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Sunday Message for February 28, 2021


Let us start this morning with a prayer: Father, Mother, God; we know that we are created in your image and your likeness and that we are already the perfection of God. We know that we are whole, perfect, and complete. So, help us to remember who and what we are. Help us to know that there is nothing to heal, only something to reveal. And let us open to that truth within ourselves. Thank you, God. Amen.

Well, we are at the end of the month of love, where each week, we have gotten to "The Heart of the Matter" - or I should say to the heart of a variety of matters. We have connected our hearts with "Divine Love," we have gotten to the "Heart of our Dreams" and we have "Realigned our Hearts with Source"!

It's been a rich and beautiful month and we will bring it to a close in a rich and beautiful way by experiencing (and I use the word "experiencing" intentionally) the "Heart of Healing," which is really the "Heart of Wholing" or said in yet another way the "Heart of Revealing Wholeness."

Florence Scovel Shinn tells us in The Game of Life and How To Play It: "Jesus Christ gave a wonderful example of this. He said to his disciples: "Do you not say, "Four months more, then comes the harvest"? But I tell you, look around you, and see how the fields are ripe for harvesting."a His clear vision pierced the "world of matter" and he saw clearly the fourth dimensional world, things as they really are, perfect and complete in Divine Mind. So, man must ever hold the vision of his journey's end and demand the manifestation of that which he has already received. It may be his perfect health, love, supply, self-expression, home or friends."b

So, to begin the experience part of today, I ask you, is there something in your life where you would like wholeness - that which is already perfect - to be revealed?

My intention for today is mainly to focus on our physical health - our physical bodies -- but perhaps there is something in the body of your affairs, that's OK too.

Whatever it might be, today, right now, in this moment, let us set the collective intention to reveal wholeness in that area. OK?

If you are up for it, say with me: "I set the intention to reveal wholeness in my body and in the body of my affairs today!"

I set the intention to reveal wholeness in my body and in the body of my affairs. Do you know that you have done something very, very powerful by speaking those words aloud with the conviction and in the energy of community?

You did speak them with conviction, didn't you? Good! And you did speak them in our on-line community also, didn't you?

We will explore the power of conviction and the power of community and then will have an experience or two.

Power of Conviction

So, I want begin by offering you four guidelines for the process of revealing wholeness. Four guidelines, which, if followed with conviction, cannot help but lead to a wholing!

Conviction - meaning being convinced of their effectiveness!

1. Look for what is working. Look for and focus on what is working; what is good; what is right!

I remember reading years ago in a "Guideposts" magazine - it still exists, did you know that? - an article about a woman in the hospital with terrible arthritis. Her body was racked in pain.

As she laid there trying to sleep but being in way too much pain to do so, she prayed. And immediately upon the conclusion of her prayer, she had a thought. "Is there any part of your body that does not hurt? Focus on that!"

So, she did a body scan and realized that her little finger did not hurt. Her pinky was totally pain free. It felt perfectly fine. And she began to focus on that and before she knew it, she was asleep.

As simple as that may seem, that act began her journey to healing (wholing) as she continued to focus more and more and more and more on what didn't hurt. And as she focused more and more and more on what didn't hurt, more and more didn't hurt!

You may have a challenge going on in some part of your body right now and it may be getting your attention - lots and lots of your attention. But, how much of your body is working perfectly, functioning exactly as it should? Begin focusing on that!

2. Stand vigil with your thoughts. "Stand guard the portals of your soul"c as Ralph Waldo Emerson said. In Health is our Birthright, a book of case studies from many years of practice, Dr. Ellen Jensen addressed the power of our thoughts:

"The body is a magnificent creation of God. It comes equipped with an innate intelligence and powerful energy to heal itself when given the opportunity. Keeping the mind free of debilitating thoughts is necessary to access this energy and intelligence. Feelings such a guilt, worry, fear or anger can drain us of the vital energy that is so essential for a high quality of health and life."d

What science has shown us is that a regular diet of negative thinking, of anger, upset, condemnation, resentment or fear of any form is reproduced in the cells of our bodies.

In 1979, Dr. William Tiller showed to the satisfaction of the American Medical Association (no easy task) that our immune system is linked to our thinking.

He showed that when we have trends of depressive, negative, fear-based thinking, our immune system is measurably decreased, which makes our bodies susceptible to disease.

Conversely, when we have trends of aliveness in our thinking, meaning thoughts that give us life, we could call those "God thoughts" - thoughts that give life are God thoughts! - when we have trends of that kind of thinking, our immune system measurably increases.e

Of course we know that as followers of New Thought, right? In Unity Metaphysics we learn that: "Self-knowledge is the true prelude to Christ consciousness. Without genuine self-knowledge, other knowledge often becomes a kind of clutter in the mind. With genuine self-knowledge, however, other knowledge reveals its meaning and ripens into wisdom. We begin our quest for self-knowledge by realizing that the source of all wisdom is within the spectrum of our own consciousness."f

And what is the Truth in this context? How about this:
God does not have health to give; God is health;
God does not have harmony to give; God is harmony;
God does not have ANYTHING to give us, waiting for us to ask for it in prayer, God is IT but awaits our acceptance of IT in our hearts and minds!

God's business is not to give us what we ask for, rather to unfold and reveal what already is -- through us as us.

In Omnipresent Healing by Frances W. Foulks it is written that: "Healing is God-presence. God is omnipresent; so where God is, there healing is also... Our original perfection, that of the day of creation, is rediscovered by us when we again, in mind, enter into God-presence, for in God-Mind there is no thought except of a perfect creation. The moment we see ourselves as God created us, and as He still sees us, we are healed in mind, body, and affairs."g

The scripture tells us "Thou wilt keep him in perfect health whose mind is stayed on thee."h It is the greatest insurance in the world, and the only cost to you is the willingness to practice the Presence.

3. Begin and maintain an affirmative prayer program. The metaphysical meaning of prayer in the Revealing Word says that prayer is: "Communion between God and man. This communion takes place in the innermost part of man's being. It is the only way to cleanse and perfect the consciousness and thus permanently heal the body."

"It is necessary to pray believing that we have received because God is all that we desire. The good always exists in Divine Mind as ideas, and we bring it into manifestation through the prayer of faith, affirmation, praise, and acknowledgment."i

You have a Prayer Chaplain to support you in this. Maxine is always willing to be there for you.

In Florence Scovel Shinn's The Game of Life and How To Play It, she writes: "The friend or "Chaplain" sees clearly the success, health, or prosperity, and never wavers, because she is not close to the situation. It is much easier to "demonstrate for someone else than for one's self, so a person should not hesitate to ask for help, if he feels himself wavering."j This is what the Chaplain uncovers!

4. Act as though you were whole, perfect and filled with Divine Energy.

To the greatest extent that you can, move forward in your life living "as if." Live your life - in the highest and best way possible - as if you are absolutely, vibrantly, energetically alive! And your subjective mind will accept this as your Truth and will provide everything to support the action.

So again, with conviction:
1. Look for what is working
2. Stand vigil with your thoughts.
3. Begin and maintain an affirmative prayer program
4. Act as though you were whole, perfect and filled with Divine Energy.

The Power of Being in Community

I want to speak for a moment about the healing/wholing power of community, even when we are physically separated. Did you know that companionship is as biologically important to all living creatures as food and water are?

In a test with tadpoles, zoologists have found that even these humble creatures are so deeply influenced by social need that a solitary tadpole will regenerate an injured part of its body slowly, but if it is given even the dimmest sense of companionship of fellow tadpoles, its healing powers speed up almost miraculously.

University of Chicago scientists have discovered that when mice are raised in contact with fellow mice they grow faster than when they are reared on an identical diet, but in isolation.k

An experiment with humans was done in which people were exposed to cold germs. Those who socialized and received hugs were significantly less apt to actually get the cold.

And in another study, they found that in younger women, the more hugs they get, the lower their blood pressure and a study of pre-menopausal women showed that those who had the most hugs had reduced heart rates.l So when this Covid problem subsides we have hugs to look forward to.

So I guess there's something to be said for this little poem:
No moving parts, no batteries,
No monthly payments and no fees;
Inflation proof, nontaxable,
In fact, it's quite relaxable.
It can't be stolen, it won't pollute;
One size fits all, do not dilute.
It uses little energy,
But yields results enormously.
Relieves your tension and your stress,
Invigorates your happiness.
Combats depression, makes you beam,
And elevates your self-esteem!
Your circulation it corrects
Without unpleasant side effects.
It is, I think, the perfect drug:
May I prescribe, my friend . . . The Hug!

My friend, community - a strong community is vitally important to your vitality and health! And we are here to be that even when it is at a distance. Love always gets through.

Now, I want us to do something together: We will do a "Hearth Math" Heart Coherence meditation to bring the brain cells in your brain and in your heart into coherence with one another, which activates healing!

Heart Coherence Meditation:

1. Turn attention to the space in your chest where your physical heart resides.

2. Slow your breathing down - 5 counts in/5 counts out.

3. For a few minutes - do your best to feel appreciation, care, compassion, and gratitude.

Father, Mother God; we know that we are one with you and that we were created in your image and likeness. You are our refuge and our fortress; our God, in whom we trust. You desire truth in the inward being therefore teach me wisdom in my secret heart. And help me to close the door to all outer things as I am guided by You. For I know that everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds. So, I ask for all who hear my voice today that you grant the desires of their hearts, that you heal and prosper them. So, we now forgive all those who have offended us in any way. And we forgive ourselves for any perceived errors in our lives. We release and let go of every unforgiving thought that we have had. And we give thanks for all that we have received and all that we have yet to receive. Thank you, Father, Amen!

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