that which is great. I look upon every ending as a new beginning. My good changes, grows and expands and I embrace this change, this growth, this expansion. I now fully and freely forgive everything and everybody in my past or present, including myself, whom I have judged or resented. I give that person, situation or thing my final, deepest blessing by saying: "I love you. I'm sorry. Forgive me. Thank you." This brings completion between us now and forever. The work of my hands and the plans of my life are moving toward a sure and perfect completion. I am ready for my new good now. I am so happy and grateful now that my good is at hand and manifests quickly and in peace. In God's right action, I place my full trust. I relax in the knowing that it is done. And so it is and so it shall ever be! Amen.

aCatherine Ponder The Millionaire Moses
bCatherine Ponder The Millionaire Moses
cCatherine Ponder The Millionaire Moses

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