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Sunday Message for March 28, 2021


Let's begin with a prayer: Father, Mother, God; I now open my mind to divine inspiration and follow my divine direction. Wise thoughts flow as answers to my heart's desires. Courageously I am attuned to divine inspiration, confidence, and sure with every step. Never am I without a sense of direction, for everywhere I am God is. I am inspired in prayer. Amen

I once read a book filled with advice on giving good sermons. One of the points said: A really good sermon is similar to a really good sandwich in that it has two ends made out of a rich and robust bread and then lots of juicy, succulent, delicious meat and/or ripe, healthy veggies in the middle. However, unlike a really good sandwich, the two ends of a really good sermon should be as close together as possible.

Well, today is your lucky day because I am going to follow the Sermon Sandwich Rule and have the beginning and the end fairly close together!

It was Palm Sunday, and the family's 6-year-old son had to stay home from church because of strep throat. When the rest of the family returned home carrying palm branches, the little boy asked what they were for.

His mother explained, "People held them over Jesus' head as he walked by."

"Wouldn't you know it," the boy fumed. "The one Sunday I don't go to church, and Jesus shows up!"

Lucky you are here today, eh??

We will begin by looking at how we never need to "push our luck," but rather how can access a key ingredient that will pull our highest good straight toward us. So, let's dive right into the meat (or veggies) of our sermon sandwich!

Each week this month, we have taken one of the four "luck factors"a as uncovered in a 10-year study on luck, done by Dr. Richard Wiseman and set forth in his book, The Luck Factor: Four simple principles that will change your luck - and your life.

And, of course, we have said all along - and here's one last reminder - we know that luck has absolutely NOTHING to do with it.

What we know is that:
* When we expect our good and become living embodiments of it;
* When we are grateful for what we already have and seize upon the myriad of opportunities that Spirit puts in front of us; and
* When we choose to see God/The Good right in the middle of any challenge . . .
. . . our lives shift and change for the better. And it's not about luck; but rather it's about living in harmony with Divine Love, with Infinite Peace, with Eternal Plenty, with Immeasurable Power; all of which are God AND as we are living in harmony with those Spiritual Qualities, we are utilizing that Neutral, Impersonal Law which always says "yes" to whatever we plant it in, for us rather than against us!

So, what's luck got to do with it? Nada. Zippo. Zilch. It's all about how we get ourselves consciously connected to, aligned, and in harmony with God!

And our fourth luck factor is no exception to what I've just said! It is: Lucky People Listen to Their Hunches

Lucky people listen to their hunches.

How might we say that a different way? Lucky people follow their intuition. Right? And where does our intuition come from? It's the Voice of God in us.

Of intuition, Charles Fillmore writes in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary: "There is a wisdom of the heart; it is called intuition. It is very much surer in guidance than the head. When one trusts Spirit and looks to it for understanding, a certain confidence in the invisible good develops in the soul. This faith awakens the so-called sixth sense, intuition or divine knowing."b

Lucky people allow it to do so. Simple as that!

From "The Luck Factor," Wiseman writes: "When I asked lucky and unlucky people what was behind their successful and unsuccessful decision they had very little idea how to explain their consistent good and bad luck. Lucky people said that they simply knew when a decision was right. In contrast, unlucky people viewed many of their poor choices as yet more evidence of how they were always destined to fail. I undertook research to discover why lucky people's decisions led to so much more success and happiness than those of unlucky people. The results were to show the remarkable ability of our unconscious minds."c

According to the research, there are two factors behind lucky people listening to their hunches and the first might sound like a Homer Simson "duh!" but the importance of it can't be overstressed. Lucky People Listen to AND Follow Their Gut Feelings and Hunches

So, it's more than just listening to. You can listen to your intuition all night long, but if you don't do what you hear, then . . . well, we might as well not listen.

I love this thought on intuition from someone who did some life-saving work in the field of medical science: "It is always with excitement that I wake up in the morning wondering what my intuition will toss up to me, like gifts from the sea. I work with it and rely on it. It's my partner."d

Who is this man of science? Jonas Salk, the man who discovered and developed one of the first successful polio vaccines. The world owes his intuition and his willingness to follow it a debt of great gratitude!

So, lucky people listen to and follow their intuition.

And the second factor Wiseman's research uncovered is that they also: Take Steps to Boost Their Intuition

In the research, Wiseman presented a variety of techniques purported to enhance intuition to see if they were, in fact, effective. And each of them did enhance intuition - one dramatically so!

They are:
* Finding a quiet place to think
* Using technique to clear the mind
* Returning to the problem later (Apparently there's some credence to Scarlett O'Hara's anthem, "fiddle-dee-dee, I'll think about it tomorrow!")
* But the one technique that was most statistically dramatic is (anyone want to take a guess - it's a spiritual practice we teach here!): Meditation, not specifically on a question or issue; they just had meditation as a regular practice.

And here's a way I have discovered in my years of informal "research" as a Spiritual Leader - and it is directly related to the first idea of listening to and following our intuition hits. If we act upon our intuitive hits, they get stronger and clearer. Acting on our intuition hones it, strengthens it.

But, if we don't act upon them, then those hits get quieter and quieter. They stop speaking to us in ways we can hear, because why should they bother? We don't listen anyway! So, you want to boost your intuition and benefit from its profound wisdom . . . which, by the way I believe will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER steer you wrong . . . then listen to them and follow!

And when we listen to, follow, and hone our intuition, we never need to PUSH OUR LUCK, because:
* that which serves and supports,
* that which uplifts and empowers,
* that prospers and enlivens is simply PULLED to us!

In the early 2000s, Wiseman capped his long study of lucky people with the creation of what he called a "luck school," in which he gave unlucky people exercises that taught them how to live from the four principles which are to:

  • Expect their good to come to them;
  • Maximize what they already had as well as the opportunities presented to them;
  • Turn their bad luck into good; and
  • Listen to their intuition . . .

. . . . in other words, to do the things that lucky people do.

He reported that, a mere month later, 80 percent of the unlucky people in his school said they were happier and luckier.

Might you spend the next month, the month of April, enrolling in your own luck school, and seeing how these four simple principles won't change your luck, but will definitely change your life!

Let's pray:
Mother, Father, God; I know that I am your beloved child and therefore I expect my good to come to me easily and effortlessly. I value the things that I have right now, and I value the opportunities presented to me to grow. When I have the perception of bad luck in my life, I turn it into good by seeing only God in all things. I now listen to the wisdom of my heart. I trust Spirit and look to it for understanding. This faith awakens my intuition, my divine knowing, and I center myself in God. Thank you, God. AMEN

aDr. Richard Wiseman The Luck Factor: Four Principles that Will Change Your Luck - and Your Life.
bCharles Fillmore Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
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dJonas Salk

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