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Sunday Message for January 24, 2021


Father, Mother, God; I now open my heart and mind to my own Awakened Presence as I extend blessings on our new President and Vice President. I ask that you bless our nation as we move forward to become a unified nation once more. I ask that you bless all those listening to this talk today to give them a new vision of who and what they are becoming. We know that we were created in your image and likeness and we now claim that for ourselves and for everyone with whom we come in contact. Thank you for all our blessings.

For the past four Sundays I have extended the following invitation: "You are cordially invited to let 2021 be the year that you awaken, truly awaken, to the life of beauty and wonder that Spirit intends for you."

And then I have asked "what would 2021 be like if you RSVP'd 'yes' to being:
* fully awake and present to the LIFE YOU NOW HAVE;
* fully awake and present to WHO YOU ARE IN EVERY MOMENT;
* fully awake and present to WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY HERE AND NOW;
* fully awake and present to the LIFE YOU ARE CREATING with:
*every THOUGHT you think,
*every FEELING you feel, and
*every WORD you speak?
* fully awaken and present to the PRESENCE OF GOD'S GRACE in your life; and
* fully awake and present even in the MIDDLE OF THE WAKE?"

Remember all of those questions? Good, because today, you are going to get a chance to RSVP to them as you make a mighty proclamation to claim your presence as an awakening being!

Before we do that, I have a couple of thoughts to share . . . of course!

I want to back up to the first Sunday in January when we talked about the 4 stages of spiritual evolution or the four kingdoms. Remember them?
What are they?
* Why Me or Mortal
* By Me or Metaphysician
* Through Me or Mystic
* As Me or Master

Today, I want to explore the "As Me" or "Master" Kingdom a bit more. You know, that's the one we don't think we can really be or even aspire to. That's Buddha Consciousness, Christ Consciousness. But I say, why not? Actually, I say, isn't it about time that we do!?

Isn't it about time that we lived in a conscious space of absolute union with the Divine? With no thoughts of separation; no belief in division? No feelings of less than? No self judgment, self recrimination, self, doubt.

Eric Butterworth in his sermon on Your Divine Potential said: "So much is said about the world today that is negative and gloomy. We talk and act as if men were simply a victim of the circumstances of the times rather than the creator of circumstances. Today, the word "crisis" is the "in" word. Oh, how we love to talk about the crisis of confidence, the identity crisis, the energy crisis, etc. But the saddest crisis of all is the frustration of potentiality. William James says great crises show us how much greater our vital resources are than we had supposed. I'm convinced that we will go through all these crises and all these challenges as man has always done. We'll solve the energy crisis. We'll somehow bridge the gaps of our crises of confidence, but what counts is that we will grow through them, that we uncover new depths in ourselves."

"In the closing lines of my book, Discover the Power Within You, I say, "No matter where you are on the ladder of life, no matter what you may be experiencing, no matter how many heartaches you have had or how many conflicts you have right now, there is more in you, there is a divinity in you, the Kingdom of God is within you." I think this should be our greatest concern today. Instead of overly commiserating about the general immorality or the lack of quality performance of workers, or leaders, or politicians, we need to be taking a hard look at the need for education in human and divine potential and how it can be effectively released. It is a fact that not one person in a million is living up to the best within him."a

From Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo: ". . . Perhaps being awake is paying attention to the ongoing moment of life that we so often take for granted, that moment - like conception, like a seed cracking open -- that is happening even as you read this. Yet, as a headlight grows filmed by driving through all kinds of weather, the gift by which we perceive gets covered by experience, and our ability to see is diminished until we clean the gift. This is a lifelong process, one that never ends, but always begins. So the care of one's being is imperative and continuous, as simple and hard as wiping the residue of experience from your mind and heart, letting your original face again light the way. Though, like scratching the middle of your back, we often need each other to regain our sense of Oneness."b

And that is what we are here for. That is what our classes are all about.

To become a Unity Prayer Chaplain we have classes specifically designed for that. There are three new thought leaders who deeply influence the thinking in these classes. They are:
* Emerson
* Troward
* Hopkins

There are a couple of passages from Emma Curtis Hopkins that grabbed me and have never let me go. And one relates exactly to Nepo's writing about getting the film off the headlight.

In Scientific Christian Mental Practice, Emma wrote: "You may often wonder why the Truth student, who claims to believe the doctrine of no sin, no sickness, no death [in other words, no separation!], does not immediately show peaceful, satisfied conditions. Suppose the rain and dust have beaten against the plate glass windows until they are very dirty; do you think the mere cessation of the rain and dust will make the windowpanes clean? So it is with the mind that is covered with years of habitual imaginations. It ceases from imaginations, but practical daily washings of the dust of years must be made. This does not make the . . . imagination[s], the . . . [mistaken beliefs] about life, a reality, but explains how real . . . [they] seemed to us."c

And I know how real they can feel, but they are not, and in order to get to As Me/Master consciousness, we just have to wipe away some grit and grime of the past right?!

As Meister Eckhart (German mystic in the late 1200's, who proclaimed the union of individual soul with God) wisely pointed out, "The spiritual life is not a process of addition, but rather of subtraction."d

Or as 20th Century Indian mystic, guru, and spiritual teacher Osho said: "Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it."e

So what would your life look like if you knew this? Perhaps something like this would happen.

There was a little boy who heard a lot about God in his Sunday School class, and so he decided he wanted to meet God. And so one day he packed up a little bag with the two most important things for his journey to meet God - some Twinkies and two root beers. OK, let's make this a healthier version - he packed organic fruit juice and carrots!

He walked for about three blocks to a park and thought, "Well, maybe I'll find God here." He looked around and there was only one person in the park -- an elderly lady sitting on a park bench. So, he went over and he sat on the other end of the park bench.

He waited for awhile, and she was just looking at the birds and the pigeons and the squirrels, so pretty soon he opened up his bag, pulled out a carrot and began eating. As he was eating, he thought, "I wonder if she would like one?" And without a word, he pulled out a second carrot and handed it to her. She took it and smiled so sweetly at him.

A little later he decided to have another carrot, so he offered her another one, which she took and smiled at him. Pretty soon, he opened his juice because he was thirsty and he thought, "Well, maybe she's thirsty, too," so he took out the other juice box, opened it and offered it to her. She took the box and flashed this big, huge smile at him. The two of them sat there for almost three hours, just eating carrots, drinking juice, looking at squirrels and every so often, feeding pigeons.

Eventually, it started to get dark, so the little boy gathered up his things and began to walk away, suddenly turned back and on impulse, gave her a big hug. She hugged him right back, flashed him this huge, big smile and he went home. There'd never been a word exchanged.

When the little boy got home, his mother said, "So, where have you been today?" And he says, "Well, I went to the park and I met God. And you know what? She's got a great smile."

About that same time, the elderly woman entered her home, where she lived with her adult son who said, "Mom, you were gone a long time today, but gee, you look radiant. What happened?" She says, "I was in the park today and I met God. And you know what? He's a lot younger than I would have thought."

"As Me" consciousness is expressed here.

So, my friends, how about you? Are you ready to awaken to God AS you this year?

So I would like for you to just close your eyes and envision this:
What would 2021 be like if you were fully awake and present for it all . . . meaning:
* fully awake and present to the LIFE YOU NOW HAVE; see that in your mind's eye.
* fully awake and present to WHO YOU ARE IN EVERY MOMENT; envision that in your mind.
* fully awake and present to WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY HERE AND NOW;
* fully awake and present to the LIFE YOU ARE CREATING with every THOUGHT you think, every FEELING you feel, and every WORD you speak?
* fully awake and present to the PRESENCE OF GOD'S GRACE in your life and
* fully awake and fully present even in the MIDDLE OF THE WAKE?
* Envision what qualities of God would you embody/express if you lived this vision? * What needs to be released so you can?
* What else?

Father Mother God we now affirm that we are fully awake and fully present to all that you have given us. We now accept that we were created in your image and your likeness. And we now accept all the joy that life can bring. We are now creating our perfect world with every thought we think, every feeling we feel, and every word we speak. Through God's grace we now express our own unique God qualities in our lives. And we release everything unlike this.
Thank you God
And so it is.

aEric Butterworth
bBook of Awakening Mark Nepo, p. 414
cScientific Christian Mental Practice, Emma Curtis Hopkins p. 177
dMeister Eckhart

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