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Sunday Message for September 22, 2019


As we were growing up, many of us were told, in verbal and nonverbal ways, a lot of things that just weren't true. And we were not told many things that were true. And then, we believed and embodied this false information! I mean, why shouldn't we? It was given to us by some pretty reliable sources - our parents, siblings, clergy, teachers, etc. All of them doing the absolute best they knew how to do -- I truly believe that -- but nonetheless, many were purveyors of erroneous information.

So, this month, we are spending time each week dispelling false beliefs and opening ourselves up to explore some Spiritual Truths about ourselves that we may never have been told.

Last week we explored what I called the Mother of All FALSE INFORMATION. Who was here and remembers what it was? Worthiness, right?! Do you feel pretty good about that one or do you need to listen to the version on our website and go through the anointing three or four . . . dozen . . . more times? Do whatever it takes to get this one, because it really is foundational to all else. OK?!

Today, we will explore a piece of false information that lived in me for many, many years. I am delighted to report that it doesn't take up residence anymore, but for many, many years it did.


Let me introduce this piece of false information by telling you how it came to live in me. I grew up with an older brother and a younger sister. I could understand not keeping up with an older brother, but when a sister 7 years younger outshined me, well.....

And from the observation of that fact, I drew a conclusion. Mind you, no one told me this - I told it to myself! So our misinformation does not necessarily come because other people told us. Sometimes we tell ourselves misinformation based on our interpretation of events!

So here's what happened. I accurately concluded that my sister and brother were better and more creative than me. That was an observable FACT, no getting around that.

But here comes the misinterpretation of the fact: I concluded that they were creative and I was not. End of story. Belief locked in. It became who I was - or, more accurately, who I was not.

So, I grew up thinking - no, not just thinking - I grew up knowing, and living from the knowing, that I was NOT creative.

But, you know what - that "knowing" was absolutely, totally and completely incorrect! I believed my own misinformation! And if you think - know - you are not creative because you have compared yourself with someone who has a specific, creative gift, then you have believed some misinformation as well!

1. We Are All Creative

Here is the Spiritual Truth: we are each made in the image and likeness of the Creator of the Universe. Don't you think some of that creative ability had to have rubbed off!

In fact, we are the very embodiment of all that is Creative!
We are the physical vehicles of the Great Originator!
Our minds are one with the Essence of Imagination.
At our core is Pure Potentiality.

New Thought author Eric Butterworth once wrote: "The life that urges us to create can never be concealed or shut away forever. Ever present, it simply awaits our recognition and expression. It is there, within us, not lost at all, not gone or even the slightest bit diminished. For it is who we are, in essence. It is our very nature and being. That deep self envelops us, rises within us. As we become more spiritually attuned, more conscious, we come to ourselves, . . . our true self, our creative source - God. From God flows all creation, all that exists. Since we are one with God, inseparable from God, then we are by our nature creative. And that means extravagantly so, for just as life is limitless, so are our capacities to imagine, and thus to create. Creativity is an endless river of Mind, and each of us is a stream flowing into and out of that river."a

The Spiritual Truth I want you to walk away with today is this: You are NATURALLY creative in your own right and in a variety of ways - not just one.

We are all gifted artists. Each and every one of us. I have heard it said that the artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist.

I want you to know this concept is as much for those of you who consider yourselves creative as for those who don't. Often I've seen those who are creative in one area - even very creative - lack a belief in their ability to be creative in other areas of their lives. Or I've seen them completely block the creativity because they think they aren't creative or GOOD enough! So you creative types, stay with me, OK?

2. Divine Discontent

Because I want to talk for a few moments about a phenomenon that happens for all of us. On occasion, our innate creativity, our natural, inner desire to express imagination and originality shows up disguised. And it can be so disguised that it is misinterpreted for something completely different from what it really is!

It can show up as unhappiness with life or as frustration with ourselves or with others. It can show up as blocked circumstances and an outer life that seems not to be "working." It can show up as that unsettled feeling that something is just wrong. Do you know that feeling?

But it may be that nothing is wrong - it just may be that we are not expressing our creativity to the level our God-self desires to express it.

In fact, in the spiritual vernacular, we call it Divine Discontent. This thing called Divine Discontent is really God, the Universe, tapping us on the shoulder and saying "Excuse me!"
"Excuse me, I want you to be a greater expression of Me than you are being right now."
"Excuse me, I want you to sprout wings and fly like the butterfly."
"Excuse me, I want you to be a more powerful co-creator with me."
"Excuse me, I want you to express those unique talents and gifts you have hidden within you!"
"Excuse me, there's a situation in the world of effect that could use your inner creative genius to address. Let's go!"

Underneath Divine Discontent is the Divine Urge to have a new, original, imaginative way to look at something or to express yourself.

One New Thought writer said: "There is an urge to express life in all people, and this urge, operating through the channels of Creative Mind, looses energy into action, and compels the individual to do something. Back of all this desire is the impulse to express [our own divinity]."

Or how about this from another New Thought writer: "Not only is discontent an outstanding characteristic of human nature, but it is a sacred obligation on the part of every sincere seeker after the truth."

Divine Discontent is the impetus . . .
for our healing ----- for our growth ----- for our transformation ----
for discovery ----- for expression - for solutions to problems

Here are a couple of examples of discontent with situations propelling forth Divine Creativity:
In a large Midwestern city, a gang of thieves had worked out a coordinated routine that was so smooth and fast that they could break into a clothing store, sweep the clothes off the racks and be gone before the police could answer the alarm. Then a young detective got an idea. He asked all the clothing merchants to turn one hanger hook toward the wall and the next one toward the aisle; one toward the wall and the next the other way and to do it that way throughout the store. When police answered the next alarm, they found the frustrated thieves removing the garments one at a time.

How about this example of a creative solution:
A farmer was having trouble keeping hunters off his property. His "No Trespassing" and "No Hunting" signs were destroyed and his warning sign "Stay Out or Get Shot" itself got shot. Nothing worked. Finally a little creative thinking produced results. The farmer posted the property as "Rattlesnake Sanctuary." The hunters stayed away.

All outer circumstances that needed solutions. The discontent with the situation called forth new ways of thinking. Many people mistakenly think that creativity is found only in the artist, the composer, the poet - but in fact, creativity, imagination and originality is just a way of looking at the ordinary in a different way.

Every day you can bring into your experience imagination, originality and potential. I invite you to realize and accept that you are meant to live creatively.

And I ask you -- how is your longing to express your divinity manifesting itself it your life? Remember, your Divine Discontent is really God tapping on your shoulder saying
"Excuse me -- join me in the creative dance of life. Come out into a greater expression of me than you are right now and Oh by the way, I'm here with you, closer than your hands and feet, in fact, I'm right inside, and so I will walk with you every step of the way, every moment of every day."

If you want an opportunity to express your creative side, Karen Houghey is coming here next month on the 13th to teach an art class called Creating from the Inside Out.

We are each going to affirm our creativity and the need for us to express that in our own unique way. I love this statement from New Thought writer Eric Butterworth: "Because, it is the nature of the Infinite to create, we are the vehicles through which creation happens. In the very real sense, at the point in the Universe where we are, God needs our unfolding creativity to do Its work. As a wise person once pointed out: 'God could not create Antonio Stradivarius violins without Antonio.'"

We are going to affirm Spirits need to express creatively as us through a chant. It is one that many of you know.

Blessing to the World by Karen Drucker - the words are in your program.
I am the heart, I am the hands, I am the voice of Spirit on earth.
And who I am, and all I do is a blessing to the world.
[repeat with "you are" and "we are"]

aEric Butterworth

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