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Sunday Message for May 2, 2021

What Carat is Your Conviction?

Let's start with a prayer: Mother, Father, God; Thank you for always being a light in the dark places of the world and the dark places of our lives. Our hope is in God, for you are the light of the world and you call us to be lights for others. May your light and love blaze in us and in all the world. Amen

Shine bright like a diamond
Find light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy
You and I, you and I, we're like diamonds in the sky

These lyrics to a 2012 pop song set the tone for our theme this month, which is "Shining Our Brilliance." We have had a brilliant month of exploring how each and every one of us came into this life to shine bright like a diamond. To glow, to radiate, to be ablaze with the Brilliance of the Divine.

To get us all on the same page and to set the tone for our final conversation on this topic, I want to do a brief review. On Easter, the first Sunday of the month, our theme was "Arise and Shine." Perhaps that talk could be summarized by this statement: Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day.

Then on each of the following weeks, we looked at one of the 4 "Cs" of the diamond rating scale. The first of the four "Cs" was "Cut" and this pretty much sums up everything we spoke about on that Sunday: Your Dad's been under a lot of pressure lately. (family of coal with a diamond father)

We then looked at Clarity and how we can be clear vessels for the expression of the Divine to flow in, through and as us. Well, clarity is important in all ways, including in our communication, as this clearly illustrates: The wife said she wanted "a dime and ring" . . . . and that is when the fight started.

Next we looked at the Color of a diamond, and we explored what qualities of God color our lives through a really powerful exercise with our color wheel. That was just last week, so you remember it, right?

OK, I couldn't find a clever saying that actually fit that topic, but I was reminded of something a child said after having dinner. When asked if we wanted apple pie for dessert and the 5 year old child meekly said "No, but do you have anything brown?" Here's the best I could do relating that question to diamonds: Dear Diamond, we all know who is really a girl's best friend. Yours Sincerely, Chocolate Cake (or it could have been signed "Something Brown.")

The final quality of the diamond rating scale and the final "C," which we will explore today, is Carat. The more Carats a diamond is, the more valuable it is.

To introduce our theme of Carats, here's a saying from someone relatively famous or should we say infamous: I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond. Mae West

Well, if that didn't set the bar low for today, I don't know what would! Let's explore the meaning the Carat of a diamond can have for us!

Because larger diamonds are more rare than smaller diamonds, the value rises exponentially as the diamond gets larger or weighs more Carats.

Our application of this quality of a diamond today is this: What carat is your conviction that you are a walking, talking manifestation of God's Love and Law? As we know, Love points the way; Law makes the way possible.

The weightier it is, the more value it will have for you!

What carat is your trust in yourself as an expression of God's Love and Law?

The larger it is, the more value you will bring to your life!

What carat is your believing in the Allness, the Wholeness and the Perfection of God's Love and Law?

The bigger it is, the more valuable your life experience will be!

The size and weight of your conviction, of your trust and of your belief can make all the difference in the value of your life! Can I get an amen to that?

And I know how easy it is to say:

"My conviction that I am a walking, talking manifestation of God's Love and Law is strong" . . . when things are going well.

And we can say that:

"My trust in myself as an expression of God's Love and Law is large" . . . when we are doing well.


"My belief in the Allness, the Wholeness and the Perfection of God's Love and Law is great" . . . until the you-know-what hits the fan!

Do you know what I'm talking about?!

But if our conviction, if our trust, if our belief cannot withstand the appearance of a challenge, then what good is it? And it begs the question "did we really have it in the first place?"

Let me illustrate with a demonstration that you will get to follow along in your mind. Ready??

A teacher was presenting to his students the Law of the Pendulum, which is this: A pendulum can never return to the same point from which it was released. Because of friction and gravity, when the pendulum returns, it will always fall short of its original release point. Each time it swings it makes less and less of an arc, until finally it is at rest. That's the Law of the Pendulum.

To demonstrate this Law to his students, he attached a 3-foot string to a child's toy top and secured it to the top of the blackboard with a thumbtack.

He then pulled the top to one side and made a mark on the blackboard where he let it go. Each time it swung back, it in fact fell short of its previous swing. The teacher made a new mark. It took less than a minute for the top to complete its swinging and come to rest. When he finished the demonstration, the markings on the blackboard proved the thesis.

The teacher then asked how many students BELIEVED the Law of the Pendulum was true. Without exception, all the students raised their hands.

The students thought the demonstration was over. In reality, it had just begun. Hanging from the steel ceiling beams in the middle of the room was a large, crude but functional pendulum.

It was 250 pounds of metal weights tied to four strands of 500-pound test parachute cord.

The teacher invited a student to sit in a chair several yards away from the pendulum with the back of his head against a cement wall. The teacher then brought the 250 pounds of metal up to the student's nose.

Holding the huge pendulum just a fraction of an inch from the student's face, he once again explained the Law of the Pendulum - which the students had unanimously agreed to only moments before - and then said to the student sitting in the chair:

"If the Law of the Pendulum is true, then when I release this mass of metal, it will swing across the room and return short of the release point. Your nose will be in no danger."

After that final restatement of this Law, the teacher looked at the student in the eye and asked, "Do you believe this Law is true?"

There was a long pause. Huge beads of sweat formed on his upper lip and then weakly he nodded and whispered, "Yes."

The teacher released the pendulum. It made a swishing sound as it arced across the room. At the far end of its swing, it paused momentarily and started back.

As it neared him, the student moved faster than he had ever moved in his entire life to get out of the way. He literally dived from the chair to avoid the returning pendulum at which time the teacher asked the class:

"Does he or does he not believe in the Law of the Pendulum?"

The students unanimously answered, "NO!"

I say again:

If the weight of our conviction, trust and belief cannot withstand the appearance of a challenge, then what good is it? And it begs the question "did we really have it in the first place?"

But, again, when the pendulum is coming at your nose, it can be hard to believe and easy to get in fear.

Jesus, our Master Teacher, the Way Shower, said four times in the Bible: "Be ye not afraid."

Now it's interesting that three of the four times he said this, he said it to his disciples - which all Metaphysical Bible interpretations suggest represent the faculties of our minds. The disciples metaphysically represent all the different aspects of our mind - the "committee"!

Now here's something interesting to note about the construction of the Greek language, which is the first translation of the New Testament from Aramaic. Stay with me on this, OK? I got you warmed up with having to track the pendulum story. Now you get to track this!

There is a part of speech in the Greek language called the PRESENT IMPERATIVE, which has a particular meaning that does not exist in the English language.

When a commandment was given in the PRESENT IMPERATIVE, it was meant to be a commandment that said:

"Do this thing I am commanding now and do it as a continuous and steady practice in the future."

We don't get that from our language. For example, if someone says to you "Be still." Does that mean just right now or as a continuous and steady practice in the future? We can't tell, and we usually interpret it to mean just right now.

But when something in Greek was constructed in the PRESENT IMPERATIVE, they knew what it meant. It meant:

"Do this thing now and keep doing it as a steady and continuous practice in the future."

Isn't that fascinating?! But wait, there's more!

There is another important point about the PRESENT IMPERATIVE tense. When it's said in the negative - such as "BE YE NOT AFRAID" -- there is an additional meaning.

It means:

"STOP doing what you've been doing, don't do it now and don't do it in the future."

So, specifically, Jesus said four times (three times to us!):

"Stop being afraid like you have been, don't be afraid now and don't be afraid as a steady and continuous practice in the future."

And the reason he could say this is because he knew, he intrinsically knew and had a deep, weighty conviction that he was a walking, talking manifestation of God's Love and Law.

He completely trusted in himself as an expression of God's Love and Law.

And he had a complete and total belief in the Allness, the Wholeness and the Perfection of God's Love and Law.

That is why he could say to us:

"Stop being afraid like you have been, don't be afraid now and don't be afraid as a steady and continuous practice in the future."

That idea is worth its weight in diamonds, wouldn't you say?

I believe in being very specific and concrete so here are some very specific examples of the value that kind of conviction, trust and belief could have in your life . . .

It means you know that if a job ends, there's a better one waiting for you.

It means that you know if an illness strikes, there is a newness and a rebirthing yearning to take place in you.

It means if your finances hit the skids, there is an ebb and flow and an ebb and flow to life and that Source is always Source.

It means that you know if a loved one dies or a relationship ends, even in your grief and heartache, there is still great love available to you.

It even means that WHEN you die (notice I didn't say IF you die), you know that your life still flows on with the currents of eternity.

It means all of those things, and when we . . .

Stay with the One and never deviate from It.

When we never leave It for a moment.

Nothing else can equal this attitude.

When we can be the person who throws him or herself with a complete abandon into that Limitless Sea of Receptivity, having cut loose from all apparent moorings, we will be the one who will always receive the greatest reward.

And our lives will shine bright like diamonds in the sky!

Let's pray. Father, Mother, God; I now release and let go of all that no longer serves me. I now take the words of Jesus to heart and I fear no more. I am open to receive all my good now. So, I step forth into my life and shine like a diamond. Thank you, God, Amen.

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