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Theme for October, 2022
Zeal or Enthusiasm

This month we will center on Blessings, Zeal, and Halloween. This month we are studying the faculty of Zeal or Enthusiasm and the color representing this is Orange. Zeal is the power of intensity and enthusiasm. Zeal, represented by the disciple Simon the Zealot is also closely related to the powers of faith and strength.

October 2, 2022 - "Blessed Be"
According to Webster's Dictionary, "blessed" means: To invoke Divine favor upon.
Why? Because these attitudes make God happy? Of course not! Because:
they align us with Universal Harmony;
they align us with the Creative Flow of Life;
they align us with the Innate Goodness of the Presence of Spirit.

October 9, 2022 - "Let Enthusiasm Work For You"
What we want to learn and practice this week is that Zeal is the power that moves us forward. It is the fuel that is necessary in our spiritual growth and development. There is never an absence or lack of enthusiasm in our lives. We will always have all that we will ever need. Let our enthusiasm cooperate with our power of order so that our energy and effort, born of enthusiasm, will bring us happiness and satisfaction.

October 16, 2022 - "Alive, Alert, Awake & Enthusiastic About Life"
The title of my talk today is "Alive, Alert, Awake, & Enthusiastic About Life." What we want to learn and practice this week is to keep our enthusiasm for life alive and well. The fun is in the going, not just the arriving. Stay awake to opportunities and possibilities. I am alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic about life and living.

October 23, 2022 - "Zest For Life"
What we want to learn and practice this week is to celebrate life every day. Get high on life. Have a passion for being alive and sharing yourselves with others in healthy ways. We want to be spiritually motivated to live fully and successfully - but we want to understand the partnership between enthusiasm and order in our lives

October 30, 2022 - "Halloween - Plot Or Play?"
The child who goes forth with a trick-or-treat bag takes a sane, healthy, and adventuresome risk, and finds that the universe can be a safe place. The trick-or-treater discovers that the world is a comedy where terrible things have been defeated and remain only as a laughingstock. It's a great therapy for fear.