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Sunday Message for October 25, 2015


There was once a thief, a very successful thief, who used to hang around the diamond district to see who was purchasing gems so that he could pickpocket them. One day, a well-known diamond merchant bought the largest, most beautiful stone, and the thief followed him onto a train.

Numerous times during their 3-day journey, the thief tried to pick the merchant's pocket to obtain the diamond; yet, at the end of their journey, he hadn't been able to find this rare, precious jewel.

Frustrated, he finally confronted the merchant and confessed, "I've used all the skills of my art. How did you hide it from me?"

"Well," said the merchant, "I saw you watching me when I purchased this stone at the diamond district and suspected your intention, so I hid the diamond in a place you'd be least likely to look ... your own pocket!"

You are brilliant and magnificent. That needn't come from anyone else or from anywhere else. You do not need to look outside yourself for validation or for proof of your value.

Rather, you just have to be reminded to look within! And that is our job here - to remind you that it is in the heart, in the core of your being. It is the Spark of Divinity within you!

This is not our Rumi quote for today (I'll share it in a minute), but this one fits so beautifully, I want to share it here: "Blessed is anyone who knows who he really is and builds a place to live there."

Our theme for this month is all about building a solid foundation of who we are so that we can love living there! Specifically our theme is falling in love with life and so far this month:

* We have focused on recognizing the importance and grace and beauty in this very moment. Let's do that right now. There may be turmoil and chaos and strife and uncertainty and upset and even heartache in your life right now, but just for this moment, let's find some grace and beauty in it. What do you find? Talk to me. And as we focus on the beauty and grace of this moment, how do we feel? A bit better? A bit more connected? A bit more at peace?

* Next, we looked at the idea that when we have an internal life in balance, we have a greater ability to love life. And we have an internal life in balance when we have equally developed and live from:
      Our inner wisdom/intuition/Divine Intelligence
      Our compassion/love for self and others, and
      Our will/personal power, meaning knowing what is right and what is not right for us and being willing to stand in our power; in it and not shy away from it.

* And we need to look at releasing some internal barriers that can prevent us from downloading a life we love.

Today we are going to look at connecting with our wisdom/intuition/Divine Intelligence and that leads us to our final Rumi quote for the month: "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."


We all want to change the world, don't we? Well, it seems there is a lot that needs to be changed. It is really easy to get caught up in all that is going on around us.

From Ebola outbreaks, to what appears to be terrorist attacks, to school shootings, to the growing strength of ISIS, to human rights violations at home and abroad, to major challenges in our food industry, etc., etc. Yes, there is a lot that could be changed.

And we can feel overwhelmed by it all and want to put our head under the covers and hide or want to take up the fight and become militant about things.

I'm not saying that either of those approaches is right or wrong - we have to do what our Divine Wisdom/Guidance/Intelligence tells us to do, but what we know from a spiritual perspective is that the changes in the world that we believe need to be made will not be made out there until they are made in here.

A major step toward human rights and equality for all human beings occurred not too long ago when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages in all states.

This happened in the judicial system because it first happened in the consciousness of humankind, which first happened in the consciousness of individuals. Not everyone has made that shift, but enough have, that the 100th monkey theory has played out here. There is question whether the research on which the 100th monkey theory is actually true, so it has been debunked.

But we can't argue the idea of a tipping point - when a critical mass has been reached, change occurs.

That's the power of a changed consciousness. We reach a tipping point when enough people have the consciousness of the thing! In this case, the consciousness that all people, not just some people, deserve the right to marry. And it is the consciousness that stood for this ideal that created a tipping point.

SOM founder Dr. Ernest Holmes talked about the tipping point in consciousness in what is now fondly known as the Sermon by the Sea. It is a talk he gave at a Religious Science conference at Asilomar on the Monterey Peninsula in California in August 1959. He gave this talk in the beautiful chapel on the Asilomar grounds.

The interesting thing to note is that this was the last time Dr. Holmes attended a conference at Asilomar as he left this earthly expression in April of 1960.

In that sermon, he spoke of the tipping point and as we bring our series on Loving Life to a close, I want us to hear it, and then we will contemplate what is ours to do in consciousness to support a tipping point. It is extremely powerful, and it speaks to a life that we can all love living.

While this is, of course, talking about Science of Mind, it applies to all of our New Thought ways of being. Here it is: "Sermon by the Sea"
[Our teachings are] the most direct impartation of Divine Wisdom that has ever come to the world, because it incorporates the precepts of Jesus, and Emerson, and Buddha, and all the rest of the wise. And I would that in our teaching there would never be any arrogance, for it always indicates spiritual immaturity to me. Others will arise who will know more than we do; they won't be better or worse, they will be different and know more than we do. Evolution is forward...

We have discovered a pearl of great price. We have discovered the rarest gem that has ever found setting in the intellect of the human race - complete simplicity, complete directness, a freedom from fear and superstition about the unknown and about God.

And we have rediscovered that which the great, the good, and the wise have sung about and thought about - the imprisoned splendor within ourselves and within each other - and have direct contact with it. Whether we call it the Christ in us, or the Buddha, or Atman, or just the Son of God the living Spirit, makes no difference. You and I are witness to the Divine fact and we have discovered an authority beyond our minds, even though our minds utilize it.

We are part of the evolution of human destiny, we are a part of the unfoldment of the Divine Intelligence in human affairs. [This unfoldment] has reached the point of conscious and deliberate cooperation with that principle of evolution and out-push of the creative urge of the Spirit, on this planet at least, to bring about innumerable centers which it may enjoy.

Man as we now know him is incomplete, and those vague feelings and subtle senses of interior awareness which arise within him are gentle but persistent prophecies of still greater achievements.

It would be wonderful indeed if a group of persons should arrive on earth who were for something and against nothing. This would be the summum bonum [Latin for highest or chief good] of human organization, wouldn't it?

Find me one person who is for something and against nothing, who is redeemed enough not to condemn others out of the burden of his soul, and I will find another savior, another Jesus, and an exalted human being.

Find me one person who no longer has any fear of the universe, or of God, or of man, or of anything else, and you will have brought to me someone in whose presence we may sit, and fear shall vanish as clouds before the sunlight.

Find me someone who has given all that he has to love, without morbidity, and I will have found the lover of my soul...Why? Because he will have revealed to me the nature of God and Proved to me the possibility of all human souls.

Find me one person who can get his own littleness out of the way and he shall reveal to me the immeasurable magnitude of the Universe in which I live.

Find me one person who knows how to talk to God, really, and I shall walk with him through the woods and everything that seems inanimate will respond - the leaves of the trees will clap their hands, the grass will grow soft under him.

Find me one person who communes with cause and effect, and in the evening, the evening star will sing to him and the darkness will turn to light. Through him, as the woman who touched the hem of the garment of Christ was healed, shall I be healed of all loneliness forever.

Find me someone who is no longer sad, whose memory has been redeemed from morbidity, and I shall hear laughter.

Find me someone whose song is really celestial, because it is the outburst of the cosmic urge to sing, and I shall hear the music of the spheres.

Find me one person who has so completely divorced from himself all arrogance, and you will have discovered for me an open pathway to the kingdom of God here and now.

I am talking about you and myself. When I say, "find a person" I don't mean to go over to Rome, or London, or back to your own church. The search is not external...[These] people all exist in us. They are different attributes, qualities of our own soul. They are different visions; not that we have multiple or dual personalities, but that every one of us on that inner side of life is, has been, and shall remain in eternal communion with the Ineffable [meaning, incapable of being expressed or described in words; not to be spoken because of its sacredness] where he may know that he is no longer with God, but one of God.

If it were not for that which echoes eternally down the corridors of our own minds, some voice that ever sings in our own souls, some urge that continuously presses us forward, there would be no advance in our science or religion or in the humanities or anything else.

One cannot but feel from the human point in such meetings as these that it is entirely possible one might not be here next year. This is a complete indifference to me because I believe in life and I feel fine. Such an event is merely the climax of human events in anybody's life, and it is to be looked forward to, not with dread or fear or apprehension, but as the next great adventure and one that we should all be very happy and glad to experience.

You are Religious Science. I am not. I am only the one who put something together. I do not even take myself seriously, but I take what I am doing seriously. You are Religious Science—our teachers, our practitioners, our laymen. You find me one thousand people in the world who know what Religious Science is and use it, and live it as it is, and I'll myself live to see a new world, a new heaven and a new earth here.

What I am saying is this: There is a Law that backs up the vision, and the Law is immutable. "Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away." There is a Power transcendent beyond our needs, our little wants.

Demonstrating a dime is good if one needs it, or healing oneself of a pain is certainly good if one has it, but beyond that, at the real feast at the tabernacle of the Almighty, in the temple of the living God, in the banquet hall of heaven, there is something beyond anything that you and I have touched.

Find one thousand people who know that, and use it, and the world will no longer be famished. How important it is that each one of us in his simple way shall live from God to God, with God, in God, and to each other. That is why we are here, and we are taking back with us, I trust, a vision and an inspiration, something beyond a hope and a longing, that the living Spirit shall, through us, walk anew into Its own creation and a new glory come with a new dawn.

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