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Sunday Message for April 25, 2021


Prayer: Father, Mother, God; I am now open to divine ideas and use them to prosper my life. I catch hold of and am inspired by divine ideas with which to live in purpose and passion each day. Anchored in divine abundance, I am poised for possibilities. Gratefully, in oneness with God, I prosper. Thank you, God. Amen.

A family went on a European vacation with Sara, their six-year-old daughter. During the trip, they visited many cathedrals with exquisite stained-glass windows.

After they returned from their vacation, one day in Sunday school, the teacher said to the class, "Does anyone know who the saints are?"

"Pick me! Pick me! I know, I know," Sara cried out. The teacher was quite taken with her enthusiasm, so she picked her and said, "OK, Sara, tell us who are the saints?"

Sara exclaimed, "Saints are the people the LIGHT shines through."

Now, hold that thought!

In this month's series, we are taking one of the "C" qualities of diamond ratings (cut, clarity, color and carat) each week and applying that quality to enhancing our ability to shine bright like a diamond.

Today, we focus on Color. Many experts believe that Color is the number one consideration in choosing a diamond.

The most highly valued diamond is a diamond that has no color. A colorless diamond is chemically pure and structurally perfect and lets the light shine through . . . just like it shines through the saints. Whew! You were just waiting to know how that opening story tied in, weren't you?

The question of this morning . . . the big question of this morning . . . is how colorless are we? Or said another way, how much of God's Light do we let shine through us?

How pure and unfiltered are we in our hearts and in our minds to let God be the Presence; to let God be the Power; to let God be the Light in, through and as our lives?

The great spiritual master Lao-Tzu once said: "Every human being's essential nature is perfect and faultless, but after years of immersion in the world, we easily forget our roots and take on a counterfeit nature."a

Our exploration today is how do we return to the pure, unfiltered, colorless diamond that we are? Are you ready for it?? Good, because you actually have a very large role to play in our time together. This is not a passive Sunday; it's going to be an active one! I do hope you are ready.

Who is familiar with Joel Goldsmith? What do you do know about him? He was a contemporary of the Fillmores and considered a modern-day mystic. He founded The Infinite Way movement. He authored over 20 books. If you were to summarize his teachings, what would you say? Just seek to know God as you. That's it. Nothing more!

In one of his books Practicing the Presence, he wrote: "God is love; God is life; God is Spirit; God is all. That is true whether we are saints or sinners; it is true whether we are young or old, Jew or Gentile, Oriental or Occidental, black, yellow or white. There are no exceptions to God; God is no respecter of persons. There is no way in which God can be left out of Its own universe, but we can leave ourselves out of it. God is; there is a God - never doubt that. This God is infinite in nature, eternal, universal, impersonal, impartial, and omnipresent. But how do we avail ourselves of that which God is? How do we bring this that we know about God into our individual experience?"b

There again is our question of the morning. He goes on to say: "To illustrate, we can turn to the field of music. The principle of music is absolute. If, however, we fail to understand its principle and the sounds produced turn into a jumble of discordant noises, we do not rail against the principle of music."c

Let's stop Goldsmith's thoughts here for a quick moment and reflect. How many of us have railed against God when our life appeared to be a jumble of discordant noises?

Or, even after we learned about the way life works and the operation of a spiritual law that always and only says "yes" to that which gets planted in it, how often have we railed against the principle saying things like "this stuff doesn't work!" or "it works for everyone but me" when our life appears to be a jumble of discordant noises? More often than we may want to admit is my guess!

Returning to Goldsmith: ". . . If we fail to understand [the principle of music] and the sounds produced turn into a jumble of discordant noises, we do not rail against the principle . . . [Instead] We apply ourselves more diligently to practicing the principle until we become proficient in its application. So, it must be in our God-experience. God is, and God is here, and God is now, but God is available only in proportion to our realization and willingness to accept the discipline that is necessary for the attainment of that mind which was also in Christ Jesus."d

And what was that mind? It was the mind that knew its oneness with the Divine.

Of Jesus, Fillmore writes in The Revealing Word: "Jesus dwelt continually in the consciousness of Christ to the point of realization of unity with the Father and Son. To abide in Christ is to live in the perfection of God-Mind, the thought of God, the living Christ."e

Well, I want to look at attaining that mind in a unique way this morning.

Taking the lead from our colorless diamond, I want to look at what happens when the light goes through it. A diamond is a group of prisms, right? What occurs when white light shines through an unfiltered prism? It separates into its component colors, which are: Red * Orange * Yellow * Green * Blue * Violet

I pose, this morning, that those are the colors of our lives!

I love these words from Fillmore in the Revealing Word: "Christ is the Son of God or spiritual nucleus within each person. All our thoughts must harmonize with this spiritual center before we can bring into expression the divine consciousness. Each man has within himself the Christ idea, just as Jesus had. Man must look to the indwelling Christ in order to recognize his sonship, his divine origin and birth, even as did the Savior. This real self is "closer . . . than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet." It is the kingdom of God in each person"f

Here's what I want us to do with that idea. There is a handout in the pew pocket in front of you. We are going to do a process in a few moments for you to identify the qualities of the Divine that ring true for you within each of the colors of the spectrum that make up who you are when you are letting God shine fully through you!

Have your color wheel in your hand and a pen. Everyone ready. Let's close our eyes. Anchor; center. Concentrate on your breath.
I'm going to have you identify one or two qualities for each of the colors. I will read and then reread each of the colors and their qualities. But you don't have to pick any of those. You may have others that pop up for you to write on your color wheel.

The first is Red - The qualities are Energy, strength, vigor, power, fire, determination, passion, love

Orange - Enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, success, victory, encouragement, support

Yellow - Joy, happiness, lightheartedness, intelligence, freshness, newness, spontaneity, cheerfulness; centuries ago, yellow was associated with honor and loyalty

Green - Growth, harmony, safety, abundance (including financial), stability, endurance, healing and wholeness

Blue - Depth, trustworthiness, confidence, faith, truth, calm, tranquility, sincerity, understanding, softness, knowledge, integrity

Violet or Purple - Royalty, nobility, luxury, wealth, wisdom, dignity, independence, mystery, magic

Open your eyes slightly and gaze upon what you wrote down. Those are the colors of the Divine that express uniquely as you through the colorless diamond that you are. Breathe them in; drink them in. Let it be your intention and activity to live those colors throughout your life.

Now narrow your focus so you bring your attention just on the diamond at the center of your color wheel. See that as the diamond that you are. See that it is pure and colorless.

Then widen your gaze to encompass not just the diamond, but the colors and their qualities as well.

Close your eyes again and hear these final words from Joel Goldsmith in Practicing the Presence: "To seek God without a purpose is the ultimate of spiritual realization."g

May you seek God this week only for the sake of experiencing God as you through the colors of your life.

Let's anchor that in prayer. Father, Mother, God; I now accept and embrace all the colors of my life, all the God attributes that are mine to express. Anchored in faith, I claim peace to keep me patient and positive, guidance to show me the way, healing to claim my wholeness, and abundant supply to meet my every need. Thank you, God. Amen.

aLao Tzu (commonly translated as "Old Master") an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer. He is the reputed author of the Tao Te Ching, the founder of philosophical Taoism, and a deity in religious Taoism and traditional Chinese religions.
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