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Sunday Message for November 1, 2020

Script for Affirmations for Living as the Flow

The following set of affirmations are divided into seven sections -- seven areas with which we need to be aligned in order to experience the continual flow of God's Great Good. After a brief introduction to each section, I will say each affirmation and then leave a space after it, so that you might repeat it. I invite you to repeat these affirmations aloud, as there is great power in the spoken word.

Say them every day and allow them to become a part of who you are. If you are currently experiencing prosperity challenges, you will be well served to say them two or three times a day. I love and bless you and know that these powerful words of Truth bring you into harmony with God's great good.

This first set of affirmations sets the tone for the entire series by aligning you with Purpose . . .

I mentally accept the possibility . . . of something greater for myself.

The present is my point of power.

The great Truth is . . . there is a Divine Plan for my life. . . .

And that Divine Plan . . . is the Sublime Plan.

It includes . . . health, happiness, abundance and perfect self-expression.

As I begin to dwell upon the Divine Plan, . . . I attract to myself . . . the ideas, opportunities, events and people . . . .that are meant to be part of my life now.

I turn the great energy of my thinking on thoughts of plenty.

I am now shown new ways of living, . . . new methods of work.

I am not confined to the ways and methods of the past.

My words have prospering power now.

As I change my words, I change my world.

As I improve my words, I improve my world.

As I transform my words, I transform my world.

I now open my mind to rich ideas and rich results.

I am rich in mind and in manifestation now.

I walk in the charmed circle of God's Love, . . . and I am divinely irresistible to my greatest good now.

Nothing is to good to be true. . . . Nothing is too wonderful to happen. . . . Nothing is too good to last.

I have a Divine Right to be happy, . . .and I claim my happiness now.

I dare to prosper. . . . I am a child of fortune. . . . I am a child of the Universe, . . .so I accept my unlimited wealth now.

I accept my good fortune now.

The next affirmations, which focus on Release, begin to open a space within you to express this greater good.

I know that release is magnetic.

Through the act of release, . . .I now draw to myself my own.

I now fully and freely release. . . . I loose and let go. . . . I let go and grow. . . . I let go and trust.

I now let go of old, dissatisfying ways of living; . . . old, unsatisfactory methods of work . . . and dissatisfying relationships of the past or present.

I let go of everything and everybody . . . that is no longer a part . . .of the Divine Plan of my life.

Those people who are no longer for my highest good . . .now fade out of my life . . .and find their good elsewhere.

As I fully and freely release. . . . I joyously make room . . . for my new good, . . .which quickly appears . . . in rich and appropriate form.

I now move forward . . . into my expanded good, . . . divinely directed and lavishly prospered.

All things conform . . . to the right thing for me now, . . . quickly and in peace.

Divine Love brings into my life . . . the right people who can help and support me . . . and whom I can help and support.

These next affirmations continue to open the space in you through Forgiveness.

All that has offended me I forgive.

Within and without, I forgive.

Things past, things present, things future, I forgive.

I forgive everything and everybody . . . of the past or present . . .that can possibly be forgiven.

I positively forgive everyone. . .

They are free . . .and I am free too.

All things are cleared up . . . between us now and forever.

I positively forgive myself.

Through this forgiveness, . . . I set myself free.

I dissolve in my own mind . . . any idea that my own can be withheld from me.

No person, thing or event . . . can keep from me . . . that which the Universe has for me now.

That which seems to have worked against me in the past . . . now helps and supports me in the present.

I bless those persons, things and events . . . that seem to have hurt me.

I bless the failures that seemed to have burdened me.

I give thanks that a blessing . . . is now coming out of it all.

I fully and freely forgive.

I cast all judgments, resentments, criticisms, and unforgiveness . . . upon The Christ Light within me . . . to be dissolved and healed.

Each time a negative thought attempts to enter my mind, . . . I become aware of it . . . and I replace it with a positive thought.

These Prospering Truths now set me free . . .to meet my rich good . . . and to share my good with others.

The following affirmations focus your energy on Self-Confidence and Trust.

I am aligned with the upward, progress movement of life.

The mark of success is now upon me.

It is my Divine Destiny to succeed, . . . and it is God's business to help me now.

I have confidence . . . in my God-given guidance and ability.

I see myself . . . going from success to greater success . . . with God's rich help.

My success . . . . big, powerful and irresistible . . . now appears.

I have insurmountable faith . . . in the perfect outcome . . . of every situation in my life . . .since God's infinite intelligence . . . is in absolute control.

My self-confidence is mounting . . . as day by day . . . I gain greater mastery over self.

With the following group of affirmations, you get definite about your Goal of an abundant life!

I love the work I do, . . . and I am richly rewarded for it.

I get definite about abundance, . . . so that abundance gets definite about me.

Vast improvements come quickly . . . in every phase of my life now.

Every day and in every way, . . . things are getting better and better for me now.

Today and every day, I expect the best.

Wonderful things are happening to me now.

Everything I do turns into good . . . for myself and others.

I am open and receptive to the vast wealth . . .the Universe has for me now.

I am appropriately and richly clothed, . . . housed, transported and supplied . . . with the rich substance of the Universe.

The enormous sums of money, . . . that are mine by Divine Right, . . . . now come to me.

I welcome them in humility, wisdom and peace.

I am receiving.

I am receiving now.

I am receiving all that the Universe has for me now.

I have a large, steady, permanent . . . source of income now.

Every day and in every way . . . things are getting better and better for me.

Everything and everybody prospers me, . . . and I prosper everything and everybody.

I give thanks . . . for a quick and substantial increase . . . in my financial income now.

Money comes easily to me . . . large sums of money.

Big happy financial surprises . . .and rich appropriate gifts . . . now come to me . . . under Grace . . . for my personal use, . . . and I use them wisely.

Affirmations for Completion make up this next set.

I am not discouraged.

I am persistent.

I move forward into my highest good.

Nothing in the world can take the place . . . of persistence and determination. . . .

With God's help, . . . I now persist . . . into my highest good.

I invite the powerful, loving action of God . . . into my life . . . and every need is met.

I expect the best.

I anticipate the best . . . in every aspect of my life now.

The work of my hands . . . and the plans of my life . . . are moving toward . . . a sure and perfect completion.

Miracles now follow miracles . . . and wonders never cease to manifest . . . as the Divine Plan of my life unfolds.

In this final set of affirmations, you are invited to secure your place in the flow through Tithing.

I give my tenth to God . . . and reap a hundred-fold increase.

I always have something to give, . . . and I give it.

As I give consistently, . . . I open the way to receive consistently.

I give freely my tenth to God's work and workers, . . . and I receive a hundred-fold increase.

I am receiving.

I am receiving now.

I am receiving all the good . . . God has for me now.

I am permanently prosperous.

Tithing spells success.

I freely, joyous and enthusiastically . . . give my tenth to God, . . . and I reap a mighty blessing.

All that the Universe has for me . . . now comes to me . . . speedily, richly and freely.

I live as the flow of God's Great Good.

And so it is, and so I let it be!

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