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Sunday Message for June 7, 2015


Good morning and welcome to Unity of Castro Valley. I am Rev Donna and as we kick off this month's theme of "Freedom Through Flow," we will be sharing a very special service with you this morning. If you are with us for the first time today, we say welcome and thank you for joining us on this special day.

During this special service, you will be inspired to deeply feel yourself opening the floodgates of good, and you will be invited to stand in the knowing of your Truth.

And now let us set the tone for our time together by moving into the sacred space within for a few minutes of silent prayer. (2 minutes of SILENCE)

Our service this morning is influenced by sacred traditions and grounded in our New Thought principles. Our spiritual community is diverse and inclusive. Inspired by the teachings of the Fillmores, our intention today is to create a space where the revelation of the abundant flow of good is embraced and any illusion of lack and limitation is released.

During our time together today, you will be invited to anchor your own intentions for prosperity and abundance in a symbolic candle lighting. For now, we invite you to get comfortable and perhaps close your eyes, enjoy the moments of reflection as we commune with Spirit.

Just know that something is calling you. Say silently to yourself:
Something's calling me
Something's calling me
Something's calling me a little bit deeper than I've
Ever been before

A long dark night our souls wonder
We can't see the light that moves us
If God is everything and everywhere that we belong
Spirit gently wakes us from our sleep
and our soul just sings and sings

Say silently to yourself: Something's calling me
A little bit deeper than I've
Ever been before
Something's calling me
A little bit deeper than I've
Ever been before

Oh Lord, Oh Lord
Take me deeper than I've ever been before
Oh Lord, Oh Lord I surrender my life to you
Oh Lord, Oh Lord I give my life I give my Love to you

Love keeps calling me; Faith keeps calling me; compassion calling me
A little bit deeper than I've ever been before
God is calling me and I'm grateful like I've never been beforea (2 min silence)



Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life."b In that Biblical quote, the "I" referred to is God, of course. God, the One Power, the One Source, the One Life.

Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore wrote: "God is the silent voice that speaks into visibility all the life there is. This power builds with hands deft beyond the comprehension of man and keeps going, with all the intricate machinery, universe upon universe, one within another, yet never conflicting. All its building is from center to circumference."c

This is a Spiritual Principle - God is all there is! It is a golden thread that is woven throughout the world's various spiritual philosophies and religious beliefs. This too is one of the fundamental propositions in our New Thought teachings.

Joel Goldsmith, who was an American spiritual author, teacher, spiritual healer, many refer to him as a modern mystic, wrote in his book "Practicing the Presence": "There is only one power, and God is that power. There is no power in effect, and there is no power apart from God. God is the life of all being. This truth has been in existence throughout all time and has been known to all peoples."d

This is the Spiritual Truth that we must embrace and bring into our consciousness if we are to open the floodgates of good. We must recognize that the One Source is omnipresent. It is not God AND the planets in the solar system; God AND my dog; God AND this body. The Truth is it is GOD AS the planets in the solar system; God AS my dog; God AS this body!

This recognition, that there is only God, is the jumping off point of our spiritual work. Why? Because we must believe in God or Pure Consciousness if we are to use our spiritual Power effectively.

As we move now into a meditative space, I invite you to reflect upon the words of H. Emillie Cady who was a true holistic pioneer. A turn-of-the-century homeopathic practitioner, one of the first female physicians in America, and a metaphysician, Dr. Cady treated her patients medically and spiritually. I love Dr. Cady's clear and powerful declaration of Truth: "There is but one hand in the Universe. It is God's hand."e

Let us go into prayer.

Father help us to know that
When we believe, we will live our dreams
Our prayers are heard and we are guided by invisible hands
When mothers pray for their children
Invisible hands give her child what his heart desires

When we are lost in darkness we are lifted by love
And if we dare to make that leap of faith
somehow the bridge appears

When we believe, our prayers are heard
We fear not, and when we fall
We land safely, guided by invisible hands.f (2 minutes of SILENCE)



As Rumi so eloquently stated: "You are not a drop of water in the ocean, but rather the entire ocean in a drop."g

How better to begin understanding our relationship to God, to Spirit, to the Divine that is all. We are constructed of the only material that exists, God stuff. And, so created, we must then have the attributes of the Divine.

Charles Fillmore wrote: ". . . there is but one I AM. It cannot be cut into parts; it is Principle. That which says, "I am" in all men, women, and children is identical."h

So it is that the attributes that Spirit expresses are ours to express. As we understand and acknowledge our heritage and power, it becomes usable for us.

It is often said that the most important part of our spiritual work is embodying whose and who we are. If we truly understood the vast, limitlessness nature of Spirit as well as our relationship to Infinite Spirit, then truly anything we state will easily manifest in our experience.

I think it is interesting that Jesus, when he prayed, automatically came from that place because he knew exactly who and what God is, and he was totally aware of his relationship to God.

So by understanding our unique heritage as a purposeful creation, we grow in understanding of how we are connected, in fact, one with God itself. And in that awareness, we open the floodgates of good in our lives.

So let us go into a prayerful chant of "I Am Remembering Who I Am"i (2 minutes of SILENCE)



Ernest Holmes writes that our words must be: " . . . specific and direct because consciousness must be conscious of something. Therefore, no matter how high one's consciousness may be, it will still remain merely an atmosphere in consciousness unless it is directed."j

Therefore, in order to open the floodgates of good in our lives after we recognize and establish whose and who we are, we must be clear and direct with our desires for good.

As an example, in "The Art of Living," Holmes tells of a client he once had. She was a piano teacher and, being a student of the way Spiritual Principles work, she couldn't understand why she had been unable to demonstrate supply through the channel of her chosen profession.

She was always saying: "God is all there is. God is the only Mind there is. God is the only Presence there is."

Holmes said she labored under the misapprehension that abstract statements can produce definite results. No greater mistake could be made in dealing with the Law of Life. We must always connect the Law with what we are doing. This she had never done. That is why she had failed to demonstrate.

Building upon the conviction she already possessed, Holmes taught her to think in the following manner: "I have a service to render. My business is to teach the piano. Whoever needs my service, whomever I can personally benefit, those whom I can particularly aid in this art, are irresistibly drawn to me now, today, this moment."

Holmes taught her to live in the expectancy that wherever she went she would meet people who would desire her assistance, who would be glad to have it and who would be able justly to compensate for her services.

This is called creating a "Mental Equivalent," a fancy way of saying you need to identify in your mind and embody in your heart what it is you desire to experience in your life.

This was an entirely new lineup for Holmes' client and one she had never thought of or used before. Holmes assured her that her belief in the Infinite was right, her statements about God were correct, but that she had not (I just LOVE this phrase): ". . . joined heaven and earth into one harmonious unit."

A few months after having kept these ideas in mind, she found pupils at parties, in the theatre, on the street. All at once her friends seemed to remember what her profession was and began to send pupils to her.

Holmes explained that there is no magic in any formula, but that, nevertheless, certain mental methods of procedure persisted in and believed must produce definite results.k

And so, how is it that you would like to open the floodgate for good in your life a bit more? In a moment, you will be invited to come forward one at a time, proclaim your word specifically and directly and aloud if you like and then ceremonially bring the Light of the Divine to your word by lighting a candle and placing it in the sand.

I am so blessed, I am so blessed, I am so grateful for all I have
I am so blessed, I am so blessed, I am so grateful, I am so blessed.l



An attitude of gratitude has been described as the power which attracts and magnifies the hidden possibilities of Life.

In reading Wallace Wattles' great work, "The Science of Getting Rich," there is a passage in Chapter 7 that stays with me. He says gratitude does bring you more good, but that is not the only reason to practice gratitude. Gratitude is preventive, because without gratitude it won't be long until our thoughts will flip into "what's wrong?" ? "what's missing?"m

Gratitude not only invokes the law of increase of our greater good, but it prevents the downdraft of moving into the ideas and feelings of what's wrong, and thereby creating more of that.

When we really get into the stream of gratitude there is a natural pull to a higher life -- a life with more meaning and purpose. This is a higher consciousness, feeling appreciation, and all the things that begin to attract themselves to us are in harmony with that gratitude.

I love the words of Ernest Holmes on gratitude: "An attitude of gratitude is most salutary and bespeaks the realization that we are already in heaven."n

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order and confusion into clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. Let us spend a few moments in prayerful gratitude.

God is my source. God is my power. God gives me ev'rything I need. So I give thanks for all my blessings. God gives me ev'rything I need.
Love is my source, etc.
Peace is my source, etc.
Joy is my source, etc.o (2 minutes of SILENCE)

On behalf of everyone here at Unity of Castro Valley, thank you for joining us this in this special service this morning. It has been our honor and pleasure to create and share this service with you. We prayerfully offer you a Namaste' recognizing and blessing the God in You.

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