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Sunday Message for April 18, 2021


Let's begin with a prayer: Mother, Father, God; May your words be like a lamp that lights my way. May your love be like a compass that gives me direction. May your truth be like a signpost bringing clarity. May your peace be like a measure that guides my decisions. May your words be in my mind, Your love guides my feet, Your truth be a sign, As I am aware that you are always with me. Amen.

Welcome to our month of brilliance! Our month of shining bright like a diamond. The most brilliant gem that exists is the diamond. I was going to hold one up for you to see but realized I don't own a diamond. I gave all my diamonds to my daughter when she got married. I thought she might like to have her ring made up of the diamonds her father gave me when we married. But I'm sure you have all seen diamonds.

And each and every one of us came into this life to shine bright like a diamond. To glow, to radiate, to be ablaze with the Brilliance of the Divine shining forth as us.

Now we may think we need a bit of polishing OR perhaps the rough edges could be softened OR a layer of soot and grime could be cleaned off, but regardless of any of that, at our core, there is Brilliance with a capital "B" and it sits patiently waiting to shine forth.

Say with me: "My Brilliance . . . with a capital "B" . . . is waiting to shine."
Turn to someone and say: "I see your Brilliance with a capital "B."
Say it to someone else. And then a third.

Because it is often easier to see it in someone else than in ourselves, isn't it? Let me let you in on a little secret. The only reason you can see it in another is because it is in you!!

This month, I pray you begin to see it in yourself more and more and more.

We are talking about the four methods of grading a diamond, called the Four C's: Cut * Clarity * Color * Carat

Last week we explored Cut. Today we will see what Clarity has to offer us.

Diamonds are brought close to the Earth's surface through deep volcanic eruptions. This process can result in a variety of internal imperfections called "inclusions" and external imperfections called "blemishes."

Evaluating a diamond's Clarity involves determining the number, size, relief, nature and position of these imperfections, as well as how they affect the overall appearance of the stone.

The closer a diamond comes to being perfectly Clear, meaning it has no inclusions or blemishes, the higher its value.

To rate a diamond's Clarity, experts use a powerful magnifying loupe which allows them to see the inclusions and blemishes, as well as the beauty and the brilliance.

There are five categories of Clarity that determine the value of a diamond. As I read them, let's start putting them in the context of how you value yourself, shall we?? They are (from most to least valuable):

Flawless-Internally to Flawless - A diamond of this clarity is the rarest and most beautiful diamond there is.

Very, Very Slightly Included (meaning Flawed - so I'm going to say flawed from now on because that's what it is) -- a Very, Very Slightly Flawed diamond has insignificant blemishes on the surface imperceptible to an inexperienced examiner.

A Very Slightly Flawed diamond has inclusions that are perceptible but classified as minor.

Slightly Flawed - Has inclusions and blemishes that are noticeable.

Finally, Included or Flawed - The least valuable diamond has inclusions that are noticeable enough to affect its transparency and brilliance.

Using this Diamond Clarity Scale, how do you think about yourself and/or your life?? Do you think of yourself as Flawless-Internally to Flawless or as Flawed? Do you think of your life as Flawless-Internally to Flawless or as Flawed? Or somewhere in between?

I said this at the beginning of our time together and I will say it again: Each and every one of us came into this life to shine bright like a diamond. To glow, to radiate, to be ablaze with the Brilliance of the Divine shining forth as us.

And I will now add to that by saying: The Brilliance of the Divine is Flawless-Internally to Flawless. And, therefore, so are we!

Now we may not think that about ourselves, we may not act that way, we may not have a life that reflects our Internally Flawless nature, but that does not change one whit the fact that we are!

Here's the deal . . . if we think we are Flawed, then our lives will reflect that! If we think we are Slightly Flawed our lives will reflect that. If we think we are Very Slightly Flawed our lives will reflect that. If we think we are Very, Very Slightly Flawed our lives will reflect that. And if we think we are Flawless-Internally to Flawless our lives will reflect that.

So you see 'what you think is what you get'?!

So, how clear is your thinking about your life? How much Clarity of Being do you have? Where, my friends, would you put yourself, right here this morning, on the Clarity Rating Scale?

And I chose those words carefully. Where have YOU put yourself?

Because today, you are the only one putting you there. You may have had help getting there by childhood experiences, unpleasant, even abusive occurrences in your life.

You may have done some things in the past you regret, but today sitting here in this room, you and only you are the judge and jury. You are the only one with the powerful magnifying loupe looking at yourself through it.

The truth is you were born Flawless-Internally to Flawless. In Unity, we believe in Original Innocence rather than Original Sin. We are not born sinners we are born Whole, Perfect and Complete.

Unlike a diamond, which is stuck with its Clarity rating, we can change the way we think and feel about ourselves, the way we think and feel about our lives and the way we behave in the world. We can uncover our Internally Flawless nature and reveal it!

The question of the morning is how CLEAR are your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your life?

Understandably, while the sum total of all of our thoughts, feelings, values, attitudes, words, actions and reactions may not be Flawless-Internally to Flawless, the closer we come the more valuable you will see yourself to be and the higher and greater will be your experience. (can we get to at least Very Slightly Included (Flawed)?),

We know that we are surrounded by an Intelligent Creative Principle which operates upon our thoughts, right?

So, then it makes sense that the clearer we are in our thinking, the better that Intelligent Creative Principle can organize energy into form.

Let me say that again because it is pretty darned important:

The clearer we are in our thinking, the better the Universe [or Intelligent Creative Principle] can organize energy into form.

It doesn't take a geologist or a rocket scientist to figure out that when your thoughts are clear about who and whose you are and about life, your life works for the better.

As an example:

A man and his wife, now in their 70's, were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. On their special day, a Good Fairy came to them and said that because they had been such a devoted couple, she would grant each of them a very special wish.

The wife wished for a trip around the world with her husband.

Whoosh! Immediately she had airline and cruise tickets in her hands.

The man thought for a moment and then wished for a female companion 30 years younger...

Whoosh...immediately he turned 100!!!

The Clarity of a diamond brings out its brilliance; the clarity of our thought brings out the brilliance in ourselves and in our lives!

Do you know there is a difference between true, clear thinking and mere mental activity?

True thinking, clear thinking comes from the depth of our beingness. It is based on goodness and creativity and love. True thinking, clear thinking is based in our soul, based in our greater being.

Having true, clear thinking requires that we pay attention to and choose our thoughts rather than letting them run wily nilly!

Stuart Wilde says that: "Without mental discipline and some kind of [mental] control, it's like having 40 chickens in a truck and they're constantly flying about. There are feathers everywhere and a tremendous commotion is going on. Somehow you've got to sit your chickens down in little rows and keep them quiet."a

So how do you sit your chickens down in a little row and keep them quiet?

It starts with paying attention. Stand guard the portals of your mindb as Emerson said. But it doesn't end there. I love this affirmation:

"Each time a negative thought attempts to enter my mind I become aware of it and replace it with a positive thought."

And now I want to tweak that affirmation:

"Each time a negative thought attempts to enter my mind I become aware of it, I stop and deeply breathe, I consciously expand the energy field around me and then I replace it with a positive thought."

Do you have on hand a supply of true, clear thoughts about yourself and your life that you can choose in a moment?

This is our practice. Begin practicing today by paying attention to what you are thinking and have some fun discovering that you really can choose your own thoughts -- you can choose to have true, clear thoughts. You can choose to have the kind of mind that actually generates your highest life.

In Practical Metaphysics by Eric Butterworth it says: "As Emerson says, "God may fire us with his presence." We can get away from the thought of God somewhere, and think of God as present, active within us, expressing himself as us. We must let go of the tendency to pray to God, to reach for God, to supplicate help from God, and to get to the realization that God is present as the allness in which I exist and you exist, as an eachness. These are not just words, this is a realization that we must work to realize. It's important to let go of the "Say your prayers" technique. Prayer is not conditioning God with your needs, begging for handouts from heaven. Rather, prayer is conditioning your life with the activity of God. Start causing some change in God or the attitude of God, but it's causing a change in your tendency, your consciousness, your awareness, so that you can acknowledge that which is."c

CONCLUSION So let us take a moment right here and now to clarify our thoughts through prayer.

Father, Mother, God; We know that You are an anchor for us, keeping us steady. We now open to Your clarity.
When our world feels noisy and confusing, we open to your peace.
When chaos surrounds us, we know You are our center.
When our mind is consumed with every worry, we know that You lead us to your still waters and restore our soul.
When we don't know how to navigate unchartered waters, we open to your strength.
When we are at a crossroads, we open to your guidance and wisdom.
I pray this prayer for clarity and direction today knowing that. I am your child, and I have incredible worth.
Thank you God for always answering my prayers. AMEN

aStuart Wilde
cPractical Metaphysics by Eric Butterworth

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