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Sunday Message for August 8, 2021


Let's start with prayer: Father, Mother, God; help us to realize there is no lack in this universe. God is limitless and infinite. We need to open up to accept everything that God has already given us. We need to stop limiting our good, stop limiting our prosperity. So together we say: I accept. I am open to all that God has given. AMEN.

"You can start out with nothing, and out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made." ~ said by Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith; former drug enthusiast turned spiritual enthusiast turned inspirational bad ass.

That is the opening quote from You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, and about that quote, Jen Sincero, said: "I used to think quotes like this were a bunch of c**p. I also didn't understand what the h**l they were talking about. I mean, not that I cared. I was too cool. What little I knew about the self-help/spiritual world I found to be unforgivably cheesy: it reeked of desperation, rah-rah churchiness and unwanted hugs from unappealing strangers. And don't even get me started on how grouchy I used to be about God. At the same time, there was all this stuff about my life that I desperately wanted to change and, had I been able to bulldoze through my holier-than-thouism, I could have really used some help around here. I mean, overall I was doing pretty well. I'd published a couple of books, had lots of great friends, a close family, an apartment, a car that ran, food, teeth, clothes, clean drinking water - compared to the majority of the planet, my life was a total cream puff. But compared to what I knew I was capable of, I was, shall we say, unimpressed. I always felt like Come ON, this is the best I can do? Really? I'm going to make just enough to pay my rent this month? Again? And I'm going to spend another year dating a bunch of weirdoes so I can be in all these wobbly, non-committal relationships and create ever more drama? Really? And am I seriously going to question what my deeper purpose is and wallow in the misery of that quagmire for the millionth time? It. Was. A. Snore. I felt like I was going through the motions of living my lukewarm life with the occasional flare-ups of awesomeness here and there. And the most painful part was that deep down I KNEW I was a total rock star, that I had the power to give and receive and love with the best of 'em, that I could leap tall buildings in a single bound and could create anything I put my mind to and . . . what's that? I just got a parking ticket? You have got to be kidding me, let me see that. I can't afford to pay this, it's like my third one this month? I'm going down there to talk to them right now . . . then, doop de do, off I'd go, consumed once again by low-level minutiae, only to find myself, a few weeks later, wondering where those few weeks went and how it could possibly be that I was still stuck in my rickety-ass apartment, eating dollar tacos by myself every night."a

Anyone ever feel like that? Or maybe not like your life is a big snooze, but there is more. There is more for you to become, more God to express.

Mr. Edward Rabel, said in a sermon: "You know, the fact of Truth that your or my consciousness will never entirely grasp all of God is the very thing that guarantees to keep us happy forever. This is because God is Infinite which means it cannot be encompassed. So, God in His Infinity cannot be encompassed by anything including man's mentality.
Now why do I say that this will keep us happy? Because wherever we are, wherever we go, whatever becomes of us there's always more God in store for you. Think of this. There will always be more of God in store for you. To realize this is to be happy eternally because you've removed the one possibility from your future which would drive you insane - Boredom!"b

So, this month, while it's really hot outside, we are heating it up inside by pushing out the edges of our comfort zones with this wild book, You are a Badass and today specifically focused on the book You are a Badass at Making Money.

I asked you last week to think about the possibilities for your life if you were to push the edges of your personal comfort zone, took the handbrakes off the ways in which you believe in yourself, and really let your light shine and your God-given talents expressed; If you lived as your Authentic Self. Remember that?

Well, these books invite us to do just that and experience just how awesome and badass we (and our lives) can actually be.

We each have access to unlimited resources, untapped potential, and unrealized awesomeness.

We just need to know where to look for it. Today we hit the Mother Lode of Good because we start looking in the right places!

And we are going to look in three very powerful places I've entitled:

Give Yourself an Allowance
Get Involved in Some Risky Business
Mix Up a Cocktail of Creation

Give Yourself an Allowance

Not like you used to give yourself as a kid! But rather allow yourself to tap into the Motherlode of Good.

Jen Sincero writes in You are a Badass at Making Money: "Everybody arrives on this planet with unique desires, gifts, and talents, and as you journey through life, your job is to discover what yours are, to nurture them and to bloom into the most authentic, gleeful and badassiest version of yourself. In order to do this, as a human being in modern society on Planet Earth, you must be rich. And let me clarify what I mean by rich lest you think I'm saying your life is worthless unless it involves a mansion and a yacht: RICH: Able to afford all the things and experiences required to fully experience your most authentic life."c

Your desires were given to you by the Universal Intelligence that created everything in existence with the express purpose of being carried out by you during your lifetime.

In You are a Badass at Making Money Jen Sincero writes: "One of the biggest obstacles to making lots of money is not a lack of good ideas or opportunities or time or that we're too slovenly or stupid, it's that we refuse to give ourselves permission to become rich."d

Decriminalize money. Decriminalize those who have it! The scripture has been used against us in this regard! We might remember the scripture:
"Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven."e
"Money is the root of all evil."f
"Store your treasure in heaven."g

What else? How do you find yourself doing it?

Eric Butterworth says in Discover the Secret of Life: "The great key to the infinite universe is that the whole of God's substance is present in its entirety at every point in space at the same time, not just some of it. All the substance in the universe, present at any point of human need.
Whenever one is experiencing less than total abundance in every department of his life, total abundance, you must be blocking the flow or pushing it away."h

It is time to give yourself an allowance by making it OK to be abundant. By making it OK to have money. By making it OK to be rich!!!

Get Involved in Some Risky Business

In order to hit the Mother Lode of Good you must be engaged in some Risky Business. Now not the kind Tom Cruise encountered in his breakout lead role in the movie of the same name, but you need to take a risk. When was the last time you took a risk?

It says in Badass at Making Money: "We've been raised to believe that you have to work hard to make money, and certainly there are times when this is true, but the real secret is you have to take huge, uncomfy risks. You have to do stuff you've never done before, to make yourself visible, to acknowledge your own awesomeness, to risk looking stupid. You must not only admit to desiring, and commit to creating, wealth, but most important, you must allow yourself to do so. Taking risks is uncomfortable, but it's the kind of discomfort that's equal parts "eek!" And "hell yeah!" Fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin and that is precisely the kind of discomfort I'm talking about. Otherwise known as a rush, it's the critical, thrilling discomfort of living large and in charge."i

So, we do need to be willing to take some risks if we want to fall into the Mother Lode of Good! What risk are you willing to take?

Mix Up a Cocktail of Creation

Finally, the Cocktail of Creation. The perfect Cocktail of Creation has only two ingredients and they are in equal parts: Giving and Receiving.

Rev. Karen Russo has written a very good little book called Grow Yourself, Grow Your Wealth: Prosperity Practices for Faith and Focus and she offers a really powerful practice.

Money Monday and Faithful Friday. On Money Monday, you focus on giving; on Faithful Friday, you focus on receiving. Here's how it works.j

Money Monday
On Monday, spend 10 - 20 minutes focusing on Giving: Giving Money and Giving Attention

Giving Money - Tithing is a spiritual practice that expands our consciousness of abundance and Oneness. Regardless of when the tithe is actually given the previous week, take time on Monday to acknowledge the tithes and to be in gratitude for the tithe recipients and the inspiration they provided you. You may then want to say something like: "I give thanks for the many blessings these tithes represent and know they are but a symbol of the inexhaustible substance of the Universe. I give thanks that ten times this much is now on its way to me and quickly manifests in perfect ways."

Giving Attention - Spend time on Money Monday giving attention as follows:
Review with feeling the afore mentioned affirmation
Review your specific goals (short and long term)
Look at your financial management:
Budget/income vs. outgo/etc.
Identify where time and money leaks are; shore them up
Identify 2-3 most leveraged action steps to take this week that will move your financial goals forward

Faithful Friday
Each Friday, spend 10 - 20 minutes focus on Receiving by doing two rounds of reflection. One on Receiving Results and one on Receiving Value

Receiving Results - Review how you did this week both in process (steps taken that moved your financial goals forward) and results (actual progress or goals achieved). Build in gratitude for all of this. Celebrate your successes!

Receiving Value - Reflect on how you are growing and how you are making a difference in the world. Celebrate your value. Also review and celebrate how you have been supported over the past week.


  • Give Yourself An Allowance
    Make it OK to be abundant. Make it OK to have money. Make it OK to be rich!!!
  • Get Involved in Risky Business
    We do need to be willing to take some risks if we want to tap into the Mother Lode of Good!
  • Mix Up a Cocktail of Creation
    On Money Monday, focus on giving; on Faithful Friday, focus on receiving.

Let's pray: Father, Mother, God; I now give myself an allowance. I make it OK to be rich. I am now willing to take risks; to allow myself to tap into the Mother Lode of Good. I make a regular practice to focus on giving and to focus on receiving; to allow God's flow of abundance through me. AMEN.

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