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Sunday Message for March 8, 2020


"I am a child of God, and every moment his life, love, wisdom, and power flow into and through me."a These are words from H. Emilie Cady in her book Lessons in Truth.

"Through Me" is the third stage of spiritual awakening after "Why Me" and "By Me."

"Why Me" - the stage where we think life is happening to us. Where we really feel out of control and the victim of circumstances, people, etc. There is quite a lot of whining in the "why me" stage and, sadly, if we stay in that stage, not a lot of spiritual growth will occur.

The next stage is "By Me," which is definitely a step in the right direction. In this stage, we have learned that we really are co-creators with Spirit. That we are NOT the victim of circumstances and that we have a hand in the unfoldment of our lives. We learn to pray affirmatively, we learn to vision and to visualize - we learn and begin to apply all those wonderful tools we have in our spiritual tool box.

The challenge with this stage is that we can begin to think that it is all up to us and that we have to make things happen. It may even begin to feel as if we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. There's not a lot of relaxing in this stage. We can also go to the "what's wrong with me?" or "what did I do wrong?" mindset when our prayers are not manifested as we expect them to. While this is an important stage, it's only a step on the path.

This month, we will explore in depth living from the third stage "Through Me." This month, we will look at being clear, clean conduits for Spirit to express through us.

So now to this month and today -- Through me . . .

Myrtle Fillmore wrote in How to Let God Help You: "You will understand that there is really only one Presence and Power: omnipotent Good. All things are possible with you because you are here to let God express through you His own perfect plan of life."b

And today, we will explore a concrete, tangible way that we can RECOGNIZE IT -- RECOGNIZE GOD -- AS POWER. Today, I offer you a powerful, empowered way of thinking. Perhaps not different from what you have already been doing -- but perhaps with a slightly different twist.

I would like to set the tone for this morning with a story . . .
Taylor had a kiosk. From his kiosk, he sold high quality items (better than others'); slightly higher prices from others', but people paid it anyway because the quality was so good. Taylor's friends convinced him to open a store. He did, same high quality merchandise, prices needed to be slightly higher, because of the increased overhead. Now, he wasn't doing as well. The customers weren't coming in the store; and those who did come in the story weren't buying.

Taylor got very despondent. He was sure he had made a dreadful mistake by opening this store. He should have stuck to having his little kiosk. Oh, why did he stretch like this??!! He wallowed in his fear for a while, but then had the idea to take on a partner.

Each morning, Taylor and his partner would sit down and make a list of what needed to be done and who would do it. Then, at the end of the day, they would review the list together. Soon, business started to pick up. In fact, Taylor and his partner became very, very successful -- so successful you may have heard of the store -- Lord and Taylor.


Let's be very clear here -- God is not an outside partner -- but a partner from the inside -- working through us when we allow It to. Take God as your partner in all of the things you do.

And when, I can't -- I, the ego self that tries to figure it out, tries to make it happen, tries to manipulate and maneuver to get my way -- when I can't, God can!

Have any of you ever faced a situation for which you could see absolutely no answer?

Perhaps it was a financial crisis that seemed insurmountable.

Perhaps it was a grief so large that you couldn't imagine ever feeling whole again.

Perhaps it was a relationship so torn with hurt and resentment that you couldn't see how it could ever possibly be mended.

Perhaps it was a physical challenge that the medical community had labeled incurable or unfixable.

OR perhaps it was a dream so big that seemed overwhelmingly impossible.

Those are the times to say, as Jesus said,

"I of myself can do nothing -- it is the Father within who doeth the work."

When I can't, God can!

When we are in fear and doubt, uncertainty and pain; when the challenge or the dream seems bigger than we are and we can't figure it out, God can!

Turn it over, release it. Let God's Infinite Intelligence and Divine Harmony -- working through you -- handle it.

What does this attitude do? It opens a space in us to allow God's Intelligence, Love, Creativity, and Abundance to work through us, as us.

An acquaintance who was upset, hungry, tired, and hurried stopped into a fast food place to grab a quick dinner between work and choir practice and after ordering, realized that she had put her wallet in her fanny pack earlier that day and had not transferred it to her purse when she left for work that morning. She had to confess when she got to the pick-up window that she had no money and couldn't pay for her dinner. She had to go home for dinner. After calming down and having something to eat, she remembered that there was a ton of change (certainly enough for her burger) in the ashtray of the car AND that her fanny pack (with her wallet in it) was under her seat!

She couldn't think of either of these things while she was in upset, but as soon as she calmed down, they came to her!

Turning our problems, challenges and big dreams over to God is a way to move out of the upset.

The Apostle Paul told us, "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." "Have in you the mind that is in Christ Jesus."c

Myrtle Fillmore writes in How to Let God Help You: "So, just make up your mind that you are not going to worry about "overcoming." You are just going to let the life and strength of God flow through you. God has bestowed his gifts upon you with the idea of your using them freely, here and now. You can do whatever you really want to do-but you will have to want it enough actually to make the effort

When your mind is peaceful the healing energies flow through your whole being freely and abundantly.

Mind is omnipresent, and it is through letting the same Mind that is in Christ Jesus be in us that we transcend the limitations of the material mind."d

When I can't, God can!

This week I remembered that I had a God can. It had a little bit of dust on it, but it was still there and ready for me to put my prayers in. So I wrote exactly what I wanted for an place to live in and exactly what I wanted to pack and move and do all the things I needed to do. I put it in the God can. I gave it to God and I left it there. I let go and let God do it.

I attempted to reorder God cans for the bookstore, but evidently the company has gone out of business. So...

You need to create for yourself a 'God Can'. Get a coffee can, glue the lid on, and cut a slit in the lid. Decorate it any way that appeals to you and write on it, "When I can't, God can "

When you have a challenge, an issue, a problem, a pain, or even a DREAM that seems too big for you to handle, write it down and place it in the God Can.

Notice that there is no way to retrieve the issue. So, don't try to take it back. Leave it in the God Can. Say to yourself, I have already placed that in the God Can, so I don't need to worry, fret, stew, manipulate, etc. any more. It's in God's hands, because it's in the God Can!

How many of you have ever had a sales person come to the door? Do you have to invite them in? Do you have to sit down and entertain them? Of course not! Nor do you need to entertain thoughts of "I can't do this!" When you put it in the God Can, it's done!

"Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind!"

Father, Mother, God; Help me to remember that when I can't, God can. I now let the life and strength of God flow through me. I now let the same mind that is in Christ Jesus be in me and work through me. "I of myself can do nothing -- it is the Father within who doeth the work."

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