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Theme for April, 2024
Who Are You Listening To?

April 7 - What Hast Thou In The House
oreclosures, and every other kind of gloom and doom. But, maybe it is time to look at what's real and true. Because, depending on what economist you listen to, we are either on our way out of the problem, deep in the middle of it, or going to experience problems for the next couple of years.

So it looks like the state of the economy depends on who you choose to listen to. Maybe it's time to start listening to that still small voice within. After all, it's the only one that knows for sure what's happening.

April 14 - Souls on Fire
I've been listening to the news and it struck me that we are getting 'all up in the air' about all the wrong things. We know that whatever we think about most of the time is what manifests in our lives. And throughout this country we have been feeding energy to all the negatives in the news.

I realize that the news media promotes this kind of thinking - but isn't it time for us to have our own thoughts and to get 'fired up' for something positive? All through history there have been those who stepped outside of the common beliefs and the common thinking to do something extraordinary. These were the 'Souls on Fire' for God. In a world of very limited religious thinking, these people dared to have a new vision.

April 21 - Stalking the Holy
I would like to talk today about 'Stalking the Holy.' Because we need to take action to have God in our lives. God is not hiding from us - we have been hiding from Him. So let's become a stalker of all things holy.

Our prayer might be: God of mystery, who inhabits the silences and the spaces, who knows and is known by the creation you have fashioned, grant me courage to seek you in the wild, hidden places. Fill my vision with your wisdom, that I may perceive your holy dwellings.